Swasan- His love Her Strength (chapter 11)


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Chapter 11

In Raglak’s room,

Laksh was sitting on the bed holding his head in his palm..

Ragini came and sat beside him and kept her hand on shoulder.

Laksh: Why Ragini why? I know I did wrong but any one at my place would have done this?

Ragini: Lakshh.. (she tried to cup his face but he moved away.)

Laksh: I agree Ragini that Adarsh bhai was wrong bt it was only because of Sanskar that I have to live in jail and that police beat me.. I felt betrayed.. my brother betrayed me. Am i that bad to get a chance even?. (He said in tears).

Ragini came and back hugged him..

Ragini: Its not that Laksh. I know what you did was not your fault only.. wait for right time.. everyone will understand.. I love you Laksh.

Laksh hugged her back after turning.

Laksh: I love you too.
(He kissed her forhead)

●●● Raglak, Ap and Dp thinks that Adarsh was punished only because he snatched their property and treated them badly.. they still think Sanskar for money asked Police officers to beat him… this fact is unknown to rest of the people i.e. Sanskar’s family..●●●

Laksh received a call..

He parted away from her and moved towards the balcony..
Ragini looked at him while he looked stressed..

Next day.

Everyone was sitting on the dinning table and having breakfast silently..

Dp family was sitting on one edge while Rp on other one..

Everything looked quite but how it can be? if our Sanky is with Swara?.

Sanskar (urf Sandeep) was holding Swara’s hand under the table while Swara was doing every possible try to remove her hand from his grip but was failing miserably.. he was caressing it slowly making her feel goosebumps.

Uttara noticed it..

Uttara: Tere haath mein mera haath ho.. (she started singing teasingly looking at SwaSan).

Swasan understood and Sanskar immediately left her hand looking here and there while everyone looked at her with confusion.

She didnt paid any heed to their unsaid questions and started eating.

After Breakfast.

Dp and Laksh started to go towards entrance… they stopped hearing Rp talking on phone.

Rp: haan meri gadi nikal de Rajesh(driver)..

Dp looked at him as soon as he cut the call.

Dp: Ram why different car. Are you not coming with us? Are you also going to join Karma?

Ram: Haan bhaisa I am not coming with you but I am not joining Karma.. i have to go to Maheshwari Industries.

Dp: come we will go together like always.

Rp: Bhaisa. Ab sab pehle jaisa na hai . I will come on my own. I am capable enough.

Laksh who was quite till now become frustated on listening Ram..

Laksh: Chacha g why are you talking to papa like this.. it was my fault right?

Ram: It was your fault right. But still we beared a lot right?.

Laksh: Chacha g please forgive me. I know mujhse glti ho gyi bt kab tak aap mujhe saza dete rahenge.

Ram: Na chore isse glti na kehte.. yeh glti nhi thi.. glti anjane mein hoti hai.. aur jo tune kiya wo anjane mein nhi ho skta.

Laksh: Fine if you hate us all this much then why are you coming with us to MI..?? Go to your son’s company na.. why you wanted to go with my father? In his workplace? Why you still use Maheshwari..??

(Laksh said apni aukat pe ate hue??).

Everyone came there listening to shouting voices and became shocked on how He is talking to Ram..

Sanskar fisted his hands to stop himself.. while Swara cant take it more… but before she could reply him they heard something which froze them on their spots).

Ram: Bhaisa Samaj sudharte sudharte apna ghar barbad kar diya apne.. (said looking at dp).
And you (pointing Laksh) what you said?? Right I hate you.. i hate you all you know why?? Because of you people i bear the pain of separating from my son again…
I will never forgive you for this.. (he roared angrily).


nd what you said?? Why I will go to MI not to Karma?? To ur father’s workplace then let me remind you that I got the name of Maheshwari and the company from my father not yours???.. get that??

I have more rights then you.. I have done equal hardwork as your father to bring the company to place where it is now.. so i dont need your blo*dy permission to do anything.. Now get lost..

Dp looked at him in shock but then left the place being sad along with Laksh who was embarassed…

Ap: Kiski nazar lag gyi mere pariwar ko.. (saying this she cried and left the place while Ragini followed her).

Uttara, Swara and Sanskar looked at Ram with proud while.

Sujata: Aaaaa… koi chimti kato mahreko (someone pinch me).. (then she pinched herself and started jumping).
Wah!! Mahne toh abhi bhi vishwas na ho rha hai.. (i am still unable to trust).

Ram came towards her and held her face in his palm.

Ram: I am sorry sujata .. i know because of me you faced so much.. i never stood for you and my children because of this you have to bear so much.. but not more.. now i will not let anyone point on my family.. i am sorry.. please forgive me.

Sujata nodded her head in No and hugged him tightly while he hugged her back.

Sujata: jee you gave me all happiness now. I am happy that atleast now you took stand.. vaise bhi you know na der aye darust aye..??.

Uttara and Swara joined the hug while Sanskar looked at them with a pout face as he cant hug them now if someone will see then… plan chopat??..

After emotional moments..

Ram went to MI while Swasan went to SS company…

Sujata to kitchen and uttara to her room.

Precap: Sanskar to hurt Swara??

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