SWASAN- A Love Story (Chapter 7)

Hello everyone. Sorry for uploading late. I have wrote a chapter earlier but before uploading it was deleted accidently. So lets start the chapter.


Sanskar is watching swara from his office.

Sanskar : I love you so much swara. You don’t know how much I love you. I don’t know how to tell you. What if you don’t accept me. How I will live without her? (suddenly he fidgets and becomes worried) No swara no I will not let this happen ever. You are mine. I love you so much. I will shower so much love on you that you will also love me. (he smiles) Now I want to meet you.

He calls swara in his office.

Sanskar : Swara these are the files regarding to our new project with Mehra’s. Make a presentation regarding it.

Swara : Ok sir. (to herself) Huh this evil man always gives me so much work. I will kill him next time.


Ragini : Papa you told to me meet that man in the restaurant but he did not come. Now I will not marry such a person who do not come on time.

Shekher : I don’t remember that you have ever been punctual.

Ragini : Papa I thought you are on my side (pouts)

Shekher : He is very good person. He came that day but could not find you also. Durga Prasad ji told me about it. Now I have decided to invite them on tea in upcoming Friday.

Ragini : Ok papa lets see what surprise you have saved for me.


Swara was lost in her work while sanskar was watching her from his office.

Sanskar (to himself) : I cant let me away from you swara. I cant live without you. I should call you in my office.

He calls her to his office. Swara knocks the door and enters.

Sanskar : Swara did you finish that project.

Swara (to herself ) : WHAT?? WHICH PROJECT?? I think he lost his senses. He did not give me any work. Uh Is he saying about that project which he gave me in the morning. Urrghh what he thinks about me I am a robot? How could I do work of 1 week in 1 hour ? Now I am getting angry.

Swara( angry) : You gave me that project only 1 hour ago. How could I do it until now? If it was very urgent then why did not you do it yourself? You stupid.

Sanskar : If I had to do work myself then why I would have employed you.

Swara (angry) : Then why did you employ me? I don’t ask for it.

Sanskar : Now you will complete that project with me that too today. (to himself) This is the only way to keep you with me swara.

Swara : WHATT?? (to herself) Now I have to bear him whole day . NO no I already hate him very much. What if I snap his neck?

Swara : No I will do it myself.

Sanskar : No you will do it with me and that is final. I do not believe you to do any sensible work. And besides that project is very important to this company.

Swara (pouts) :OK


Swara was engrossed in her work while sanskar was continuously watching her.

Swara(to herself) : I am working since morning. I have not even took a break. Now I am tired. I will not do it anymore. Besides this devil is so irritating.

Swara : Sir there is a little work remaining beside. We will finish it tomorrow.

Sanskar : No we will finish it now.

Swrara (angry) : I am doing it since morning. I did not even took a break for it. Now I will not do it. I am tired. You have not even do not even help me and just sitting on the chair. If you have so much problem then do It yourself I am going.

Sanskar : Now you would tell me what I should do or not?

Swara : Why would I tell you what to do? You don’t do anything other than sitting on the chair.I am going now. I don’t want to see you.

Sanskar becomes angry he grabs her arm and says in a dangerously low voice.

Sanskar : You are not going anywhere. You will be here till we complete this work.

Swara becomes scared but also angry. Sanskar then leaves her and goes to his desk and swara also sits on her chair.
Swara (to herself): Huh I hate him. I will surely kill him one day.

She goes back to her work but to her surprise sanskar took the laptop and all files regarding that project from her and starts doing it himself.

Sanskar (to himself) : No swara I will not let you to go away from me. This is the only way to keep you with me.


Swara was sleeping in her room and noodle was sleeping beside her. Suddenly her phone rang but she did not wake up. Her phone rang again and again and finally she woe up.

Swara : Urghh what is the problem with this phone. Who is disturbing my sleep.

She picks up the phone.

Swara : Hello who is there to disturb my sleep.
Other side: Uff swara how much you will sleep.

Swara : Sahil you always calls when I am sleeping. Don’t you like me to sleep?

Sahil : Swara now its very important matter (pouts)

Swara: Ok tell. Did any witch come to your room?

Sahil : No no it is even bigger then this. You know what kavita’s dad have choose a proposal for her.

Swara :WHATTT??? You are lying na?

Sahil : NO I am serious. Dad told me about it that Maheshwari’s have sent proposal for her daughter.

Swara : Haww she don’t tell me. Now I am angry with her (pouts)

Sahil : Swara listen my problem is so big. I don’t want to die as bachelor.

Swara : Sahil don’t even think of me.

Sahil : Uff Swara why I would think of a tornado like you. It was kavita.

Swara(happily) : Aww I knew it you feels for her. YAAYYY I was right.

Sahil : Now control I want to marry her and I am gonna propose her. But I need your help. You know na if I ask ragini for it then she will make my plan flop as always.

Swara : Hahaha ok.

Precap : Teaser part.

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