SWASAN- A love story (teaser-1)

Hello everyone. I am sorry i could not post another chapter today but i will give you a glance of future events.


Sahil was presenting flowers to swara.

Sahil : I have always love you. Will you accept me.

Swara was laughing and then said.

Swara : yes yes sure.

A person who is watching it is no other than sanskar. He fumes in anger and goes from there.

Swara : I am sure sahil if you say it to kavita she will accept.


Sanskar is sitting in a dark room. He is filled with anger.

Sanskar : NO swara i wil not let you go. You are for me. I love you madly.You have to become mine.


Sanskar is forcefully doing pheras by grabbing swara’s hand tightly. She is crying continuously.

Sanskar : Now no one could seperate us. You will be mine forever.

Swara (crying and shouting) : Leave me. I hate you.


Swara is crying vigorously in the corner of room.


So here’s the teaser. Pardon me for mistakes and please do comments. I meant me alot.

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  1. So thepromo part is coming soon
    Waiting eagerly post soon dear

    1. Lizza

      sure 🙂

  2. Awsome teaser

    1. Lizza

      Thanks 🙂

  3. DivzS

    I’m really missing your ff, and you give a teaser, to spoil the suspense and fun… ?

    1. Lizza

      Dont worry the actual story will start after the teaser part 😀

  4. interesting teaser..continue soon..

  5. Rabia

    Ooooo soo now sanskar is going to become an obsessed ??awesome dear

  6. Deeksha

    Ohhhh god….!!!!! Sanskaar to marry swara forcibly….!!!!!! Omg….!!!!! Now I want the next part soon…..!!!!!!

  7. Eagerly waiting

  8. Mica

    swasan force marriage ? huh! let swara cry, but we are happy! omg! 😀

  9. Tulina

    Post the next part soon…

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