Swasan- His love Her Strength (chapter 17)

Chapter 17

Sanskar too ran behind Swara from the cabin, and he saw her entering the lift.. he too entered inside the lift.

He was about to place his hand on his shoulder when two other employes enter the lift, he pulled his hand back and saw her, tears were silently flowing her eyes, she was blaming herself and was thinking he dont trust her enough because of her behaviour.

The man in front pressed the button, and lift started to move.
They were engrossed in their thoughts when Sanskar placed his hand on her shoulder and made her look at him with another hand holding her chin.

He was pleading her through his eyes and was asking not to cry, it hurted him to see the tears in the eyes of the women he loved the most.

She quietly wiped her tears using the back of her hand and then looked straight.

‘Why am I blaming myself? Huhhh.. he didnt trust me, Stupid, Idiot, I am toh not even getting words to yse for him.
Arggghhhhhh..!!! I will not talk to him what he think he can do anything without me.. then let me remind that he cant?.’ She thought in her mind and smirked which was ofcourse unnoticed by Sanskar.

“Shonnaaa..” he called her lovingly..

She turned towards him and gave a deadly glare, seeing which he gulped hard.

“Jaaaannn…” he said again with much more sweetness in his voice but only audible to her.

But this time he didnt get any response from her.

He sighed and then a idea struck his mind.

He placed his hand on her lower back and started to move it…
While she widened her eyes in shock.
She looked at the people infront and then turned towards him and raised her eyebrow.. to which he just gave a sheepish smile.

The lift stopped at ground floor.

The employes left.. swara was about to go out but he held her arm and then pressed all the buttons of the lift, the door closes.

She opened her mouth in shock and gave him what-the-hell-look.

He pulled her in his arms.

“Sorry na jaan pleasee. I didnt want to hurt you. He is your father so I dont know how will you react to it.. i thought of telling it you but after everything got settled not this way.” He explained cupping her face in his hands.

“I understand, you think of me as useless. Let me go.” She said not understanding a word.

“Swaraa.. its not what you are thinking.” He said still remaning calm.

“No Sanskar it is what I am thinking. Just tell me if I am increasing problems for you… then i promise i will not show up till you do whatever you want to and you have not to tell me even.” She said looking away.

“Listen Swara.. stop this okay..” he said loosing his temper.

He and his anger??..

“Ok fine. Not let go off me.” She said and trying to come out of his grip.

“Do you know you are making no sense right now?” He said.

“Now I am senseless.” She snapped at him.

“Damn you woman. I dont want to hurt you.. i know how much this revenge thing is tough for you.. and morover after seeing you today and knowing that you almost killed yourself what do you expect me to do.” He said angrily at him and pushed her lightly.

She now understood his condition..
(Dimag ki bati ab chali?)

She get to know that he hid this so that she dont get more stressed as moments before everything came back running to her mind about his accident.. she thought to apologize to him.

He pressed his temples calming himself down.

The lift door opens and Sanskar went outside without looking at her, as he dont want to shout at her more.. he dont want to do something in his anger which he will regret later.

Swara thought he ignored her and cursed herself more…

She wiped her tears and went outside and tried to search him.. but didnt find him anywhere around.

After about 10 minutes, she came to canteen and saw him sitting on the table with a lady who works with them.

The girl was  trying to touch him in every possible way and he was also smiling and flirting with her.

Seeing this her guilt gets replaced with jealousy..

She walked towards the table in a bossy manner and cleared her throat to gain their attention..

Once they looked at up at her.

“Mr. Sethi in my office NOW..” she said pressuring the last words controlling her anger.

Saying this she walked away not before giving a last glare..

Sanskar smiled seeing her angry as when he was sitting and trying to calm his anger, this chipku women come from nowhere and started to talk to him.. he was getting irritated but then he realised he shouted at her.. he know he was right but still he shouted..
Thinking that he is going to face the hell.. he tried to stand up but then saw her coming towards the direction and sat down back and started to flirt with the women and she also shamelessly started to touch him..

He then stood up and walked behind her..

He entered the cabin after knocking once..

As soon as he entered, he was welcomed with a file, which came flying and hit him directly on his arm.

