Swasan- His love Her Strength (chapter 13)

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Chapter 13

Swasan was sitting hugging each other on the bed, she rested her head on his chest while his hands were securely encircled around her waist.

‘Only she can make a idiot like me understand.’ He thought and chuckled.

Swara broke the hug and looked at her raising one eye brow.

He just nodded in nothing and tried to hug her but she didnt let him do so.

‘Back to jhansi ki rani mode.’ He thought and sighed..

While she was just confusingly looking at his change of expressions and her doubts were increasing that he is thinking of her..

She again looked at him but he was not in the mood of answering his questions, not now..

He slowly placed his hand over hers and  started to slide a finger sensually over her arm moving up making her shiver at the slightest touch..

He grabbed her arm lightly and pulled her towards himself and nuzzled his face in her neck and kissed lightly.

‘San..skar..’ she maoned his name like a prayer.

Desires started to form in his heart listening to his name from her mouth in the sweetest way.

He started to kiss her neck fastly yet sensously and his hands reached her waist and started to massage it while she was moaning making him more wild..

He bit her sweet spot.. she hissed in pain and pleasure and clutched his shoulder tightly while closing her eyes.

But suddenly he left her and stood up.. she opened her eyes not feeling his touch and called him shockingly.


“We cant do this Swara.” He said looking away.

While Swara looked at him in shock.. ?.. she knows he also wanted him say way as she does and now he is backing off…

She started to cry loudly yet childishly..

Sanskar heard her cries and became shocked and worried and moved towards her immediately and cupped her face.

“Swara.. what happened? Why r u crying? Did I hurt you? Is it paining?” He asked her checking her hands and arm but she pushed him and started to fake cry without tears?.

“Sanskar you dont like me anymore.. i am not good for you.. aaaaannnn… Sanskar… now you like that chipkali tina na.. aaannnnn…” she started to cry more loudly and was wiping her eyes but tears were not flowing.

‘Such a dramaqueen.’ He thought and shook his head.

He sat beside her again and cupped her face..

“Its not like that Swara.. you know I only love you.. this tina, mina, cheena.. doesnt matter me..” he said trying to make her understand but she is also Swara?…

Aaj tak koi baat pehli baar mein samaj ayi usse Sanskar ki jo aaj ayegi??..

“Sanskar.. i thought only tina.. now 2 more… mina ,cheena…  aaaaaaaannnnnnnnn……” she cried loudly or more made sound..

While Sanskar his ears in irritation.

“Swara.. stop it..its nothing like that.. i want you, you dont know how much but its  just that ki..” he stopped from saying further while she was seeing him with confused expressions.

“Ki kya.. are complete it baba.. how will I understand.. i know u dont have another reason… wat I am saying is correct.. aaaaaañn..” before she can cry out loud.. he placed his palm on her mouth..

“Bcz I dont have ‘protection’.” He said finally closing his eyes..

‘It is easy to use than to say.’ He thought. (Naughty Sanky??).

Swara widened her eyes listening to this and turned red in embarrasment and turned her face away while but again questions started to form in her brain.. •question bank•

She turned towards him and looked at his face…

“Sanskar, Dont you want a baby? Dont you want to be Dad..?” Asked Swara.

He sighed and moved towards the window…

“I want to Swara… you also know.. how much I love kids and to hold one which is mine.. thinking this I became happy toh why will I not want one.” He said looking outside sadly..

“Then sanskar..?” Swara asked coming towards him and placing his hand on his shoulder.

“It is just that the time is not correct.. i dont want our baby in all this.. you understand what I mean right?? It will affect your and baby’s heath in stress and all.. and moreover I wanted to be with you 24*7, to take care of you.. to feel every second and presence of our baby.. I know I will be with you as Sandeep.. but still I want Sanskar to be with you without problems and fakeness around… want to provide a happy environment..” he completed, tears threathened to move out of his eyes..

Swara hugged him from back.

“Dont worry Sanskar.. everything will be fine soon.” Said Swara.. it is not she is not sad but for her Sanskar is her first priority.. more than her..

She wanted to stay strong for him.

They stayed like this for sometime.. not speaking a word.. jst feeling each other.

‘This increases more for the punishment of Maheshwari’s..’ thought Swara because seeing him sad kills her deep inside.

