Swasan- His love Her Strength (chapter 12)

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Chapter 12

SwaSan left towards the office in the car. Sanskar was driving while Swara was sitting on the passenger seat looking nervous..

After sometime they reached at the entrance of the building.

Sanskar saw her and smiled seeing her nervousness.

He held her hand and feeling hus grip she looked at him and gave a worried expression.

“Sanskar.. i cant ” before she can complete he interupped her.

“You can do this in best way.. i trust you Swara and I will be always by your side so dont get nervous but still if you feel so then remember why we are doing this?” He said..

Her expressions changed suddenly when all things came back to her mind, she kept her face straight devoid of any emotion.

“Come Sandeep, I hate to get late.” Saying this she pushed open the door..

Seeing her guards come towards her and greeted her.. then she walked in with a different attitude.

On the other side, Sanskar’s mouth was wide open, first seeing her attitude and second, listening to Sandeep instead of Sanskar..

He came back to senses when one of the guard come to his side..

He came out of the car and handed the keys to guards and moved inside the building.


Swara came and informed everyone that she is going to be their boss from now on in a very bossy manner but still not completely threathing them and after that walked inside her cabin when Sanskar followed her.

He came inside and saw her standing near the glass window and looking outside.

Sanskar: Swaraa..

She turned and looked at him and winked?.

Sanskar: You never fails to amaze me.

He came forward and hugged her.
She pushed him and eyed him with fake anger.

Swara: Mr. Sandeep Sethi. Is this a way to behave with your boss? (She said playfully).

Sandeep: O. So Mam tell me what is the way?? (He said and pulled her towards himself from waist).

Swara: Sanskar leave me we have to work.. vaise you look good in this attire even?.
She winked and moved out of his grip and he smiled like a kid.

They started to work.. it is the first project they have to work and win against Maheshwari’s.. it will take them one step close to their mission..
It will atleast start the destruction of the Dp’s family…

They worked real hard on this, Swara learnt a lot of things and even impressed Sanskar with lot of her knowledge..

By now he was sure that his wife can do anything..

After a hardwork of 3 weeks,

Here comes the day of meeting in which their hardwork will be tested.

The meeting starts, many different companies came and sat down in which one was Maheshwari’s and other was SS industries.

Laksh and Sanskar(Sandeep) showed their respective presentation..

After about 3 hours, the meeting comes to rest…
Everyone present their was waiting for the result and to know with which company the deal is signed.

Sanskar looked tensed and Swara assured him with her eyes.

He smiled lightly at him but deep down he was feeling restless this was not his first one but still the nervousness he felt was beyond limits.

“So here are we ready with the results, so the company which gets this deal is…” said a person in a black suit coming on the podium gaining everyone’s attention and increasing the pace of their hearts..

“The company is Maheshwari Industries.. so congratulations Mr. LAKSH MAHESWARI and all the best for the future.” Completed the man making someone happy, some jealous and some shock and angry..

Ofcourse the happy one is Laksh, jls are the other company while Swasan looked Shocked and Sanskar angry?..

After some time,
Swasan started to leave from the place.

Sanskar was angry while Swara looked tensed sensing his anger because she is well aware about the extremes of his anger and was getting scared and praying to god that he keeps everything normal now but I guess God have gone on some sort of holiday as he didnt listened her wish..

Laksh came towards her with a smirk.

Laksh: Swara it is easy to say but on the moment tough to handle the business. Bachon ka kaam nhi hai..
I told you to forgive me many times and I was really guilty for whatever I did but you didnt listen to me and now you are planning to spoil my brother’s business because of your stupid ego.. and now I think I am not wrong because any one at my place would have done the same.. but remember I will not be responsible for any consequences further to you as you have started the game and I am just playing along.. you are the one who is going to lose. Mark my words?

As soon as he completed, Sanskar left the place feeling helpless as even if he want he cant reply him back… swara thought to reply but seeing Sanskar going she left behind him as he needs her more now and right now talking to Laksh is not of any use..

As soon as she reached there, she saw him banging his hand on the car angrily…

“Sanskar..” she called out for him.

“Get in the car, Swara.” He said and entered the car not leaving any option for her.

She entered and sat on her seat and he drove in a high speed making her scream in fear.

“Sanskar pleasee slow down.” She pleaded him but he didnt paid any heed to her words and increased the speed.

