Swasan- His love Her Strength (chapter 14)

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I want to make some points clear

1. New Entry it Positive as far as I know.. i have not thought something about it but he is just entering to increase some fun and kisi ko tarpane ke liye??..

By voting it is clear that Arjun Bijlani will be doing the role? baki you can think who ever you want and his name is Ansh  given by AafrinFathima.
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2. Laksh didnt win the contract by cheating.. You are forgetting that Dp is also a great businessman and he is also good with deals and he helped him and Sanskar was not fully cured so it affected them and also Swara is new in all these.
I wanted to give some realistic affect so I added that part.. bcz I wanted to show all the struggles they will face to take revenge..
Revenge is not easy to seek.. it will have many ups and downs and one can not will always. But dont worry now you will see original Sanskar??.. laksh ki band bajegi?? and he is doing something big than cheating on a deal???..

3. VERY IMPORTANT— KEEP EVERY SHARP OBJECT AWAY FROM YOU.. i dont want ki instead of Sanskar you people kill raglak??

4. I have started a new book… ‘Swasan Series Shots’, I will writing OS/ TS taking a scene from the original serial and moulding it according to me.

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••Aaj ke liye itna hi??.. kitna kuch bol diya na maine???••

Chapter 14

In the cabin,

Swara was sitting on the couch busy in making presentation while Sanskar was looking at her lovingly sitting beside her.

“Sanskar I am not getting it please help me.” Said Swara in irritation.

Something naughty striked his mind..

He shifted near her and kept his hand on her thigh above the office pants.

He started to explain her the details but his hand was rubbing her thigh making her shiver, she started to breathe heavily..

His hand reached more upwards and he increased his pace of massaging and explaining, while she was not able to concentrate on his words and was having a hard time controlling her moans…

She started to shift in her place, seeing her condition he smirked naughtily.

Sanskar: What happened Swara? Are you fine? (He faked innocence and his hand reached her womenhood).

She squirmed and immediately pushed his hand and closed her eyes and tried to control her heavy breathing standing up and moving away.

He stood up and placed his hand on her shoulders, she turned towards him. He made a worried face with frowns on his forhead..

Swara: I.. I am f.i..ne (she hardly managed to say).

Sanskar smiled imwardly and bit his inner cheek to stop himself from laughing..

Once she was all fine.

Swara: you did that intentionally?

Sanskar first get shocked and then made a confused face.

Sanskar: What Swara? What I did? What happened?

Swara: Wait I will tell you.

Swara picked up the file from side table and started to beat him.

Sanskar started to run while Swara was following her.

They stopped once they hear someone knocking the door.

“Come In.” Swara said in bossy tone once settling down herself on the chair while Sanskar sat on the couch.

Ansh entered the cabin and was looking at her in confusion..

Sanskar smiled broadly seeing him as he is his best buddy, he met him in Mumbai and he helped him a lot during the time.

He just wanted to go and hug him but was stopped listening to shouting voices..

“Youuuu……..” Swansh shouted looking at each other once they recognized each other’s face.

“Ms. Suicide.” He called Swara.

‘But why he called her like this? With such weird name.’ Thought Sanskar.

“Wow man!! Why the hell you thought to die when you are the owner of this company. Insane woman.” He said her..

While Swara was looking at him in shock then she looked at Sanskar with scared face.

‘What is happening here and how do they know each other and why the hell is she so scared?’ Sanskar was struggling with his thoughts.

Finally he had enough now.

He removed the beard and moustache and placed his hand on his shoulder.

“What is happening here? And how do you know Swara?” He asked him while Ansh turned and hugged him tightly.

“Thank God! You are fine bro.” Ansh said while hugging her.

“But whats the matter ansh?” Sanskar asked him.

“Nothing Sanskar..” swara said interruptig not meeting his gaze.

He broke the hug and looked at both asking the questions.

“Sanskar you know this girl is crazy.. she tried to die, she jumped in the river before a month or so.” He said looking at her in disbelief..

But listening to his words, Sanskar went numb and the whole world revolved around him..

It take almost 10 minutes to him register his words.

Swara came forward and placed her hand on his shoulder.
Sanskar looked at her without emotions…

Tears started to flow down her eyes looking at his condition.. she knew he is deeply hurt with her step and she dont have even a proper reason for her foolish step except the fact she was not in her senses.

