Swasan – its our love story episode 2

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Episode – 2
After cut sujata call Sanskar call raj (his PA)
Sanskar- raj informs colleges that our company give training with placement to their students soon
Raj – ohkk sir

Alive college
Shona and ragini sit in class and shona
Shona – ragini let’s go canteen naa I’m hungry ???
Ragini- I know shona its ur drama because u Dont want to attend this lecture
Shona- ??? u r my true friend if u know the reason then plzz bunk this lecture plzzzz????
Ragini- ??? stop ur drama u know naa I Dont bunk this lec I love accounts its my fav subject?????
Shona- huhhh dekhli Teri dosti Yaari ??
Ragini – really stop ur drama and Dont distrub me I’m doing sum
Shona -???????????? dost dost naaa rahaaaa
In this accounts sir comes
Students -good morning sir
Sir – morning students I have surprise for u
Students- surprise????
Sir- yeah so students ready for surprise
Students- yes
Sir – then close ur books and open it sheets its ur surprise test??
Students- ???
Shona- ????ragini I told u bunk marte haii but u ?????ideaaa
While listen shona shouts all class like ???????
Sir – what happen swara
Shona- sir I have stomach pain ??? u know I Dont eat from yesterday night now I can’t wait for food ????
Sir – ????dont do drama and y u Dont eat food
Shona afraids after seeing sir reaction but still she continue
Shona: sir I’m busy in doing ur sums ??? I Dont even realize when its morning come
Ragini-????? zhootiii number 1
Sir- ohhh shonaa plzz Dont cry but first show me ur notebook first
Shins??- u Dont believe me sir
Sir – I believe u after all u ragini best frnd but its just formality
Ragini – betaa phasiii tu????
Shona snatch ragini notebook and give to teacher
Sir – ?????? shonaaa I Dont believe u do these sums I’m proud u beta ?????
Shona- sir now can I go to canteen (she asked by making puppy face)
Sir – yes but listen
Shona afraids
Shona – yes sir
Sir- Dont skip meal for study first comes health
Shona- sure sir
With this she runs away to kitchen while ragini fumes in anger??????
Sujata again calls Sanskar
Sujata- beta u remember naa ur going temple with me
Sanskar – yes mom I remember
Sujata- ???awww mera beta aacha come soon
Sanskar- mom we go tomorrow naaa then Dont disturb me plzzz mom I m doing imp work
Sujata- ohhh abb mujhse zaida bhi important work haii????
Sanskar- mom plzz I want to meeting see u night and he cuts the call
Sujata- meraaa phn cut kardiyaa???
She tries again but now phn is switch off?
Sujata- ekbaar je choora ghr aaye then I told him
After lec ragini runs to canteen and after seeing swara her anger become double
Ragini- I Dont leave her ???huhh yesterday I tell her 2chapters completed sir may be takes test but she said

Ragini calls shona
Ragini- hiii swara what’s up
Swara- nothing yrr just watching shinchan??
Ragini- duffer???? I warning u 2 chapters completed in mid test only 5 ch will come I think now sir will take test
Sooo do study not wasting time
Swara- Dont say shinchan is wasting of time ????? and test huh vo budha I’m not afraid from him ??
Ragini- huhh after watching shinchan u also become shameless ohkk Dont study if sir takes test I Dont help u
Swara- huh swara Dont need anyone help and I know all about accounts??? us budhe(oldy) se to zaida aata haii??
Ragini- whatever ??
—————flashback ends————

After reached canteen
Ragini -???????ihate this girl omg ???? she order sooo many things She goes to swara
Ragini – u stupid idiot lazy person huhhh how dare u
Swara try to say but she said nothing dont confuse her mouth filled with many stuff
Swara- mmm gni gni ?????she even dont say ragini??
Ragini – what the hell ??and whats dis how u order soo many things
Swara- gni gni after eating that filled stuff?? only 6 items ragini that is hakka noodles ?? that is dry manchurian??that is spring roll??that is juice that is burger and this bhel puri ????
Ragini – huhhhhh aaagahhhh im going i dont talk u
Swara- ragu dont do overacting now okk u go now vese bhi i dont give my food i come to u after finished food???
Sanskar reached home finally???
Sujata- its 11 and u come now ???
Sanskar- im sorry mom ?? i know im early naa ???
Sujata- huhhh come lets dinner , vese u remember naa we go to tempke
Sanskar -???

Hiiii guyss love u alot ????? really and tell me u want any special thing in my story ?

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