After some time,

Swara broke the hug and turned him towards her and kissed his forhead gently assuring him for everything.

He smiled and then realised that unintentionally he made her sad as he also is well aware about her craze of kids.. he went in his pain and forgot about her’s but she remained strong for him hiding her feelings..
He felt blessed for getting a wife and hugged her tightly.. she responded..

Moments later..

A alien sound comes from somewhere, listening which Swara started to laugh while Sanskar embarassed..

“Grrr….” his stomach growled again..

“I will make dinner.” She said kissing his cheek and left the room while he just nodded.

She came back again and pulled his fake beard which was half flying in the air.?

“Swara…” he shouted as it pained him but she ran away laughing..

In the kitchen..

She came in the kitchen and tied her hairs in a bun and played a track on her mobile (Gulabi Ankhein by Sanam Puri?).
(I am bad at explaining this.. try to understand?. Sorry)


Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi
Sharabi ye dil ho gaya
Sambhalo mujhko o mere yaaron
Sambhalna mushqil ho gaya

She started to chop the vegetables while the song started and she started to sing as well and was moving her body along..
Sanskar came to the kitchen and kept on staring her from the door and was admiring her antics..

Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi
Sharabi ye dil ho gaya

He moved forward and grabbed her from waist.. she was startled first but then gave him s annoyed look but he gave a confused one in return.

“Huhh.. Dont disturb.. dont u know I am busy in my world.” She said making him shocked.

“Your world?” He questioned.

“Yes.. Mine and My Sanam’s..?.” She said dreamingly lost in his thoughts.

While he became jls on listening ‘MY SANAM’ and moreover their dream world??..

“Swara.. I am better than him… you like that Bandar .. i dont know ur choice is that bad.” He said making Swara and me angry??..

“Mr. Maheshwari he is better than you.” She said and tried to move away.

“In your dreams.”

“Then prove it.”


Dil mein mere khwaab tere
Tasveer jaise ho deewar pe
Tujhpe fidaa main kyun hua
Aata hai gussa mujhe pyar pe

Main lut gaya
Maan ke dil ka kaha
Main kahin ka na raha
Kya kahu main dilruba

Bura ye jaadu
Teri aankhon ka
Ye mera qaatil ho gaya

Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi
Sharabi ye dil ho gaya

He then left her and move backwards and picked one of the stick which is used to stir the soup.. and make at his mic and started to do lipsing of the song.
He then did some funny dance steps..

He then started to bang the utensils different bowls with the spoon in order to make a beat but only a irritating voice was coming.

Maine sada chaha yahi
Daaman bacha lu haseeno se main
Teri kasam khwabon mein bhi
Bachta firaa naazneeno se main

Tauba magar
Mill gayi tujhse nazar
Mill gaya dard-e-jigar
Sun zara oh bekhabar

He then started to move round and round around her.. lipsing the song..
He was slowly closing thr buttons of his heart and covered himself in order to protect himself.

And she was already having a hard time controlling her laughter so finally she broke down in fits of laughter seeing his antics..

Zara sa hans ke jo dekha tune
Main tera bismil ho gaya

Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi
Sharabi ye dil ho gaya
Sambhalo mujhko o mere yaaron
Sambhalna mushqil ho gaya


“You prove you are better.. bcz u r looking exactly like a joker.” She said in between and ran from there…

As soon as Sanskar registered her words… he too ran behind her..

They were running in the whole hall… chasing and running..

Sanskar was trying hard to catch her but she was giving him a tough fight..

Finally her leg got stuck in the sofa and she fell down along with Sanskar.. as she held her hand in order to prevent falling..

Now Sanskar was over Swara..

Swara was still laughing while Sanskar was glaring her.. but eventually smiled seeing her laughing whole heartedly..

He came near her ear.

“I am ready to become permanent Joker to see this sight.” He said and kissed her earlobe..

Swara was in Awe of him and hugged him tightly while he responded to his hug..

They broke the hug when Sanskar phone started to ring…

He stood up and attended the call…
It was from Sujata asking them to come back soon..

After that they had their dinner and left to MM.

Sanskar changed to Sandeep’s look..

They entered the house..

Swara went inside her room when Sanskar was going towards his… he collided with Laksh such that something fell down from his pocket..

Seeing which he became shocked…

Screen freezes on Sanskar’s shocked face.

Precap- Same as previous..

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