Swasan- His love Her Strength (chapter 15)

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Chapter 15.

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Swasan was sitting on the floor hugging each other.

Swara was crying while Sanskar was consoling her by rubbing her hairs and back, he too had tears in his eyes thinking of all she suffered in his absence.

Sanskar: Swara pleasee. See i am here.. i am fine.

Swara just tightened her grip on him.

Swara: Please dont leave me again, Sanskar.. pleasee.

Sanskar: I will never leave you Shona. Where will I go leaving you haan? Sanskar and Swara will remain together forever always..

She nodded with tears, the cries changed into sobs..

Swara: I will not leave them Sanskar.. after knowing you are not.. not.. the person…(she closed her eyes tightly saying this).. still they said those words. How can they?? I am sorry Sanskar.. m sorry. I broke down because of them and tried something stupid.. I was not in my senses. I know you must be angry with me but that time I dont know what happened to me.. I am sorry.

•• Swara was not in her senses when she fell in the river as she was facing mental trauma, so she thinks she jumped intentionally into the river but she just backoff at ryt time nd fell due to shock seeing Ansh so close.••

Sanskar: Shh.. shh swara I know I cant even imagine your situation, the pain you have gone through.. please dont cry see we are together. I promise I will not leave you. I am not angry promise. Shona. Jaan. Please we have passed that phase.. this time is not for the breaking down.. (he said and kissed her head over the hairs assuring her his presence by her side..)

She just nodded and broke the hug and moved her hands to wipe his tears.

She gently wiped his tears using her finger, he closed his eyes feeling the love and care when her skin touched him…

“I love you.” Both confessed together.

He saw her cheeks were tear stained, she plastered a smile on her face but still that moment was coming and haunting her.

“I will always be there by your side, to protect you.” He said planting a soft kiss on her forhead.

“I will not let tears roll down these eyes again, even of happiness.” He promised kissing her eyes one by one.. she closed her eyes and was lost in the depth of the words.

He held her hands and brought it close to his lips.

“I will hold your hand hand forever irrespective of the situation.” He kissed her one hand.

“I will always bring you out of the problem holding your hand, it will never leave mine.” He placed a kiss on another knuckle.

He placed her hands on his shoulder and kept his finger below her chin and slightly lifted it.

“I will make sure, the people who gave you pain and tears will face the real hell.” He promised to himself not saying loud.

He moved further and came near her ears.

“I will always be the reason for your cheeks to turn red.” He said huskily.. she blushed listening to it..
He smiled seeing her happy and diverted and placed a sensous kiss on both of her cheeks.

“Infact I will always be there to love you.” He made a last promise and fused his lips with hers.

His promises make her feel happy and safe.. she smiled genuinely in the kiss and her hands moved in his hairs fisting them while his hands travelled to her and started to massage it gently.

He sucked her lower lips gently while she did the same with his upper lip.
Both were kissing, nibbling and sucking each other’s lips gently without any hunger or desire..

But it changed soon.. when he pushed his tongue inside her mouth and she happily gave him the entrance..

He roamed his tongue inside her mouth while his hands moved upwards and was shamelessly roaming on her body..

He put his whole body weight on hers and she in response started to move down towards the floor.

They both were laying on the floor now, he above her.. still kissing each other madly and passionately.
They were devaouring the taste of each other’s mouth…

After 15 minutes they broke the kiss, only because they were out of breathe.

He looked in her eyes and found the same passion as his..
So without thinking further he removed the coat from her body and dug himself in her neck.

She started to moan at the pleasure he was giving her..

He was placing wet kisses on side of her neck, her hands were still in his hairs pulling him on her.

He opened two buttons of her shirt and removed it slightly from the shoulder and started to kiss over there.

“Sanskar woh…” Ansh said coming in but stopped in middle seeing the scene and his eyes almost pop out of the socket?.

They both came to their senses listening someone calling him and moved away and become shocked and embarrased seeing Ansh..

Swara held her shirt and sensing it Ansh turned immediately..

Sanskar made her stand on her feet and helped her giving coat..

After making themselve presentable.

“Ansh bol.” Said Sanskar still embarassed.

He turned with a teasing smile on his face, Swara was still looking down.

“I thought yahan jhagda chal rha hoga but mujje kya pata adult movie ka scene chalo hai.” He said teasingly making them more embarassed.

Swara turned red hearing this while Sanskar glared at him angrily.

“Chup kar??..” he said.

“Acha Sorry Sorry. I hope.. are hope kya I know everything is fine now toh what we have to do next.” He asked Sanskar..

Swara turned towards Sanskar asking how he know that, he understood his question.

Sanskar: Swara. He is my best friend Ansh.. he was only the support system I had in Mumbai in those 5 years.. he is much more than a brother to me.. i trust him so he know everything about the plan and he is going to help us to execute it.. he works in the branch of Mumbai but all the time busy in flirting?.

(He explained it to her, she just nodded.)

Ansh:(he forwarded his hand to her): Hi beautiful!! I so wish if you were single.. (he flirted)

Swara smiled and shaked his hand with him..

Swara: Now I wish the same. ( she played along).

Sanskar looked at them in dislief.

He pulled her from waist.

Sanskar: Both of yours bad luck but she is already taken FOREVER. (He said eying them.)

Ansh: i know bro.. (turning towards Swara): Vaise what you saw in this Giraffe.

She chuckled listening to him while Sanskar gritted his teeth.

Swara: Love is Blind. (She replied).

Before Ansh can say anything, Sanskar interuppted.

Sanskar: See she said she loves me so back off. (He glared at him) and you (turning towards Swara but melted seeing her smiling face..❤) you complete the presentation. ( he completed).

After some talks Ansh left the cabin, Swara was sitting completing the presentation while Sanskar came back to Sandeep’s getup and was standing near the window and talking on phone.

Sanskar:(on phone but checking Swara): Yes, the information is 100% correct.. Laksh Maheshwari is the one dealing with drugs.. i want you to order drugs from him and make him keep at his place and then we will execute the plan.. (he completed and kept the phone in his pocket.)

Sanskar:(to himself): I did everything to save you from all this, Laksh but you took me wrong.. i know once a person goes deep inside, it becomes impossible for him to come back.. but you misunderstood me and made me and my family suffer the worst…
Yesterday when I collided with you, i was shocked to see the drug packet fallen down your pocket. I still wanted to help you as till that time I cared for you.. i wanted to punish you so that you people can come on right paths but not now..
You crossed all the limits.. You broke down my Swara.. the one who can handle anything and was still strong, you broke my girl to this much extent that she tried to kill herself… you have to pay for it.. everyone will pay for it.. now instead of saving you.. i will make sure to push in the hell from which you can never come back..
From childhood the pain she bear and the tears she spend.. i will take revenge for all of them..

Mr. Shekar Gadodia you are the first..

The count down begins..


(He thought and smirked?)

Precap: Tabahi?

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