Swasan- His love Her Strength (chapter 19)

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Chapter 19

Swasan were laying in each other’s arms after making love.

Sanskar eyes fell on the clock, it striked 2:00. He sighed heavily and then turned his gaze towards Swara who was slowly drifting to sleep.

“Shonaa..” he called out.

“Hmm…” she just made a sound lazily.

“We have to go back.” He said looking sad.

“Please Sanskar, let me sleep. You too sleep..” she said coming close and laying her head on his chest.

“Shona. Please. We cant stay here. We have to go back before anyone doubts. How much I hate doing this but still we have to.” He said and sighed sadly.

She opened her eyes and looked at his face which was all sad, she knows they have to go back how much ever they wanted to stay here in each other’s arm.. But there is still much more to face.

She covered herself with a blanket properly and tried getting up.
He too sits beside her and held her wrist.

“I am sorry.” He said looking down, she immediately turned towards him and placed her palm on his face.

“You have not to be sorry for anything, Sanskar. I know we cant take a risk.” She said hugging him and he hugged her back.

“Can we stay for some time more please?” She asked looking in his eyes once departing herself from the hug.

He nodded happily and sat down placing his back on headboard and Swara sat between his legs taking the support of his chest, both covered with a single duvet.

She was sitting and playing with his fingers of one hand placing it between her both the palms, while he was busy making circles on her arm with another free hand and gently sucking her earlobe.

Sanskar: Swara.

Swara: Hmm..( enjoying his sweet tortures).

Sanskar: Wo I want to tell you something. (His tone turned serious suddenly).

Swara: What’s wrong Sanskar?

Sanskar: Laksh is again in Drug dealing. (He said in a breathe, she gasped on the sudden knowledge).

Swara: but you saved him then.

Sanskar: I tried my best but he never listened me and now which i was worrying for is happening but i think this time it will benefit us.

Swara: How you get to know all this and when? Sanskar we are not going to do anything wrong.. okay? (She said turning her face towards him).

Then he told her how he saw the packet falling down his pocket and he held detectives after that and all he came to know.

Swara: Sanskar we should save him.. it is so bad??..

Sanskar: Not this time, Swara.. ( he said trying to get away from her grip).

She in return just tightened it.

Swara: Ok. Do what you feel like I am with you.. (she said pecking his cheeks).

His tense muscles started to relax and he was happy that she understood him and trusted him.

He then told her what he have planned for Laksh with a evil smirk.

Swara’s mouth touched ground.

Swara: You are such a devil Sanskar.

She said swallowing hard.

Sanskar: Are you afraid of this devil? (He said huskily in her ears making her shiver).

Swara: (pulling him closer): No. I know how much of you devil may be. But you will never hurt me. vaise I like this devil more.(she said with a wink).

He smiled and came closer to her face their lips were almost touching each other, breathe shallow..

Swara:(she pulled away): We need to leave.

Sanskar groaned in response.

Sanskar: Just a quickie.. (he asked looking at the clock but in return Swara just smacked his shoulder and got up covering herself with a blanket.

When she was about to get out of bed.. he pulled her back such that she fell on him and he rolled her down immediately.

“You cant deny now, Mrs. Maheshwari.” He said and she blushed and both got busy again??.

It was everything but a quickie…

(Sanskar hai baba?).


Nearly at 5,

The car was parked outside the Maheshwari Mansion,
Swara was trying to free herself from his hand grip but he was just tightening in response and was sitting making a grumpy face..

Swara turned and looked at his sad face, her heart melted.

She then moved and came over his lap, straddling him.

“Sanskar..” she called him and he saw her with his eyes and pouted.

“Babu..” she called him lovingly and wrapped her arms around his neck and moved forward.

“Shona. I hate this.” He said and hid his face in her chest.

She was slowly caressing his hairs.

“I know Sanskar but still we have to do..  one month is over and only two months are left.” She tried to comfront him and herself, it was hard for her too.

“You know how much tough it is, being so close to you and not able to hold you and always have to pretend as a Stranger.” He said making her heart sink.

She closed her eyes and she felt the same pain he is going through.. she lightly kissed him on the head.

“Lets go away from here, I cant tolerate more.” He said nuzzling his face more.

“No Sanskar. We will not. Till we finish what we started we cant. I cant let them live peacefully who have done almost everything to ruin our life.” She said fighting back the tears.

He just nodded his head understanding.

“You cant fall weak Sanskar and moreover I love Devil more than this cry baby.” She teased trying to make it less emotional.

“I am not a Cry Baby.” He said pulling his face back and looking at her intensly.

“You are, you are.. a cry baby.” She teased again.

“Wait let me show you a devil.” He said and placed his lips on hers not giving her time to understand his actions.

He started to suck and bite her lips hungrily, it felt as if he is trying to save whole of her taste in his mouth.

She responded with equal passion, fisting his hairs in her hands and pulling him more..

His hands started to roam on her body, touching her every curve.. his hands stopped at the zip of her dress behind and he slowly tried to slide it.

She opened her eyes realising his action and pulled away from him and gave him a glare and her hands went to her back trying to close the zip.

His hands reached at back and he pulled her back up.

“I love you.” They both confessed and after pecking his lips last time.

She left the car from his side and was touching her swollen lips.

As soon as she entered inside, he drove the car making sure she reached.

She blushed touching her lips and went inside without anyone’s notice.

(But honi ko kaun rok skta hai?).

It was seen by two pairs of evil eyes which was none other than Ragini and her husband, Laksh.

They heard the car sound and came to the balcony..
After sometime they witenessed Swara coming out of the car in a short dress touching her lips.
But they were unable to see the face of the man but noticed the number of the car.

Precap: Swaragini..??

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