Swasan- His love Her Strength (chapter 10)

Chapter 10

“Sat Shri Akal” came a voice from the entrace and all looked towards him while a man with a turban and beard was standing there folding his hands in the order of greeting.

Everyone looked at him with a questionable look.

“Ji myself San.. Sandeep Sethi. I am here to meet Swara Madam G.” He said coming inside stepping down the stairs.

Sujata: Kyn chore thane mari bahu se ke kaam hai?? (Why? What work u have with my dil?)

Ram: Sujata.. he is guest stop this.(he said glaring her).

Sujata shrugged her shoulders while Ram asked him to sit down while Ap and Dp was seeing all this standing far away.

Sujata: Uttara Swara neeche aa jao. Koi aya hai… (said sujata eying the man while he shifted uncomfortably with her staring..)

Swara came down with uttara.

Sandeep stood up from the seat seeing Swara and Uttara coming down.

Sandeep: Mam i am your new P.A.

Swara nodded and asked him to be comfortable around.

She knows he is going to stay with them as per Sanskar’s orders.

She already have asked servant to clean the room for him and she asked him to take rest and meet her after an hour.

He nodded and was all the time eying her lustfully.. swara was trying to ignore his gaze while it didnt go unnoticed by Sujata.

He forwarded his hand to Swara but instead Sujata came and shaked his hand with him.

Sujata: Haha. Ho gya ja aram kr le..
(She said glaring him)… aur haan mahri bahu se 10 feet ki duri par rehna.. mahre chore ko pata chala na zinda na bachega tu.. (she whispered last part only to him, he gulped listening to this and nodded).

Everyone left the hall..

Swara and uttara was walking in the corridor while uttara recieved a call and excused herself while swara moved forward..

But soon she was pulled by someone in her room.. she was scared and was about to shout while someone closed her mouth from behind covering with his palm.. she started to sweat (facing the wall).. she felt someone kissing her on side of neck.. she started to move and remove the hand from her mouth but the grip was strong..

The person bit her neck and she moaned in pain and pleasure in suprise to the person behind..

He was kissing her neck while she was moaning with closed eyes..

The person turned her around facing him.

“How can you do this?” Said the person angrily.

“Do what?” Asked swara innocently.

“Let any Stranger touch you like this.” Person gripped on her hand.

“I can if the person is my husband, Mr. Sandeep Sethi or Mr. SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.” She said with a smirk.

Sanskar started to rub his back of neck..

Sanskar: so you caught me?

Swara: ofcourse how can i fail to recognize you.

Sanskar smiled listening her words and kissed her forhead lovingly.

Sanskar: Thank god!! Otherwise mom was giving me warnings..
While swara chuckled thinking his condition.

Swara: Vaise I am angry.. you didnt tell me you will come? (She pouted).

Sanskar: thought to surprise you. (He said pecking her pout).

She blushed

Swara: but sanskar you injuries… are you fine?? Your bandages? (She asked being concerned touching her forhead and arm.)

Sanskar: I am fine Swara.. (she glared at him) sachi baba.. i am fine.. I asked doctor, he gave me permission and my wounds are much better.

Swara sighed in relief..

Swara: vaise someone told me how cute you are looking? (She said childishly)

Sanskar: No tell me how much? (Said naughitly wrapping his arm around her waist)

Swara pulled his cheeks..

Swara: this much ki I can pull them whole time..( she again pulled his cheeks).

Sanskar hissed in pain.

Sanskar: Swara.. (rubbing his cheeks)

Swara: Solly.. (she said holding her ears).

He smiled and removed her hands from his ears and gently pecked the back of her hand.

They both were lost in each other’s eyes.

They came back to the world listening the sound of opening of door.

Sujata- Haye mahra ram g!! Yeh kya kr rha hai chore.. (she moved forward and pulled him back from his collar). I told you to stay away from her but you.. wait i will tell you . (Saying this she picked up the pillow).

Sanskar looked at Swara pleadingly while she smirked.

Swara: Mom see he was teasing me… (she faked cries while he looked at her in shock)..

Sujata suddenly hit him from behind with the pillow and was hitting him while he started to run in whole room..

Sujata:(running back of him): Ruk jaa mahri chori ko pareshan karega tu, aaj na chodongi tujje.

Listening ‘mahri chori’ from sujata.. swara becomes emotional and came towards her and hugged her from back and started to cry..

Seeing Swara like this, sujata was startled then became angry while he was also shocked seeing her firstally she was laughing and suddenly started to cry..

He came towards her worridely while in return sujata hit him on his shoulder while he screamed in pain..

Sanskar: Mom wait.

Sujata was shocked to listen mom from his mouth and then on realising something her mouth turned in ‘O’ shape.

Sujata- Sanskar.. tu yahan?

Sanskar nodded still in pain.

While swara departed herself from sujata and moved hurridely towards him and held him from shoulder.

Swara: is it paining too much? Wait who said you to come here? Idiot.. m sorry only because of me you got hit.. if i have not done this..(she said shedding tears).

Sanskar: ssh ssh.. swara see i am fine. Its nothing.. calm down baba (he wiped her tears and hugged her).

Sujata: chore tu thk hai na? (Sujata asked coming out of shock).

He nodded and sujata hugged him on another side.
He kissed her forhead.

“Wah wah family moment hamare bina. See dad no one loves us.” Said uttara dramatically wiping her fake tears standing on the door with Ram..

Sanskar: Chup kar nautanki yahan aa..

Soon Ram and Uttara too joined the family hug..

Uttara: Vaise bhai if you were here then why did you called me before sometime and even didnt responded also? (She said mischeviously).

Sanskar remembered he called her to send her away from Swara..

He grinned like an idiot.

Sanskar: Ainwahi to tease you. (He said with a wink).

Uttara: me aur bhabhi?..

Sanskar glared at her and others laughed while Swara blushed.

Precap: New Entry? and Sanskar Angry?

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