Swasan- His love Her Strength (chapter 18)

THIS Chapter is to save myself from my death??..  hope you all will like it?.

Chapter 18

After all the file fight, three of them get back to work.

Nearly at 5,

Sanskar went to Ansh’s cabin.
He entered without knocking.

Ansh who was sitting down his work, looked at him coming and smirked..

Ansh: Mr. Sethi, dont you know that you should not enter you boss cabin without permission or atleast knocking.

Sanskar so wanted to reply him back but chose to keep quiet.

Sanskar: Ansh Sir, I needed your help.

Ansh looked at him in shock as he almost in the mind was ready for another file fight but seeing Sanskar talking to him sweetly, he felt someone drop bomb on him.

Ansh: Who are you? (He asked in shock). What have you done to my buddy?
(Standing up from the chair and walking near him.)

Sanskar: Ansh please.

Ansh: Aaaa.. who are you? My buddy.. where is he? I need to find him.. (he cried fakely and was about to move away).

Sanskar: You and Swara are same.. you can be real siblings.. dono nautanki (he sighed).

Ansh stopped and gave him a look.
Ansh: I will tell this to Swara.

Sanskar looked at him in horror.

Sanskar: Do you want me to see dead in real?

Ansh came forward and punched him hard in his stomach.

Ansh: Dont talk this nuisance. You dont know what I have grown through when you went missing and I lost your records.

Sanskar: Acha ok sorry. But i dont know you are so emotional. Cry baby. (He teased). I never knew you love me so much.

Arav: Abe teri biwi nhi hoon main, dont tease me. She loves you, I dont and i am seriously getting doubts on you.

This time Sanskar punched him.

Sanskar: Acha help me.
Ansh:(raising his eyebrow): What?

Sanskar: I will send Swara over here, divert her attention.

Ansh: Why will I do so? Are you planning on cheating her? I will kill you if you think of it.

Sanskar: Stop it. I love her and only her.?. I just have something to do. Pleasee kr na. Apne dost ke liye.

Ansh: Ok. I will. Not stop this. Tere muh se mere liye pleasee. I feel like i am fainting..?..

Sanskar smiled and after hugging him was going towards the door.

Ansh: Remember I am doing for my sister. Not for you. And You are not my bhai anymore?. I love my sister more.

Sanskar turned and gave him a look and then smiled and left the room.

He then send Swara in the his cabin and they sat down discussing somethimg important.

While Sanskar left somewhere?.

Nearly at 9,

SwaNsh finished their important work and then Swara checked the time and panicked.
Everyone left an hour ago.

Swara: O. Shit. Sanskar must be worrying. (She said while Ansh was trying to control his smile).

Swara’s phone beeped and it was message from Sanskar. She instantly opened and read it.

Go to our cabin, princess?.

Then she excused herself and went towards the cabin.

She came inside and found a packet and again her phone beeped.

Open and tell me if you liked.

She instantly opened it and was amazed to look at the dress, matching accessories.. everything needed.
Her eyes were shining seeing it and a smile crept on her face.

Ok now if you liked it so much, then get ready and come down, Fast.

Desperate hubby?.

She blushed reading the message and then changed into the washroom inside the cabin.
She picked up her bag and applied a little make up and looked herself in the mirror last time before moving down. She looked hot yet cute.❤

Till now she understood that her hubby have somethings planned in his mind. She is so curious to see it?.

She went down, as soon as she exited the lift.

Get in the car, Amore.

(Again a message popped up).

A beautiful car was waiting for her, with a driver.

She pouted looking at the driver as she was expecting him to be with her but she will soon meet him.

Not giving him a look she entered the car and sat behind, hoping the journey to end soon. She so wanted to run in his arms, but she have to wait.
Thinking this she pouted again.

Then her eyes fell on the flowers placed next to her.

Her eyes sparkle, she instantly grabbed them and inhaled its fragrance.

Finally, they were able to catch your eyes.

(Another mesaage said.)
She looked here and there to search for him, but found no one except the driver.

She sighed and thought may be he knows magic.

After about, 30 minutes from the office.

The driver stopped the car in front of the same house where Sanskar was kept hidden from everyone.

‘This is just not a house, but meant much more for us.’ She thought and smiled.

The driver opened the door and she stepped out. Not waiting a moment more, she ran to the door..

The driver left the place.

She stop outside the door and calmed down her heavy breathing and then after a minute, rang the bell.

But none opened it.

She then took out the keys from her bag, and put the key in the keyhole but it opened instantly making her stumble?.

“Desperate much. Are we?” Said Sanskar with wink standing leaning to the door dressed in a black shirt with half of the buttons open from top??, the shirt folded till her elbows from the arm and a black pants.. looking nothing less than a Greek God with a charming smile on his face..

Swara was embarassed at his words first but then looked at him and lost herself completely..

She was ogling him

‘OMG..!! He is looking damn hot and cute❤❤.., I think I am falling in love with him more and more.. O god! Swara stop drooling over him, Aaaa. I cant.. ?.’ She thought but soon came back to her senses unwantedly not to get more embarassed but smirked seeing him doing the same..

“Are we planning to stand here all night?” She said making him come out of his thoughts.

He blushed a little getting caught and rubbed his back of neck smilingly.

He opened the door completely and let her in.

As soon as she entered the house, her hands went to her mouth closing it.
The place was luminated with dim lights, and candles only.. the rose petals were everywhere around and a table of two were set in the middle with a candle on it.

“Beautiful” came the only word from her mouth.

He came and back hugged her keeping his chin on her shoulder.

“Not more than you.” He said kissing her cheeks lightly making her blush.