“Explain.” He demanded in rough and angry tone..

Listening which she shivered.
She tried to cup her face but he moved back..

“Explain Swara.” He said again with a loud voice.

Ansh looked at them in confusion.

Swara: Sanskarrr….( she said in a choked voice).

Sanskar: I am asking last time. Explain Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari..

Ansh was shocked listening this.. he came to know what he did.. as he might have never seen Swara but was well aware about his love for her.

He excused himself from there and left them alone.

Swara nodded and started as she know she dont have another option and was also cursing Ansh.

Swara: The day you went missing, Laksh came with a body of dont know whose..(she closed her eyes remembering how he said that he is Sanskar..??).
After every one left, in the evening Ragini came to our room along with Laksh…

•laksh told Ragini abt everything the day itself•


Scene 1

Swara was sitting in her room.

Ragini knocked the door and opened to see Swara sitting on bed, laksh too followed along with her.

Ragini- Swara.. (she called her but she remained unaffected).

Swara I know you are broken completely.. it is not easy for you to accept Sanskar’s death.. but you cant be like this.. i can understand what you must be going through.
I felt the same pain when Laksh was in Jail..

(Pagal ho gyi yeh.. kisko kis cheez se compare kr rhi hai??)

Whole time Swara didnt talked or moved, she was just listening to her talks and that to without her will.

Ragini: I am sorry Swara.. for what ever you are suffering from but it was all written in the destiny.. you cant fall weak like this. So i was thinking that if.
(She hesitated).

Laksh: we were thinking you have to move on.. you cant spend your whole life like this.( he completed).

Ragini: it is not easy for you to accept right now.. but it will only be good… if you want I will talk to everyone.. bcz All I want is your happinesss.

Laksh: think wisely Swara.

Swara: Get Out. (Her voice was plain).

Ragini: Swa..ra..

Swara: I said get out and dont show me your blo*dy face. ( she said turning her face towards her, her eyes were red and tear marks were visible on her cheeks).

Ragini tried to speak but she showed her hand and Laksh took her with him and closed the door.

Swara: I have to find him. I will prove them wrong.( she thought and get up once they were gone).

Scene 2

Swara was roaming on the road at the night and she reached the place of the accident.

She saw some people talking that a man died on spot colliding with a truck..( another accident took place on same road.)

She didnt believe it.. was shaking her head vigrously and tears were flowing down her eyes..

“No no no. This is not possible. He is not my Sanskar.. no no no.” She was repeating it all the while and was walking, running on the road like a psycho..

She fell down and her foot and leg started to bleed hitting the road but ahe didnt care and was running to find him…

She reached the exact spot and saw the blood stains.. it has a lot of blood..

She fell down and was caressing the blood on the road, tears were flowing..

She dont want to believe anything, but her hope was breaking slowly… she dont want to cry but tears were not stopping..

She sat their caressing the road for dont know how much time.

She lost her senses, the mental trauma she faced in last few hours completely drained her.. she dont know what she is going to do… but she only know that she want her Sanskar by her Side… if not here then maybe anothet world..

She stood up and started to walk aimlessly…

She reached the spot where Ragini pushed her.

“If I would have died on that day only.. the pain would have been much less.” She thought and started to move towards the edge..

She closed her eyes..

“No No No. I will not break down.. I know sanskar is fine.. i dont care what this world says.. i trust him.. he will come back to his princesss… will not leave me in the cruel world alone.” She thought and was about to turn but she heard someone’s voices.

“Hey what are you doing here?” Said Ansh who was standing just behind her.

She turned and lost her balance seeing him this much close..

She slipped and fell down in the river.

“O shit! Stupid Girl.” He said and jumped in the river to save her.

Flashback ends..

Swara said all this to Sanskar sitting on her knees and crying badly…

Sanskar cant even imagine the pain she went through..

The pain he felt when she came to know that she tried to suicide is worse but what must be her condition knowing he is dead and on the top of that how can Raglak stoop so low that they didnt wait even for a day and talked to her like this even after knowing how much she loved him..
Thinking this and seeing her condition tears made there way down his eyes.

He went and sat down beside her and hugged her tight letting her cry…

Precap: Devil Returns??.

How was this guys?? Hope was worth reading.. dont know what I have written ??..
Sorry if you find it boring.

Thank you.

Love you all❤

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