“You.. idiot .stupid. Monkey. Chimpanzeee… how dare you flirt to him.. ” she said and again a file hit him…

He smiled seeing her angry and went towards her…

“Wo Someone said me sometime before do whatever you want to do and you have not to tell me.” He said imitating her.

She gave him a look and threw another file on him.

“Stop him me.” He said trying to save himself.

“Huhh.. I will. Idiot. When I said let me go, you didnt le me go and now saying this… as you listen everything..” she said and picked a glass from the table.

“Not this Swara..” he said in horror looking at the glass..

She looked at him and then the glass and kept it back.

“Pleasee Shona.. listen na..” sanskar pleaded.

“No why? Go to that chudail.” She said angrily.

“Ok if you want me to go.” He said and turned..

Her mouth touched the ground seeing him..

He was thinking she will call him and was moving in a extra slow manner but after hearing no words from her, she turned and saw her smirking.

“Go Mr. Maheshwari. What are you waiting for?” She said.

“You know i wont.” He sighed and looked at her and she smiled fully..

Damn she trusts me so much.. I will never break her.. he thought to himself

Then walked towards her.

He tried to hold her shoulders.

“You shouted on me.” Saying this she moved back and looked away and pouted.

“I am sorry.”

“Not accepted.”

“Do you want me to dance again ?” He said and remember last time what he did.

A smiled immediately crept her lips remembering the moment but she hided it.

She is not angry on him just she loves his attention to herself..❤

“No I dont want you to spoil MY Sanam’s another song.” She said and smiled..

While this was his time to feel jealous..

This Sanam what is in him that she likes him so much??.. he thought.

She then started to cry fakely and threw another file on him.

He was taken aback.

“Now what was this for?” He said calming down his breathe as sudden attack kinda scared him.

“You spoiled everything.”

“What I spoiled?.” His eyes widened, now what is she thinking?.


“Which plan?”

“My plan of marrying him. You know i thought I will join the music industry and will be with him and then will marry him.. Awwwww❤❤.. ” she said dreamingly..

“But you spoiled it.” She picked another file was about to hit him again but in a swift moment her hands were behind her back in his hold and he was so close to her that air was even not passing through their bodies.

“Listen Mrs. Maheshwari. You are married and fortunately to me so stop your dreaming session.” He said looking in her eyes deeply..

“You are mine and only mine.” He said possesively.

“So much of jealous?” She teased.

“What do you except to do when your wife is dreaming about her wedding with another man.” He said..

“I love you and only you.” She confessed lovingly looking in his eyes.

“I know and I love you more.” He said and tilted his head.. he was about to capture her lips when the door opens and Ansh walked in.

(Dont kill me??).

They parted away.

Ansh: abe tum log kaam krte ho ya sara din chipkte rehte ho. (He said in disbelief)

Sanskar: aur tu apna romance pura krke dusro ka disturb krta rha kr. (He said gritting his teeth while Swara was blushing.)

Ansh: yeah yeah whatever, vaise bhai i never knew you are this much romantic.

Sanskar: jaan ke kre ka bhi kya.. i am not your typess.. (he said holding her shirt).

Ansh picked up a file and threw at him..

Seeing it Swara laughed aloud???…

Ansh: Swara you look so beautiful while laughing. (He said flirting and looked at Sanskar and was enjoying seeing his state).

Swara: Thanks Ansh.

Sanskar: Swara he is like a brother. Call him bhai.. (he said looking at ansh??).

Ansh was first shocked listening to it and then smirked?.

Ansh: call Sanskar also as bhai as he is my bhai and you my sister..

As soon as he finished this..

Sanskar threw a file on him which hit him on his head..

Sanskar: I will kill you today???.

Swara was looking at them with open mouth standing at one side.

While Ansh threw a filw back to him..

Sanskar picked a cushion from the couch and threw at him..

They kept on doing this and Swara was laughing standing at one corner.

Precap:SwaraGini and Swasan❤?

How was this guys??
Hope was worth reading.
Sorry if you found it boring.. i have no idea what I have written..
I was tired of the journey but still thought to write??..
Sorry for mistakes and if you find it boring???..

Thank you

Love you all❤

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