SWASAN- A love story (chapter 6)

Hello everyone. Thanks you all for your comments and keep commenting. Here is another chapter.

As usual swara goes to her office and when she enters the sanskar’s cabin, he says.

Sanskar : 30 seconds late. Will you ever get the habit of being punctual ?

Swara : No I don’t think so because all the world’s punctuality is with you, so there is nothing remains for me.

Sanskar ( a bit angry) : Stop your nonsense. I do not pay you for your stupid talks. I called you there because I wanted to tell you to come with me in MEHRA’S party at 6 tonight. It is an official party and we will discuss about deal with him in this party.

Swara (annoyed) : Sure sir.

Then swara goes to her cabin, she does her all work quickly as it was less. Then she sat on the chair and thought.

Swara (to herself) : Agrrhhh…Now what to do. This stupid insane have all employs like him who only work and work. No one befriend with me. Me lonely (with pouting face).

Then she sits on the chair and rolls it while saying “YAAY”. Sanskar who was watching her was smiling to see her.

IN THE 6:00

Sanskar and swara goes towards their destination. During the whole journey she continued to irritate sanskar by making sound by rolling of lips “BBBOOO” and sometimes by singing songs. Sanskar remains his angry face and scold her sometimes but she is swara, how could she listen her? In his heart sanskar really enjoyed this journey. His feeling are growing as the flames of candle of love burning more and more. Finally they reached their destination. They both went inside. It was the full party scene.They discuss the deal with Mr. Mehra then joined the party. Sanskar was busy with meeting the people while swara who was getting bored goes to the bar corner.

Swara : One orange juice please.

There another man comes on the same time and asks for drink. The man gets a call and goes from there and the waiter mistakenly gives the wine to swara. Swara while drinking.

Swara : Why it is so sour ? (with pout face) Maybe they have added more oranges (laughs) Its so tasty I will drink more yumm yummm.

Swara goes to bar corner and says.

Swara : Give me this juice more. Its so tasty.

Waiter gives her another glass of wine. She drinks one after and other glass and now was not in her senses.

She goes to the dance floor and start dancing. A man comes and asks her for dance.

Man : Will you dance with me ?

Swara : What if I say no?

Man : Nothing.

Swara : ok then no.

She continues to dance. Then sanskar eyes suddenly searches for her and they finds her on dance floor.

Sanskar : I know she is very mad girl but why is dancing weirdly.

He goes towards her and got to know that she is drunk.

Sanskar : Swara!! You are drunk.

Swara : Who are you?

Sanskar : Your boss.

Swara : Awww my boss I do not do your work. Hehehe, Now I remember why your neck seems to have an attraction for me.

Sanskar (confused) :Why?

Swara : Because I always wants to snap it (laughs)

Sanskar (in mind) : OMG I really underestimate her. She is totally mad.

Sanskar : Swara you need to go to your house. Come.

Swara : No I wants to dance. You should also drink that orange juice its so tasty yumm yummm.
Sanskar : (to himself) so she drinks wine thinking it of juice. Uff this girl is so crazy.

Sanskar : Swara lets come.

Swara : No I will……….

Suddenly she vomits and that too directly on sanskar’s coat 😛 After emptying her stomach she looks towards sanskar who was looking at her with an ‘O’ expression.

Swara (meekly) :Sorry 😀

Sanskar : Swara what you have done?

Swara : Sorry I did not mean it I always wanted to snap your neck but not wanted to do this.

Sanskar graps her by arm and takes her towards washroom. He changes her coat and wash his clothes then says.

Sanskar : Swara if you wants to vomit more then do it in wash basin not on me.

Swara innocently shook her head. Then he took her in his car.

Sanskar : Swara tell me where is your house.

Swara (drunk) : No I will not what if you breaks into my house and rob it.

Sanskar : Swara ! Shutup now tell me the way.

Swara : Ok but first stop the car.

Sanskar : (confused) Why ? Are you alright?

Swara : Yup I wanted to dance. The weather is so good.

Sanskar : Swara! You are really mad you know.

Swara was slowly falling into sleep.

Sanskar : Swara no don’t sleep. Firstly tell me the way.

But she is swara she did not listen to him even if she were drunk. She falls into sleeps . Sanskar looks her deeply and his heart gains abnormal rhythm.

PRECAP : Swara in sanskar’s house.


So guys i have done with another chapter. Hope you like. Please comment about this episode and you can also give your suggessions.

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  1. Now its going to be fun swara drunk hehehehe

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    Loved it lizza…. Just loved it… What to say???? That Dancing and voimiting and all…. Were just awesome….. Continue soon…..

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    Lizzaaaa… update soon…or i’ll send crazy Swara to you!

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    1. Lizza

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    1. Lizza

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    Thnk u for d cuteee couple n d chappy too …. love it…thnk u…

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    1. Lizza

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