Swasan- His love Her Strength (chapter 16)

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(NOTE: Dida informed everyone about Sumi being guilty, everyone forgave her as she was not surely too much on fault and always supported and helped Swara in last 3 weeks, except Swara she is trying to forgive her but she cant as sumi back off at the time when she needed her mother the most, Sumi is supporting them to take revenge?)

Chapter 16.

At Badi,

As the count of Sanskar begins…

10.. Some people entered the badi

6.. they stopped a person and asked about some house, the man pointed towards Gadodia House.

4. They thanked him and went towards the mansion
2.. they entered the house without knocking.

BOOM.. A loud sound came from inside the house..

Everyone started to gather and discuss whats happening the house.

Someone among the crowd called Shekar and informed him…

The sounds inside the house started to increase and soon a flying TV came and fell in the centre of badi

At the same time, Shekar entered the Badi…

He became shocked to see the scenario in front of him..

He immediately rushed to them and went inside the house and saw almost everything lying on the ground..

The people were still picking and throwing the things, tables, chairs everything were thrown out of the house.

Shekar:( held one of the person from the corner): What are you doing this? How can you enter my house and do this? (He roared angrily).

The person jerked his hands away and pointed towards the man sitting on the sofa.. the man looked nearly 60’s in age..

Person: He is Mr. Sinha go and talk to him.. we are just following the orders.

When shekar was about to go from there.. the same person came infront of him and moved dangerously close to his face.

Person: Next time, Dont you dare to touch my collar.. (he said in a deadly tone and moved away patting his shoulder).

Shekar moved towards the Mr. Sinha who was sitting and giving orders to the people.

Shekar:(shouting): What the hell is happening here? How dare you enter in my house and touch my belongings?

Mr. Sinha’s eyes turned red listening to his pitch..

Mr. Sinha: Mind your Tone..

Shekar: You mind your actions.. wait I will call police.

Saying this he take out mobile from his pocket and was about to dial the number of police when a police officer entered his house.

Officer: Mr. Sinha are you getting any problem?

Mr. Sinha: No No. Inspector Dave.. just a fish is wiggling too much.. dont worry I will handle.

Saying this Mr. Sinha stood up in a great attitude eying Shekar.

Mr. Sinha: So Mr. Shekar Gadodia, you are talking about my dare right? I am doing nothing infront of what I can do. (He smirked saying this.)

(Mr. Sinha??)

Mr. Sinha: I am the new head of Marwari Society.. I have checked the records of all the past years and now the culprits are being punished.
And Congratulations Mr. Shekar, you are one among them??..

Shekar: What the hell? What have I done? I am not a cuplrit (he said angrily).

Mr. Sinha: Ooo. Is it?? I think you are suffering from stml (short term memory loss), but dont worry I will help you to remind.. (evilly?).
What you did to Ms. Shomi? You cheated her and left her and married another women and your Mother pushed your another wife in front of everyone but still you helped her to hide all this somehow.. what more you want to know.. (he said about the hidden things).

Shekar: But It is not..

Mr. Sinha: O. Please. Mr. Shekar. Stop all this. A man who can not respect a women have no right to stay in the society so you have to leave this place forver and you are no more a member of Marwari community.

Shekar: But but..(not getting the words).. but shomi is not Marwari.

Hearing this Mr. Sinha became angry and came forward and slapped him hard??..

Mr. Sinha: But still she is a women who is your victim.. you are a lusty man. I am ashamed to know that a person who thinks like this is a part of this community.. it is good that Ms. Shomi didnt filed a police complaint against you even after our insistence otherwise I would have made sure that you get the worst punishment..( he took a deep breathe calming down his anger)..

Shekar was standing holding his burning cheek and his eyes widened on knowing that Shomi knew everything.. he became angry.

Mr. Sinha: Leave the place in next half an hour.

Saying this he went out the house along with all his men and saw Sumi standing there with teary eyes..

He went forward and kept his hand om her head.

Mr. Sinha: You need not to worry about anything. Think of me as your brother and tell me if you need anything.

He said, she nodded with teary eyes.

Then everyone dispersed.

Shekar came out of his house and saw Sumi, he went near her.

Shekar: Why you did this? Haan ? What you got? Aah.. you got satisfaction by ruining my pride.. mom was right I should have never accepted you as my wife.. its all my fault.

Sumi looked at him with disgust.

Sumi: You know what Shekar? Till now I thought you will change and will be able to differntiate between right and wrong.. but i was wrong, I am happy that I left you at right time. You are not worthy of my love.. You are just like your mother. A second copy but who just followed her orders without saying a word to her.

Saying this she left the place and after sometime he too left the Badi…

For the society he ditched Sumi and never accepted Swara.. gave them the pain always didnt accept him after knowing his deeds.

In Swasan Office.

Swara was still working on the presentation while Sanskar was standing on the window..

His phone started to ring..

He took the call in nervousness.

“Everything is done.” Mr. Sinha said from the other side, he smiled widely hearing this.

“Thank you Uncle. I cant express in words what you have given me.” He replied.

“No Sanskar. I should thank you as these type of man are just a burden on Earth.” He said and after some more formal talks, he cut the call.

“I am so happy.” He said to himself and looked at Swara who was working completely forgeting herself.

“Swara Lunch?” He asked her going towards the couch.

“You go and have it. I still have some works to be done.” She said not taking her eyes of the screen.

“Pleaseeeeeee Swara.. come na lets celebrate.” Said Sanskar.

“Celebrate?” Asked Swara turning towards him.

He bit his tongue and mentally slapped himself for telling this as he was still not sure how she will react to what he have done and now he cant lie to her also.

Taking a deep breathe, he told her everything what happened in Badi few minutes ago and then was waiting for her reaction.

She without saying anything stood up and moved towards the table.

“Sanskar you go have lunch. I have some work.” She said plainly and picked up few files.

He sighed and stood up as well and walked towards her.

“Swara…” calling out for her, he held her hand.

He turned her towards him lightly and saw tears were flowing down her eyes…

“Shonaaa..” he called her lovingly and held her chin in his hands.

“You didnt liked what I did toh I am sorry.. i am reallly.. srr..” before he can complete, she placed her palm on his mouth.

“No Sanskar its not like that. You know what I didnt felt bad… I am happy atleast Maa got justice.. what that man did to her, still I tried hard to unite her with him thinking about her happiness or my selfishness of getting a father but he every time proved that he didnt have a relation with us and hurted us always.. thank you..” she said truthfully but still tears were flowing down her eyess.

“Then these..?” He said pointing towards the tears rolling down her eyes.

“Nothing Sanskar, we have work.” She said avoiding the topic.

He held her tightly and asked again.

“You didnt trust me enough to let me know.. I trust you Sanskar, I know what ever you will do will be right but I think you dont need me in this, vaise v I dont know anything and I am just increasing your work loads.” She said and ran out of the cabin.

While Sanskar was standing there in shock and a wide open mouth.

After a minute he realised what all she said and now she is upset with him..

He with frustation moved his hand in his hair.

“Yaar yeh ladkion ko samjhna itna muskil kyn hai.” He said gritting his teeth.

“Now come on sanky baba, you have to manao you ruthi hui wife?. ALL THE BEST.” he wished himself and left behind her.

Precap: Biwi Manao Ghar Bachao?

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