SWASAN- A love story (chapter 3)


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Ragini wakes swara up. Swara wore white and black top with black jeans. Ragini wishes her best of luck then she moves towards her destination and finally reaches there. She enters the SM INDUSTRIES and goes to the reception to ask about the interview. After sometime she was called for the interview. Swara enters the cabin and a man of middle age takes her interview she answers all the questions confidently and the man selects her.

Man : Congratulations Ms. Bose you are selected for the job.

Swara : Thank you.

Man : Here is the agreement.

He passes her an file for agreement of 3 months. Swara read it carefully then signed on it.

Man : If you wish you can join from today .You are working as PA for our owner.

Swara was very excited as this was her first job, she agrees.

Swara : Yes I want to join from today.

Man tells her the direction of his boss’ office. Swara goes there following his directions. She knock the door and enters. She becomes angry and shock seeing the man sitting on the chair. That man was sanskar.

Swara (angry) : YOU!! What are you doing here. I am sure you are following me. Don’t you have a work other than following me. Today I will kill you. I have seen you unfortunate face now my whole day will go terrible. You are such………
Sanskar interrupted and says.
Sanskar (calmly) : Before you will start you further speech I would like to tell you that I am your boss and you are my PA so learn some manners to talk to me .( he was smiling mischievously in his mind )

Swara becomes hell shock she wanted to snap her neck but somehow controls a little bit and said in a very loud and angry voice.

Swara (angry) : You idiot. How could you think I will job for an idiot like you ? huh I resign . Did you listen I am resigning right now. (shout)

Sanskar (mischievously) : You are so loud . You need to remove your one of tonsils.

Swara becomes more angry.

Swara : YOU … I will remove you from Earth. You are such a git. I am going take you job yourself.

Sanskar (smiling evilly) : Ok go but dot you remember you had signed an agreement according to which if you leave the job before 3 months you have to pay the salary of 3 months to the industry. Now pay it.

Swara (angry) : I will really snap your neck.

She thinks about the agreement.

Swara (to herself) : Oh no I could not pay such a heavy amount  What I could do now? (angry) That is all because of that idiot. Now I have to join it for 3 months. And I will show him HELL in these months. Huh. Such a fool man.

Swara : Ok I will join it for three months but I will join from tomorrow.
Sanskar : Ok . From now you should call me ‘’SIR’’

Swara (angry) : Have you seen your face?

Sanskar (smirking) : Now you are talking to your boss.

Swara (angry ) : I will be your employ but from tomorrow not from today. Saying this she went out of the office like a storm. Not before sanskar said.

Sanskar : Ok then from tomorrow call me ‘BOSS’

Swara was hell angry. She wanted to kill sanskar. She went to ragini’s house.

Sanskar was smiling like a mad. He likes when she is angry. There was the beginning of something in his heart that he could not understand now. Then the man who took swara’s interview came to his office. He saw him smiling and was hell shock because sanskar never smiles. He always had a scornful angry face.

Man : Sir , I had took her interview and sent her to your office.

Sanskar : ok now go.

PRECAP : Swara’s first day.

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