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Thanks for the comments and yes it is beintehaa storyline and in this ff swasan are muslim (islams) and islams are allowd to marry theyre cousins so here we go but before i start i want to say the storyline will be same but somethings will change :

In bhopal :

Shomi comes to shekhar and says

Shomi : shekhar ji shekhar ji they accepted the proposals (happy)

Shekhar : thats good shomi but we have to ask swara first na if she accepts it or not

Shomi : mujhe pata hai they are coming to see swara and then swara will dicide if she wants or not thik hai

Shekh : okey but have you told swara

Shomi : yes i have but now she has go somewhere bht she said she will come fast

Shekh : and have you telled it to dp ji

Shomi : arre ha main to bhool hi gai abhi bata ti hoon bhaijaan ko

Shekhar smiles

In mumbai :

Priya palace (name of sanskars house) :

A man in 60’s and a woman in 50’s come down (dp and ap) there is a meeting in the hoise they are busy in talking just then someone calls

Ap : you sit i will pick

She picks the call

Shomi : ashalaam valikum bhaijaan

Ap : Valikum asalaam …. im ap (unintrested tone)

Shomi : bhabi aap who mujhe bhaijaan se baat karni thi

Ap : he is busy now will call you later

Shomi : likin bhabi

Ap : i said na later (irritated)

Dp looks up and asks whose that

Ap : who its sharmishta

Dp smiles and takes the phone

Dp : asalaam valikum shomi

Shomi : valikum asalaam bhaijaan i wanted to say something to you

Dp : yes tell

Shomi : your laadli bhanji swara is getting married and i wanted to ask if you could come

Dp : wow thats good news but im realy busy i cant come but my son sanskar can come

Shomi : but sanskar is in londen na

Dp : yes but if i will ask him to come he will come surely

Shomi : haa who thik he

Dp : allahfish

Shomi : allahfish

Somewhere in londen :

Two guys (sanlak) are chatting and flirting with girls then a call comes on sanskars phone one of the girl sees that and its written darling

The girl slaps him : how dare you to cheat me .. She leaves and the other girl runs behind her

Lak : what was that yaar

San (holding his cheek) : i dont know he watches who is the caller

San (shocked) : oh shit its dad

Picks up the call

San : hi dad

Dp : hi bete where are you

San: in the classroom where else

Dp : oh ya turn your video on i want to see you sitting in classroom

San : dad you cant videochat in classroom

Dp : stop lying i know you arent in classroom turn video on i want to see you now

He leaves somwhere else and turns video on

San : hi dad

Dp : so whats going on there

On the other hand mr watson calls (teacher of sanskar )

Mr watson : your son is so irresponsible mr maheswari he doesnt even study he is just intrested in girls

On the other and sanskar says

San : whole days studies what else

Dp : so you have topped

With mr watson

Mr : he just failed so many times he has snatched the honor of our college

He hangs up witj mr watson

Now only with sanskar

San : yes dad i just topped the whole college that mr watson just could get a heart attack of shock

Dp : i believe you … So when you are going to come back i want to hug and congragulate

San : i too want to hug you dad i will come when you ask to

Dp : tommorow

San: ok dad

He hangs up

In mumbai

In dp’s office ( where he called sanky)

Dp : ek bete ne ghar me band baja rakha he (adarsh and his 2 wives) aur ek bete duniya mein khuda khair kare

Precap; intro of swara and misunderstanding begins

Hope you liked it

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  2. its beintehaa story

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  4. Is AllahHafiz not allahfish plz respect i dont mind to heart you but ap samaj sakty hogy

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    hey is it the story line of beintahaa na but will ne loved 2 see in swasan style

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