Swasan – its our love story episode 4

From now I Dont drag story within 2 -3 episode swasan first meet ??????
Sujata- plzzzz chora agree kar jaa
Sanskar – mom now havan what’s dis u know naa I Dont believe in God only for u I come here (temple) and now this ??
Sujata- its for me beta but its kk we cancel havan let’s go now
Sanskar sees sujata face then change his decision he agree for havan and sujata become double happy ??? after 45 min havan continue its last step of havan Pandit – these are flowers u put each flower in this kund (havan ) after my mantra
Sanskar agree but just a last flower remaining Pandit says after this ur marriage done within a year ,Sanskar shocked????
Sanskar – what marriage ??? mommm what’s dis he throw that flower away from havan
Sujata- chora last flower tha vo ??? what u done beta
Sanskar – enough mom from now even if u do ur emotional overacting then also I Dont agree ????
Saying this Sanskar goes
Sujata to Pandit
Sujata- naaa u Dont keep quite for 2 mins more itnaa to mantra bol rhe the shadi vali baat bolni zarori thii ??? shant nhi rhe sakte the ????or abb where’s that flower now I put that flower in kund
Pandit – no only ur son or girl who wants to marry only those will put flower inside kund that are not ordinary flowers that are fully mantra covers flower and if that flower is not entered then this havan will failed
Sujata – hey Mara ram g khaaa dhundo abb usko (flower)
Suddenly she hears horn sounds in continuity
Sujata- now whos that duffer??
Horn person- mom let’s go hurry up ??
Sujata- je duffer to Mara beta haiii ???
Sujata goes to Sanskar
In car
Sujata- Sanskar dekh I know u angry with me but please vo last flower to daal deta??
Sanskar- enough mom now get down
Sujata- huhhh ?????
Sanskar leaves her in maheshwari mention and he goes to his company

Dida drinks coffee and read newspaper and then something happens that she stopped doing both activities , no because of shona??? don’t blame her every time??? this time is ragini ,yes ragini because of shona lecture towards ragini that she is boring type so ragini change herself into funky shunky ????
Dida – ragini aaj college me fansy dress competion hai kyaa????
Ragini feels embraced -??? no dida nothing like that
Dida – then y u become parrot ???
Ragini -???dida no its fashion ??
Dida – I Dont think to become parrot is fashion ?????
In this shona come
Shona – ?????? ragu ?????
Ragini – ???awwww mera shona ??
Shona – ????u won best price in fashion completion????
Dida split out coffee and start laughing ????
Ragini – huhhh stupid idiot from which angle u think I’m going to fashion dress competition ???
Shona – from ur clothes it look like u promote
Clean India
Green India ??????
Ragini – huhh ??? im going clg I think u are not ready
Shona – ???im ready see ???? she turns around with twist her leg for bending to say thankuu ???
Ragini – huh u r sooo boring swara ??
With this she go outside
Shona- dida she took my Wording so seriously
Dida – hmmm mirchi kahin kii ??? I Dont like ur Frnd she has so attitude ??
Shona – didaaaa???
Dida – heheeee but really she really has attitude ptta nhi ye tujh jaisi kyoun nhi haii
Shona- bec ????there is only one shona ?????
With this she also run beside ragini
Shona – ragu I want to temple
Ragini – for what
Shona- from next month our college exam are starts naa then seminar so
Ragini – ohhh u go to pray for exams
Shona- yes???? because only god saves me from that devils
Ragini – uff Chlo yrrr
Ya ya that’s same temple where sansu (sankar+sujata ) come ???
Both doing pray ????
Shona- hey mere prabhu
Hey mere praan adhaar
Lagado meri naiya paar
Exams aa rhe haii
Plzzzz mujhe karaa denaa pass?

Ragini – hoo gyaaa abb chle
Shona – yoooo with this she wink to god for help ???? plzzzz kraa Dena pass
Shona saw red color flower near stairs and ran towards that and she pick that flower??and ragini shouts
Ragini – Dont tell me now u pick this flower
Shona – y u always scolds me ??
Ragini – shona come We r getting late and now Dont play with flowers
Shona – huhhh play ???? with this she throw flower and flower go into kund ???? and withis havan success
Both goes to college
Ragini – shona u see
Shona – hmm ragu my eyes r perfectly fine so I clearly see????
Ragini – idiot see there soo much crowd
Shona – where where???
Ragini – idiot information corner
Shona – kahin hamara principal tapak (dead) tu nhi gyaaa ???
Ragini – shut up ??
They both go to information corner ,after reading news
Ragini – wowww????? yayieeee she starts dancing
Shona – good news ???
Ragini – hmmmm
Shona – I told u princi tapak gyaa???
Ragini stops dancing hearing shona words
Ragini – idiot ?? huhhh u know karma company gives us training with jobs it’s best ever placement and best ever opportunity????
Shona – ufff ??? I think princi huhh but enough okkk chlooo let’s go to canteen isi baat par I want treat from u
Ragini – okkk today I give u

To be continue ……………..

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