Swasan- His love Her Strength (chapter 20)

Chapter 20

In Raglak room.

Raglak were shocked on seeing Swara.

Laksh: I thought she loves Sanskar. But was all this drama? blo*dy liers.. both of them are same. Sanskar came to take revenge of Kavita’s death and fell in love with Swara and Swara in only a month found a new lover.. disgusting.

Ragini: Laksh maybe this is not right.

Laksh: Even after seeing all this you are saying this way.

Ragini: But Laksh..

Laksh: Let it be Ragini. But we have to find with whom she went out. If anyone gets to know this, it will be bad for the name of Maheshwari’s.

Ragini: (nodded) May be you are right Laksh g.. but how we will find him and what we will do then.

Laksh: I have noted down the number of the car and so we will find him and once we find him, we will send Swara with him, then she can do whatever she wants.. chii i even didnt imagine she can do this.

Ragini: I also never thought of this but..(saying this she cried).

Next day.

Swara was standing in front of the mirror and was brushing her hairs with a blush on her face, on seeing the love bites on her neck.

Suddenly the door knocked and Ragini entered the room as it was not bolted.

Swara’s smile changed into a frown on seeing her.

Ragini: I want to ask something Swara.

Swara: I am not going to answer anything Ragini. Get out of my room.

Ragini: You have to answer me. I will not go until you answer.

Swara turned towards her and put the brush down and held her wrist tightly and dragged her out of the room.

Ragini: Where were you yesterday night Swara? (She asked while Swara was dragging her).

Her grip on her hand skipped and face colour suddenly changed..

If she have seen her with Sanskar.. this thought came in her mind.

She looked at her with shocked expressions while Ragini smirked.

Ragini: Now would you like to talk?

Swara: What do you mean by this Ragini? I was here only. ( she said gaining courage and thinking may be she dont know anything.)

Ragini: Stop this. I know you were not here. I came to check on you. But you were not here and in the early morning I saw you coming out of someone’s car.. swara how could you.. chii.

Swara: Wait what are thinking?..

Ragini: When me and Laksh asked you to marry again, you insulted us and said you love Sanskar but now you are enjoying with someone.

Swara closed her eyes in disgust hearing her words.

Swara: Just shut up. Shut up.. not a word. Do you have any idea what you are talking about?

Ragini: I know Swara and stop this. I know I can understand you must be feeling alone if you want this, i dont have any problem. Tell me who is the guy and we will ask him to take you.

Swara: Ragini..(she shouted).. just stop this. Not a word more. You are again pointing out of my character and where I go, What I do, With whom I go that is none of your business.

Ragini: Swara. Stop this. I am your sister.

Swara: you are blo*dy no one to me. Did you get it? No one.

Ragini: I get it. You are seriously a shameless person. First you were with my Laksh g and then you found Sanskar and now maybe more rich and handsome than him.

Swara slapped her across her face hard as soon as those words skip her tongue.

Swara: Today you crossed all your limits.. first of all, your Laksh g I was never in love with.. you were the one who pushed me in that for your selfish motives and I love Sanskar more than anything. And do you know what you disgust me your face, your words, your voice everything. Leave the room before I kill you.

Ragini: Why?? Stop it you never loved Sanskar, just tell me if it is one man or many at night.

With this she was turned in a swift second and someone slapped her hard across the face making her fall on ground and her lips started to bleed from side and the slap mark was printed on her cheeks.

Swara: Mom..(she saw the person in front of her who slapped Ragini.)

But sujata didnt stop still, she went and slapped her once more when she was trying to get up.

Sujata: Na nagini tu mahri chori se 10 feet ki duri par rha kar.. kya boli mahri chori ke barein mein ruk tu. (She then picked a broom from side and started to beat her with it. (Funny manner) 
Tu mahri chori ke barein mein kuch na hi bol. Warna tera sara kacha cheeta khol dongi. ( still beating her). Mujhe pata hai mahri swara kahan gyi thi, usse tujh jaise ko batane ki zaroorat na hai.. ( finally swara came there and dragged Sujata from there).

Ragini cried in pain and tears were flowing down her cheeks.
She somehow managed to stand up wincing and crying.

Sujata: Ja apne kamre mein ja ke drama krio. Nikal yahan se. (With this she last time smacked her ass).

She yelled in pain and somehow went out.

Swara immediately turned and hugged her and started to cry..

Sujata: Na chori bas bas. Dont cry. (Sujata consoled her.)

After sometime, Swara broke the hug.

Swara: Mom dont tell this to anyone pleasee.

Sujata: Par Sanskar.

Swara: No mom not him. He will become more angry and donr know what he will do. She doesnt matter to me. Pleasee mom.

Sujata: Par chori. (Saying this she looked at door where Sanskar was standing on fuming but listening to Swara’s words he signed her to say okay.) Thk hai jaisa thareko thk lage.

Sujata left the room after consolling Swara..

Sujata: Chore. Why did you asked me not to tell about you to Swara?

Sanskar: If she wanted to tell then she will say, I wont force her. (Saying this he left, he was hurt as Swara asked not to tell him and also was fuming thinking what Ragini said).

sujata: Hey mahra ram g!! Iss nagini ki wajah se mahra bahu bete mein jhagda ho gya.??.
(She cursed Ragini and left the place).

Sanskar entered his room and was lost in thinking.


He was happily going towards Swara’s room thinking of yesterday’s event.

But stopped on listening Ragini’s voice.

‘When me and Laksh asked you to marry again, you insulted us and said you love Sanskar but now you are enjoying with someone.’

He was shocked to listen these words and fumed in anger..

He was somehow controlling himself but then seeing tears in Swara’s eyes he lost it and was about to go when Sujata asked him to stop and she herself went inside.

***flashback ends***

Sanskar: Aaaaaaaaaaa.. (he cried out loudly in anger holding his head in between his palm)

Precap: Laksh slapping Ragini

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