Swasan – its our love story episode 3

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Episode -3
Night is not quite nor peaceful for both the family ???where sujata irritates Sanskar with marriage topic and other side two people take class of one single person ?? I know u understood???yaa the person is swara and two people are shomi and ragini ???

Night 11
Swara POV (point of view )
Ohhh god they both again started ?? I Dont understand what I did so big that they r giving lecture from 5 hours???? even now I Dont remember where the lectures start?? really its like speech ???
Swara POV ends????
Shomi – swara where u lost ??? r u understand what we r saying ??
Shona- mom?? Dont give this look mai dar jati hoon??(she said in full dramatic way ?)
After listening this dialogue dida suppresses her lough????
Shomi – swara today I Dont leave u y Dont u understand ???
Shona to herself – huhhh from 5 hrs u kept me here ???and still saying u Dont leave me ??? ufff bade log
Shomi – swara y u always lost whenever I teach u lesson shona nods her head in no
??? shomi continues see ragini she is just perfect every mother wants daughter like her and in future I also bet every husband want wife like ragini .
Shona give weird look ??and ragini blushes??
Ragini- aunty kyaaa app bhi☺☺☺
Shona- ???????????????(after shomi wordings shona sees ragini and think about every husband wants wife like her then she starts laughing she do this 5-6 times and this activity break by shomi )
Shomi – what’s dis y u behave like this
Shona – mom ?? how can u even thought every boy wants girl like ragini
Ragini – ???Howwww what problem in me???
Shona- u r soo boring ragini no hubby wants his wife would be boring
Shomi ,ragini ,Dida listen her words like she gives winning speech?????
Shona wordings continueHuhhhh every hubby wants his wife will be noughty romantic and always in chargeable mood

In n… ????shomi stops her✋✋✋✋✋
Shomi – its enough now already its 12 soo let’s sleep ragini u come with me shona u sleep with dida
Shona – okkk maaa gud night ???
Dida room
Dida -hahaaa shoru u r sooo noughty
Shona – understood ??? noughty and me no dida I’m going to sleep
Dida – chup karu dramebaaz ,aacha tell me which kind of husband u want
Shona- kind ????? huhhhh dida gud night naaaa plzzzzzz I only say those line to stop lecture ???
But inside she blush and she cover her face with sheet and dreaming her would be hubby dream ???

Maheshwari mension
Sujata – ???? Sanskar je kyaaa ????
Sanskar- what happen mom
Sujata- U wore formal suit ??????
Sanskar- sooo what we going temple naaa
Sujata- vahii tu huhhh change right now wear some traditionalSuits beta
Sanskar- ????mom , noways
Sujata- ?????? theek haiii mat maan maari baat huhhh now u grow up y uListen me ?????
Sanskar- ohkk mom????? I wear that Dont do drama at least in morning ??
Sujata- ??? maara beta
Sanskar to himself mom naaa fully dramebazz haii hope she didn’t do any wrong intension in temple ????
Sanskar – mom what’s did u gave me dhoti ???? I’m sitting in car u go mandir ???
Sujata- kitnaaa cute lag rhaaa haii tu hurry up
Sanskar- ???mom cute huh no I’m not coming
Sujata – to herself hey mara ram g if he is not ready then ??
Sanskar – mom what r u think ing
Sujata starts her drama – chora if u r not going then I also not going ???? so what if we Dont take blessing from god ????so what if we come to temple but dont go inside ????
Sanskar – ????????Stop it mom let’s go vese u do overacting I clear saying ???
Sujata- heheee choraa chal chal we r getting late

After saying this she holds aarthi thaal and ran inside temple
Sanskar ??haddd haiii
He also go inside temple and take blessing from god
Sanskar – mom let’s go we r getting late
Sujata- chorra wait for while ??
Sanskar- mom I have meeting and now what??
Sujata- h h havan
Sanskar – whatt????????????

Hiiii guyssss sorry for late update and I know its not up to urs expectation but just wait for while swasan scenes comming soon????

Precap – Sanskar POV about marriage swara and ragini fight ???

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