SWASAN- A Love Story (chapter 4)


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Swara came here angrily. Ragini sees her and becomes excited. She goes towards her running and engulfed her in a bone crushing hug.

Ragini (excitedly ) : Yeah you come . How was your interview?

Listening about interview swara becomes more angry and said:

Swara (angrily) : Don’t dare to ask about that. I hate him. Huhh I will really snap his neck and you will see. I will stab him with knife. I will……..

Ragini interrupted.

Ragini (confused) : Whom you are taking about ?

Swara tells her the whole story then after listening ragini is just laughing out loud holding her stomach. Swara gives eye rolling expressions. Meanwhile kavita comes.

Kavita : Swara ! Ragini! You know papa is coming today after many days from business. Tonight is the party.

Swara listening this goes into the deep thoughts.


A girl of 8 years is running happily in the whole house. That girl was swara.
Swara : yeah daddy is coming after many days . Mama I am so happy.

Her mother is preparing food and watching her with a smile.

Jhanki (her mother) : Yes swara today we will go to your favourite place. Now come have your lunch.

Swara : No mama I am not hungry.

Jhanki : Swara ! Eat or otherwise I will ask your daddy not to come.

Swara goes and eat her lunch fastly.

Flashback ends.

She comes out of her thoughts when ragini pinch her and asks:

Ragini : Oh madam ! what are you thinking?

Swara (lies) : Just thinking about how to kill my boss .

Ragini laughs and said .

Ragini : Omg swara I am sure you will really kill him one day. That poor man.

Swara : haw ! You are my friend or him. He is an idiot. I hate him. You will see I will make him fall in his own plan. I will make her life hell in these 3 months and….
Ragini again interrupted.

Ragini : Stop stop. Now lets go and prepare for the tonight’s party. You know it is also the party for papa’s success. Many people are going to come. If you feel angry then go and slap any of them and then disappears (laughs).

Swara becomes irritated and goes from there.


All three girls are getting ready . Swara was wearing black , ragini was wearing red and kavita is wearing purple.

Swara (shouts) : RAGINI!!! You make my face like a cake. Who asks you to apply too much makeup?

Ragini : (Laughs) sorry swara I accidently applied it. Now don’t worry I will make it alright.

Kavita : You little monkey . You even don’t know how to do makeup.

Ragini : (pouts) Kavita If I am a little monkey na then you are my big monkey sister (laughs).

Kavita : huhh.

Then she picks up the blush on and pours it on ragini’s face and laughs.

Kavita (laughs) : Now you are really looking like a monkey.

Ragini then takes another blush on and pours it on her. There fight contines and swara is laughing holding her stomach. Ragini and kavita saw her then saw each other. Swara get to know about their intentions and shouts .

Swara (shouts) : NOOOOOOO!!!

Ragini and kavita also pours make up on her and then trio were laughing together.


All people were enjoying the party. Ragini just came here along with swara and kavita. Then suddenly her eyes falls on a boy standing ahead. That boy was laksh.

Ragini : ugrrhh this world is full of stupid people. Now what he is doing here. (She remembers the time when she collide with laksh in the ice cream parlour while going towards washroom and then they had a long big fight)

She ignores her and join swara.


Shekher calls everyone in the house and said.

Shekher : You all know I have found a match for ragini. (with 😀 expression)

Everyone was laughing while ragini was seeing him with an open mouth.

Ragini : (shocked) Papa you have gone on the business tour not to a marriage bureau.

Shekher : Yes but I have met my a very good person during it and his son is so good and he is perfect for you .

Ragini : How you can fix the marriage without my consent (with pout face )

Shekher : No no I have talked to him you go and meet him he is really a nice guy.

Ragini : (pout face) ok but I will reject him if I not like him.

Shekher : ok


Swara gets up and goes to the office. An employs shows her , her cabin. It was attached to sanskar office and it has a glass wall through which anyone could see the cabin from sanskar’s office but sanskar;s office could not be seen from her cabin. She was about to go when sanskar comes and said.

