Swasan – its our love story episode 5


Sankar POV

I m not interested in marriage because I know all girls are cheaters ?? selfish and for this I hate girls
I know mom hurt with my behavior but i have not other option I can’t tell my past to mom ???
Some flashes of flashback comes into mind
One girl laugh hahaaa Sanskar u want to my boy Frnd huhhh how dare to even think blo*dy fool and another girl voice come ohhh I allow u to make my boy friend but first show me ur dance skill hmmm mmm haan poll dance Hahahaaaa

He closes his ear tightly so that he can stopped that voices
He angry break table and the things with this blood comes from his hands
He sat quietly and starts crying and says I hate girls they r selfish they Dont have feeling they r just users

Ragini angry with swara because swara spents her full month pocket money in just one day ??? now ragini cursing how she should ready for the treat And moreover how she allows swara for giving order??? but Swara only knows about her silk chocolates yes she bought 10 silk chocolate in the sake of dessert???
With this both enter into class and in class also discussion on about karma company ragini again comes into exicitment mode but swara feels bored
With this teacher give surprise that 15 students meet Mr Sanskar personally in the introduction segment all class happy and excited but in class two people’s are fully nervous yes u r correct that r swaraj and ragini

Swara – hey bhagvaan g plzzz I Dont want to meet Mr .maheshwari I only wants to meet Varun dhwan and mahesh babu (south superstar) plzz?????? god I Dont have no no not even 0000.00001% interest in that maheshwari huhhh ho gaaaa koi budhaa?????
Ragini – plzzzz god help me plzzz my name come I want to meet Mr .maheshwari?? plzzzzz god ??
Atleast shona got selected and two hearts broke down again correct ???? broken girls r swaragini _????
Ragini – ohhh god my first chance gone I think I wanna go impressed Mr maheshwari but ???
Swara- ohhhh god all hots men die Jo aap shona KO kisi company ower se milvaa rhe hoo huh huh???

Immmm so sooooo sooooo sorry for late Dont get confuse I’m ur pk ☺☺☺☺ aacha tell me u like dialogues or this kind of story like in para
Frankly today I Dont know what I write because I’m in sleepy mood 3 times my ff got deleted and time it not submitted hope u understand

Precap – swasan meeet ???? with hungama ???

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    1. Piyu

      Thankuuu anu ????

    1. Piyu

      Thankuu pbutt894????

  1. Its awesome ???and Sanskar past ??? i m scaring can’t wait for next part ???post soon and I want dialogue ????plzzz shona character is sooo funny so plzzz its req always write shona’s dialogue☺☺☺

    1. Piyu

      Hahaaa okk nisha I write swara funny dialogue ?? and dont scared from Sanskar past ☺☺☺ and thanks for appreciating ??????

    2. Piyu

      Niha no worry I post next part asap ???????????????

  2. Amazing but y u r write short part yrr plzzz write big part ???? and I want more funny swasan convo as u shown in promo ????and I want big part also ☺☺☺☺

    1. Piyu

      Yaaa kittu I try my best to write long part and u want more funny scenes ??? ohkk I give next part full to swasan scene ???? thanks for commenting dear ?????

  3. Tamanna

    Awesome…. Waiting for next one

    1. Piyu

      Thankuu soo much tamanna?????????

    1. Piyu

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  4. Dharani

    very nice

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      Thankuuu dharani ????

  5. Awesome..but a short part..update soon

    1. Piyu

      Thankuu sooo much mahjabeen????next part Will be long ☺☺☺ and yaa update soon

  6. Niku

    Piyu it’s awesome dear…when ever I read ur ff I m just laughing dear…ty so much for that….

    1. Piyu

      Thankuuu sooo much niku ??? love u dear keep commenting??????????

  7. Vyshu10

    nice….seems like u r a big mahesh fan

    1. Piyu

      Thankuu vyshu10 ??? heheee yeah??????

      1. Vyshu10

        are u a telugite?

    2. Piyu

      No I’m Punjabi ??i watched his dub movie ?????

      1. Vyshu10

        oh like that….nice?

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