SwaSan Love Strategy (Episode 1)


Hai all..
hope u like the story..happy reading!

A big mansion is shown..
with a huge backyard..
A girl is shown there wearing white full slev top and denim..
watering plnts..
all her hair are tangled to one straight french plat..and the curls at the end give her an endrowzing look..
lost in her own world..

—– * —– * SWARAS POV * —– * —–

Today is a another day..
c i m still here to just watch u..
but u..once u meet me then i ll show u..who is Mrs Maheshwari
but i really miss u alot..
i just wish u could be back..

—— *—– * —– * —– * —–

A old aged lady come their..and says beta come fast shes not getting up..
The girl is revealed to be swara..
S-g maa..comming..
and the lady is Ap!

Swara goes to a room..
which has full wall paintings of disney princess..
Sw-get up Sara beta..else u ll be late..
Sa-5 min maa..
Sw-no 5 min..get up now and get ready..
dadi dada is waiting for u..hurry up..
Sa-oky mom..
the lil girl slowly peeps a little from the blanket..
brown haze eyes..
fair complextion..
little sweet pink lips
and her face itself says how mischiveous is she..

Swara is making the room correct as our little sara made a mess..
slowly sara comes behind swara with tip top lep brech..
Sw-good morning beta..i know u woke…now go to dadi..she ll make u have bath..
Sa-aww..how can u get everytime that its me..
Sw-coz i m ur mom..
now go..run..
Sa-han wait..shona..
Sw-badmashh u call ur mom by name..
Sa-no nick name..
she goes to a table open a draw..and removes a small frame..
and says miss u papa..
love u bye..
and keeps it back in draw..
and closes it

Ap and Dp notice this and are in tears….
swara smiles at saa..
sara walk to ap and dp..
and hugs them
Dp-so my morning kiss?
Sara-offfhooo…u are so tall..so bend down..
she gives a pee on his cheeks..
and says gm dadu..
and she walks to ap..
takes a stool and climbs it..
and says
“pushpaa i hate tears..sara hates tears”
and ap laughs at her !

Ap and dp are on dinning table..
sara is sitting on chair..
and playing games in cell..
sw-beta..stop playing games and give the cell to ur chahu..
Sa-han maa..wait for sometime..
Sw-u are giving or no..
sara pouts at her dadu and dadi..
Dp-shes a kid beta..let her play…
Sw-no,..shes kid so only she should not play..

a voice choks from back..
its oky…my sara can play anything and everything she likes..
her chahu is their na..
yes,hes our laksh …the handsome dude with a superb personality..
the charm which he has makes all girl fall for him but he always fall for someone else..
Sa-thankyou chahu..and she shows tounge to swara..
Sw-chachu ki bachii..
u wait..let ur chahu go to office then i ll deal with u..
Sa-its oky..
take a chill pill shona..
u forgot about my chachi is also here..
Sw-i ll show u ..u wait there..
sara runs and hugs her chachi..
so shes our ragini..
dresses up in simple anarkali..
yet simple..but when shes wearigng it..have some different charm..
R-aww…yes,beta ur chachi is always here..
but dont u call me massi…i m ur massi first then chachi..
Sa-no no no ur my chweet chi bubly chi chachi..
i m very hungry ragu maa..
plzz my breakfast..
R-ragu maa?
laksh who was drinking water split it out and started caughing..
Sa-c my chachu also got..
Ap-what this new nick name..
Sa-its not new..its very old..
chahu calls chachi as ragu maa in room..
Sw-chup..badmassh..comewith me..
u are getting late for ur class..
if schools are finished that dosnt mean u acn always roam idel..
Sujatha comes there..
and says uff u both romance closing door..
dont forget that we have a small kid here..
and laughs..making raglak embrace..

all have a friendly family time..

l-lets go sara..i ll drop u today..come!
sa-me or mam..
Sa-vo na chachi..
L-nothing ragini..shes making us fight..
and yes,i ll meet ur mam..ragu get ready fast..u said u wanted to go to temple..we ll drop her first ..
R-han 5 min..
they drop sara too dance academy..
L-y did u reat like that?
R-like what?
L-like a typicall wife..
r-i m ur wife
l-no u know the realtion of rs then no need to act ragu maa
R-dont call me that dint u c..sara
L-han its oky..any way ur my frnd and being a frnd i have right to keep nick name to u..

Other side..
Swara reaches her office..
she goes to her cabin with the name plate..
Mrs Swara Maheshwari..
all greet her in office..
and our swara with a tone of attitude just says
morring morring..
she sees a boy their..
and stops and says ur fired..
Guy-what but why..
u cant just fire me without reason..
S-so u dare to talk to me in hig tone..dont indulge with me..got it..ur woring for maheshwari company..an this a fashion forum..where world best companies come to deal with us..and u..look at u..
ur untidy shoes..
(a full change over of attire and attitude )

Swara pointing to reena..send me the details of number of persons attending for interviw..of the post of PA today..
R-i ll mail u..

now whats the reason for swaras change of behaviour f swara
who is sara’s papa (v know it is obvi sanky0but where is he..
and y are raglak doing this drama of being hubby-wife..
to know more stay tuned..

Precap-depends on my shanpatti

do comment and let me know hows the story line..
and also few changes if u need


Credit to: crazy

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