SWASAN- A love story (chapter 5)

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Swara reached her office and gors to her cabin. After sometime sanskar calls her to his office. She goes there and knocks the door and get in.

Sanskar : Today we will go to attend the meeting for new project. Come i will explain you all about the project as you are going to represent it.

Swara (monologue) : Ugrrhhh i hate to see his face and now i have to see it whole day. His neck has an attraction for me to snap it .

She goes to his desk and sit on chair silently. Sanskar started to explain her about project. During whole time her eyes were on papers while his eyes were on her.

Sanskar (monologue) : Control sanskar what are you doing? What is happening to you ?

Finally he make her understand about the project.

Sanskar : So the meeting is on 12 o’clock at Khurana’s Industries. I hope you will prepare presentation till then.

Swara : (makes faces) yes sir.

AT 11:30

Sanskar calls swara to his office.

Sanskar : SO now we will leave.

They went out of the office and heading towards car. Sanskar sits on the driving seat while swara was just going to the back seat when sanskar says.

Sanskar : Excuse me i am not your driver. Come and sit in the front.

Swara : uh sure. Actually you are just looking like a driver so i accidentally assume it.

Sanskar ( angry) : How dare you to say like that?

Swara (angry) : Dont call my dare into question? I can do things that even you cant imagine.

Sanskar get out of the car and grab her from her arm and says.

Sanskar : Now show me what you can do (angry).

Swara was becoming more and more angry.

Sanskar grip on her arm increases and he again says.

Sanskar ( angry) : What do you think of yourself ? How you could even dare to insult me ?

Swara was hurting due to his strong grip on her arm and says.

Swara (angry) : Leave me!!

Sanskar : Why ? Now where your dareness go ? Cant it not even help you to release yourself ?

Swara : just shut up! I will kill if you dont leave me you idiot. You stupid. You dont even have brain. Leave my arm or i will grab your neck.

Sanskar becomes angry and take her arm at the back of her and she cries in pain then she says.

Sanskar (low dark voice) : listen to me carefully. I have resisted your nonsense many times but if now you will do it then i will make you regret. Get it?

Swara does not reply she was having pain then he shouts in very high voice.

Sanskar (shouts) : GET ITT!!

Swara becomes afraid by sudden high voice and slightly nodded her head. Then sanskar leaves her.

Sanskar then saw her face and his heart seems to bounce out of his ribs.

Sanskar (to himself) : Did i hurt her so much ? I should not do this. Her eyes seems to be wet. Its hurting me i dont know why ?

Swara goes to the passenger seat then sanskar gets out of his thoughts and go to the driver seat. Their jouney passed in silence.

Swara (to herself) : How dare he to shout like this? No one scold me like this before. I hate him. I hate him truly.

Finally they reached to their destination. They get inside and reach the meeting hall. Swara gave presentation and the whole time Sanskar’s eyes were on her. His heart gets a new beating rhythm that he could not understand. Whereas swara did not see him once. She was sad. And her heart seems to fill with hate for sanskar. What will destiny writes for the do opposite persons with opposite feelings for each other ?

Soon the meeting ends and sanskar wons the project. While returning sanskar noticed his finger marks on her arm. He fes sad inside. He go to get the first aid kit from the car and grab swara’s hand.

Sanskar (while appling ointment ) : I am sorry i did not mean it. ( he said in a cold voice)

Swara : huh ok. (To herself) He did not even know to say sorry. He is saying it in a way like it was all my fault.


Ragini was waiting for the person who her father chooses for marriage. On the other side laksh was also searching for the girl he assumed to marry. They both collide each other.

Ragini : cant you see when you walk?

Laksh : i would also like to ask same question.

Ragini : you blind.

Laksh : and you are mental who accused others.

Ragini : see you dont know who i am.

Laksh : and i am not even interested.

Ragini : get out of my sight.

Laksh : i dont want to be in your sight. Saying this he go away.

Ragini (to herself) : such a stupid man. Now where is the parson i supposed to meet. He is not here i think. No one is sitting alone. I think i should go.

Laksh to himself : this girl is so idiot. All girls die on me and she is like as if she wants me die. Btw i could not find the girl whom mom told that i am going to marry. Urrgh i told her that i dont want that suprise marriage but srill she insisted. I think now i should go.

Episode ends.

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