Sanskar : I think Ms .Bose you have seen your cabin. Now I will sent you all the files on which you are going to work.

Swara (angry but controls) : Sure ‘SIR’ (she emphasis on the word SIR)

Sanskar smiled in his triumph.

Swara : (in mind) don’t worry sir i will surly cut your “saar” one day.

Swara enters her cabin. She is unaware of the fact the sanskar could see her from the glass wall. She places her bad on the table and due to the accidently slight push of her elbow all files and water jug falls from the table. It creates a great noise. Sanskar is watching her from his office.

Sanksar(shockingly) : She just enters the cabin and ruined it. Don’t know what she would do in 3 months.

He calls her to his office. Swara goes there. She knocks the door and open it.

Sanskar : You have ruined your cabin in just one minute. You are so clumsy. You really need to control your clumsiness.

Swara (angry) : I did not make the files and jug to fall it falls due to the gravity.

Sanskar (statistically) : And if gravity only works when you are around.

Swara becomes angry she push the files from his table and it falls on the ground.

Swara : No it also works in your presence.

Sanskar becomes angry he grabbed her from her arm and says.

Sanskar ( in a deep threatening voice) : What you have done? Now you are going to regret it. Today you will remake all the files that you ruined in your cabin and also these files and you will not leave the office until you have done and remember that deal.

He then see her eyes and feels himself drowning in it. On the other hand, even swara is a stubborn angry she becomes afraid of his dark voice. Sanskar leaves her and seeing her eyes continuously then swara goes from there silently. She goes to her cabin and becomes sad thinking about her work. She started to work silently.

It is time for lunch. Sanskar as always spends this lunch time in doing work. While swara becomes excited for the break. In the meantime ragini calls her.

Ragini : (excitedly ) hello swara !! Have you murdered your boss until now?

Swara moods lit up. She says.

Swara (laughs) : NO I respite him for today.

Ragini : Aww your poor boss.

Swara sits on the chair and continues to roll the chair while taking on the phone. Sanskar on the other hand was watching her with amusement.


She is a crazy girl who always does crazy and clumsy things. I have never saw a girl like her. No one in my office even dare to laugh. They all are very afraid of me. I like to work and I need perfection in it. I used to work hard since my early childhood when all the children of my age enjoys their life but I have no one to enjoy with. I have made work as my friend and I keeps myself busy in it. But she is like a tornado. Where ever she goes, a storm comes there. Since our first meeting till now she have nothing common with normal people. She have anger on the tip of her nose and always do clumsy things.
Whatever she is I LIKE her. WHAT I HAVE JUST SAID? Urrghhh even I will become mad with her. She is not a person I like to prefer. I like people who are not articulate, very decent , very hardworking and very serious. But she is complete opposite. (Then swara rolls the chair while sitting on it and saying YIPPIE while laughing, a curve formed on sanskar’s lips) She is really crazy.


All people are leaving from the office except swara. She was sad while watching the people leaving. She knows the work that sanskar gave will not end till night at least. Sanskar was also there he used to work till night.

AT 10:00

Swara finally completes her work. She was very tired but happy. She thought to take a small nap but falls in a deep sleep. Sanskar sees her and think.

Sanskar (monologue) : She has really slept. Maybe because she was very tired. Maybe I should not gave her severe punishment.

He goes to her cabin and enters in it. He saw her angelic sleeping face and becomes mesmerized. He remove a hair flick from her face and saw her. Then he regain his senses and wake her up.

Sanskar : Swara !! Wake up! You need to go home.

Swara wakes up and then sleeps again. He again wakes her up.

Sanskar : Wake up! you need to go home.

Swara then gain her senses and says.
Swara ( a bit angry) : Yes indeed I have completed all the files and now I am going. I am not interested to stay in your haunted house like office where everyone seems to be a working ghost.

Saying this she went away. Sanskar lips formed a small curve.

The fate is blowing colors in his grey life. His heart chambers are filling with the desire of love and he is yet unknown to it. It is the start of love dancing around him.

PRECAP : Swasan scenes and raglak meeting.

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