Tears started to roll down her eyes in fear and she was continously asking him to slow down but he each time increased his speed.

Minutes later,

He stopped the car and parked it in front of a house..
(Same house where Swara kept Sanskar hiding from everyone).

He came out and stormed in not waiting for her and looked himself in a room.

She came in her senses and ran inside the house to stop him for causing himself any damage..

She came and stopped outside the door as it was bolted and started to bang on it.

With each passing second, she was getting more and more worried as the breaking sounds are coming from inside.

She was praying for his well being..
She was banging the door but he didnt listen to it and kept on throwing the things kept inside.

She ran and came to the hall and take out the keys from the drawer of his room and ran back to his room.

She with shivering hands opened the door hardly and first she became startled to see his condition.. his hairs were messy, beard was about to fall down his face, his arms were having scratches and blood was falling down from his hand.. (coat was thrown and the shirt arms were folded).

She ran to him, his eyes were red in anger.. he saw her.

Sanskar: Leave me alone Swara.. go out.. (he shouted).

But she didnt move instead tried to hold his arm.. he pushed her hand back and held her tightly from her arm making a strong and painful grip and moved towards the door and pushed her..

Before he can close the door.. she came in and the door slighlty hit her forhead making it bleed.

She didnt care and moved inside.. and sanskar moved inside the room and again started to throw the things.

Swara rushed towards him.

Swara: Pleasee Sanskar.. stop this.. pleaseee.. (she pleaded tears were rolling down her eyes.)

But he picked up the vase from side table and threw it in random direction but it hit her hard on her arm and she screamed in pain.

Swara: Aaahh.. Sans..karr….

He came to his senses hearing her scream and looked at her direction and became shocked seeing her head and arm bleeding…

He immediately moved towards her and held her and felt guilty for hurting her..

He touched her arm and she hissed in pain.

Sanskar: Swara.. i am sorry. I am soo sorryy.. i dnt know how i lost my senses and hurt you.. i hurted you for those people i am sorry.. i know its not your fault its mine.. how could i be so irresponsible i am sorry . (He was continously blabbering not giving her chance).

She sighed and placed her lips on his and started to kiss him by sucking his lips.. he became startled but soon started to respond her.. they were sucking, kissing, chewing each other’s lips..

After about 5 minutes they departed breathing heavily..

Sanskar: Swara i m sory. Is it paining.? Look wat i

Before sanskar can again start his blabbering swara cut him off.

Swara: Its ok Sanskar.. i am fine. I know you didnt do this intentionally so stop feeling guilty and more then me you are hurt.(she said touching his hand and arms)..
She moved a side and picked up the first aid kit and started to clean the blood and bandaged it.

Then Sanskar take the box from her hand started to clean her wounds by blowing air.

Sanskar: I am sorry Swara.. see how deep it is? You dont deserve this. I am sorry. I should have kept control but i am sorry

Swara:(cuping his face): shh.. Sanskar.. i understand.. i know how much tough it is for you to control you angrr. (She laughed at it while he gave her a look before he can speak she continued).. and you know what I love you.. whole of you.. your care, affection, love, worries and even your Anger. Do you know why?

Sanskar nodded in negative cleaning her wound on arm.

Swara: Because this everything belongs to me.. you belong to me. I love you Sanskar, in every way.

She said and hugged him and kissed the area of his chest over the heart..
He nodded with teary eyes and placed a kiss on her forhead and overwhelmed to see her love for him.

Swara: But pleasee dont hurt yourself again pleaseee..( she said parting the hug and caressing his hand with teary eyes).

Sanskar: I will try my best to control my anger from now and will never hurt you again.. I will take it out in right way..(he assured her and she nodded and hugged him and he hugged her back).
But Swara.. we lost it.. i dont know why I lost such a small deal.. how much of a loser I am.. i cant make it.

Swara parted the hug and saw the tears rolling down her eyes..

She cupped her face and planted the kiss over his eyes gently.

Swara: Dare you say to my Sanskar a loset again?

Sanskar: But..

Swara: Sanskar you are not a loser ok? This is just the beginning we cant loose our hopes this much early.. may be we failed in our first attempt but remember failure is the path to success. The day you joined school you didnt wrote the first alphabet completely fine.. it takes time to settle down.. and now as we lose once it will help us to fight back with more power and answer them back..
We cant lose the hope as it will only help us to achieve more.

She wiped his tears and he just nodded understanding her every statement.

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