“You look more beautiful then I imagined.” He said and nuzzled his nose on her hair haling her scent.

“You did all this?” She asked.

“Yes.” He said moving his nose to her neck.
“As I cant take you out so thought to bring all that in.” He said placing a kiss on her neck.

“Come lets have food.” He said stopping in mid. She nodded and they walked near the table, the light music was being played in the background.

She noticed the food and it smelled so good that her mouth started to water inhaling it..

He pulled a chair and sat on it and she looked at him in shock but his next move make her blush when she was being pulled by him directly on his lap. He made her sit comfortably.

Her hand on his chest and his around her waist.

“Perfect.” He whispered and gently pecked her lips.
She smiled and they both had their dinner talking to each other about random stuff.

He cracked some lame jokes while she laughed out loud because of his antics.

A man who can make a woman laugh, is itself so perfect.

Once they had completed the food.

“Sanskar I have never had food like that ever.” She said placing back the spoon on the plate.

“Why wasnt it good? Didnt you liked it? Shit. I should have known.” He panicked listening to her words.

“No. That was the best food I ever had. And calm down you panicked like you made it.” She joked and laughed but stopped on seeing his expressions.

“Wait. Dont tell me. You cooked it. Did you?” She asked.

“Umm.. yess.. may be.” He said twisting his lips.

“O. Sanskar. This is so sweet. Thank you. I loved it.” She appreciated him and held his hand in hers and gently placed a kiss on it.

He smiled and kissed her cheeks.

“You became a cook and decorato for me?” She asked.

“I can do anything for you. I just want you to know that I will be your everything either its driver, cook, decorator or anything.” He said looking into her eyes.

‘This means he was with me as driver?.’ She thought.

“You were around me everytime.” She asked and he nodded.

She was delighted hearing his words and it was only for her. She felt Wanted and Special.

The feelings that was missing from the very day she was born.. he never fails to give her that. Ofcourse her mother and dida left no stone unturned to make her happy but still she wanted someone only for her.

Every girl is a Papa’s princess but she never experienced that but her man gave her the special feel of being his princess.

Happy tears started to form in her eyes but she silently drank them back.

She turned to him and he looked at her as if what happened.

She without saying anything placed her lips on his. He was taken back for a moment but then smiled understanding her.

He tried to kiss her back but she was not letting him. She was kissing him with such a passion showing every emotion she felt.

He let her do what she ever she wanted.

She pulled back after 5 minutes.

“I love you.” She whispered against his lips.

“I love you more.” He confessed.
“And I cant even let other man to look at you in this way.” He said coming back to possesive self.

She chuckled and looked at him with love in her eyes and found the same love in his for her.

He forward his hand, she without asking a word placed her hand on his.

They both stood up and he switched the music..

Kaise bataaye, kaise jataaye
Subah tak tujhme jeena chahein
Bheege labon ki, geeli hansi ko
Peene ka mausam hai peena chahein

He placed his hands on her waist and her arms moved around his neck encircling it.
They moved along with the beats lost in each other eyes..

He leaned forward and placed a kiss on her forhead, coming to cheeks, nose then chin.
She closed her eyes feeling the touch and tightened her grip around his neck.

Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai
Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..

He smiled seeing his effect on her, then started to place sweet and small kisses at the corner of her lips teasing her. Still swaying their bodies along the beats, she became irritated of his sweet torture and her hands went inside his hairs pulling him closer and she placed her mouth over his.

He smiled and started to kiss her back, his lips licking and sucking her lips while she was enjoying and moaning, their eyes were closed feeling the touch.. it was a kiss of pure love no other feeling needed.

Ehsaas tere aur mere toh
Ik dooje se judd rahe
Ik teri talab mujhe aisi lagi
Mere hosh bhi udne lage

Mujhe milta sukoon teri baahon mein
Jannat jaisi ek raahat hai

They departed from each other, she turned feeling shy. He smiled and placed his hands around her waist, gently squeezing it. She moaned his name feeling the touch.
He lost himself and moved her hair from behind and placed them on her shoulder and started to place wet kisses on her neck and the shoulder.

She clutched his hands which were on her waist.

Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai
Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..

He picked her up in his arms close to her chest, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kept her hand on his chest. He slowly made their way towards the room. He gently laid her down the bed and placed a lingering kiss on her forhead.

He moved lower and removed the heels from her feet and placed his lips over it feeling her skin. She shivered at the slightest contact.

Kyun sabse juda, kyun sabse alag
Andaaz tere lagte..
Besaakh ta hum saaye se tere
Har shaam lipat’te hain
Har waqt mera, qurbat mein teri
Jab guzre toh ibadat hai

He moved upwards and placed his lips over hers and started to nibble, suck her lips..
He took her upper lip in between his and she did the same with his lower one. They both sucking and biting each other showing the passion and desire. His hands roaming all over her words and her one hand moving up and down his bare chest and the other on his back over the fabric of his shirt.

After 15 minutes, they broke the kiss.

“May I?” Sanskar asked looking in her eyes, asking for the permission to preceed forward. She nodded in anticipation.

He smiled and removed his shirt and dug himself in her neck and his hand reached at thr backside removing the zip, sliding the dress from the shoulder.

He moved down her neck, shoulder, collar bone.. kissing and gently sucking over it. While she was moaning in the response.

Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai
Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..
Aadat hai o.. teri aadat hai..

He removed both of their clothes completely and discarded them in one corner and soon the room was filled with moans and groans when the two love birds started making love…

The moon and stars again witnessed the union of them after a lot of hurdles and pain. Finally the happy days are coming…

….to be continuedd..

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