swasan a love story by unknown epi 2

Hi everyone thanks for the comments and sorry for the mistakes and thank you asmaara khan for saying that it is AllahHafiz

In mumbai

dp is sitting in his cabin and thinking about his sons. He thinks one has made a mishap at home and other in world. He sees a parcel and thinks maybe from bhopsl He opens the parcel and sees a gift and letter in it.
He reads the letter :

Asalam valikum mamu

Yeh ek suraar hai when you will be afraid read this then you will calm down and today im going to dhargah to take devines blessings for you ….. AllahHafiz

* letter ends *

Dp smiles and thinks yeh swara bhi na to take blessing for me she is going to dargah

a girl is seen drapping a veil on her face and entering dargah. She goes inside the dargah and prays. Veil falls off from her face and her face is revealed (its our swara) . She prays in dargah for her mamu and for herself.

She speaks to Khawaja saheb that her mom says that

Swara : you know allah ammi says that you will be sending the best guy for me your laadli you will na (smiles).

She walks out of dargah and sees shomis missed calls on her mobile. She remembers that people are coming to see her. She runs towards the boat to go to her house.

On the other hand

Sharmishta and shekhar are worried that swara has not come yet. People inquire about her.

Shomi : she has gone to dargah to pray and will be coming soon.

The grooms mom : we havent much time ask her to come fast

ragini calls swara

Rag: di where are you the people have already come and inquiring about you. They have finished all the snacks.

Swara : im near i will come fast and how is shahil my would to be.

Rag : from when he has come till now he is watching your pic.

Swa : ok let him watch let him know how beautiful i am i will reach home soon.

Rag : AllahHafiz

Later …..

Shomi and shekhar are waiting for swara eagerly. Swara rides her bicycle fast and comes to her house. She sees her grandma and parents in distress as people have already left. They see swara shomi takes her to the terrace and ragini follows them

In mumbai

Ap is in kitchen preparing food. Pari and kavya come. She scolds them for quarreling and asks at least to think about their reputed family.

Pari : i dont want to live here with this sautan cant i go with adarshji

Kavya : so wont i and adarsh will go with me

Ap : i dont want my son to leave his house. Whoever wants can live here or can leave this house.

Pari and kavya say sorry to her.


In bhopal

Shomi scolds swara for coming late.

swara : you havent asked anything to me before proposal but still i agreed but you she could have asked my choice first.

Shomi: ok then what kind of guy you want

swara : always smiling (sanskar is shown smiling he reaches india ) smart intelligent can solve all the problems in a minute (then sanskar is shown again in the Customer officer the woman saying to pay lugguage duty above free limit. He takes all the extra clothes in his lugguage and starts wearing it. He asks the officer now? she says it is in free limit . ) helpfully to others ( sanskar is shown helping a pregnant woman ) and who loves his family a lotthats what i want in a boy she smiles

Shomi : so you need a guy just like you.

Swara: is the guy who came today like my description

Shomi : he is exactly like that

Then a call comes from inside swara shouts mamu !!!!! and goes exitedly inside

Swaragini and shomi chat with him dp says he is happy about shomi and shekhars decision and asks swara to trust her parents. Swara says ok. Dp says he is proud of swara and asks to show shahils pics to swara. shekhar joins them and say not to worry, he will show shahil’s pic to her tommorow . swara smiles

Next morning

Swara wakes up from her bed. Shomi enters into her room talking to shahils parents. She requests for shahil’s
pics. She informs swara that shahil’s parents have accepted the alliance. Swara is happy
Later …

Dp calls
Shomi and congrats both shekhar and Shomi. He inquires about the money for marriage expenses. Shekhar says he got the money and not to worry. Dp says swara is his daughter and he wants to gift her. Shomi says gift is ok. She wants him to come for the marriage. That will be swaras gift. Maid comes and informs dp that sanskar came. Shomi overhears this and asks if sanky has come. dp says yes and what if i cant sanskar can come na she says ok they hang up.

In mumbai

sanskar enters home. His mom asks him to stop there. She comes near him and recites dua on him and hugs. She asks about the results, dp comes and informs his son has come first in the college. They both open marks card. ap sees both marks card. She says both marks cards are fake. She says Mr. Watson has informed her what will sanskar be now Dp says he will be joining him in his hotel business. She goes. Sanky thanks his father for saving him. He hugs him. Dp says but im not joking about bussnise you have to join me sanky says i know dad and i will join u when i think its time dp leaves

adarsh and his wives come and greet sanskar. Sanskar hugs adarsh. He flirts with his sis-in-laws. To pari he says arre miss universe you are becoming more beautiful everyday and to kavys arre miss world are you becoming younger or older they both smile and leave

Sanskar comes and hugs his Chand bi. She is very happy. He gives her earings. She says to give it to his wife. She says god has made a good partner for him. Swara is shown praying Namaz then he says im not going to marry you know na im a free guy he smiles and leaves

Precap ; misundersanding and maybe swasan meeting

Hope you all liked it

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  1. hey it looks like beintaha
    please continue it was my fav serial

    1. Yes it is beintehaa storyline

  2. Hey its rlly suoerb track..i rlly liked it.continue

    1. Thanks

  3. Your welcome and nice i love beintehaa is good but alia and zain is awesome

    1. Thanks … I also like aaliya and zain a lot and their story … I also like swasan a lot and then this idea came in my mind

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