SWASAN- A love story (chapter 2)


Hello guys! I am here again with a new chapter. Thanks all of you for your comments. Sorry i could not reply to every comment. So lets start the chapter.

A beautiful mansion is shown. There is a complete silence here. In a room a man is shown working on laptop seriously. He has a scorn in his face. He is indulged in his task. The room is very neatly and everything is perfect here. Suddenly he sees the clock and then close his laptop and goes to the hall. Some servants were serving breakfast to him. He ate his breakfast very decently and in pin silence. After sometime his phone rings. He saw the number and pick up the call.
Sanskar : Hello laksh!

Laksh : Hello bhai ! you know I have a surprise for you.
Sanskar : What’s that?
Laksh : I am coming to Kolkata to meet you. I also had some work there.
Sanskar : That’s very good laksh you have started seriously .
Laksh : Bhai you are so boring. You always talks about work. And BTW I want to spend some time with you so I said dad that I will handle his Kolkata project. (excitedly ) Now I will come today then we will have some fun.
Sanskar : Sure laksh I will come to pick you. Now when will your project work going to start I will help you in it.

Laksh : Uff bhai again work. Lets talk about my bhabhi. When she will come? If you are gonna have the same boring attitude then she will surely run away at her marriage day. Just learn something from me girls die on me.
Sanskar : Stop it laksh. You know I am not interested in these things.
Laksh : My boring bhai . You know bhai you just need a girlfriend.
Sanskar : LAKASH !!
Laksh : Ok bhai . You carry on your business work . I am going for packing.
Sanskar : ok bye.
Laksh : Bye.
Then he goes out of the mansion and sit in the car . Car stops outside a huge building on which SM INDUSTRIES is written . He get off the car and enters in the building. He had an angry looking expressions. Seeing him everyone get scared and started doing their work.

Swara was seeing sleeping on the bed and beside her noodle is also sleeping. Suddenly ragini comes in her room and started speaking in loud voice.

Ragini (loudly ) : SWARA ! WAKE UP !
Swara did not wake up. Ragini shook her.

Ragini : wake up you sleeping beast.
Swara (in sleep ) : urrggghhh.. what’s the problem ? let me sleep I will not wake up. Go away and don’t dare to disturb my sleep.
Ragini : uff swara how much you sleep now you have to wake up.
She took the class of water nearby and splash it on her face. But swara by again wrapping the blanket sleeps still. Now she gets irritated. She takes swara’s arm and make her out of the bed forcefully.
Swara : You fool lady you disturbed my sleep.
Ragini : You sleeps so much you should have to be a zombie you accidently become human. If you would not refrain yourself you will surely become zombie in few days. Now get up I have a breaking news for you.
Swara : what’s that?
Ragini : Sahil is coming today after 2 months and we all university friends are going to welcome him.

(Sahil also studied in swara’s universities. He is 2 year senior to them and is in Kavita’s batch and also her best friend. They all have a good friendship)
Swara : Yaay ! It will be so fun.
Ragini : Now wake up and have breakfast.
In this time noodle wake up and started meow meow and going in between ragini’s foot. Ragini becomes irritated and swara started laughing.
Ragini (irritatingly ) : One day I will make noodles of your Noodle.
Ragini , swara , kavita and all their friends come to airport to pick sahil. Sahil flight was late. They all become sad. Then swara goes to take something refreshing. She took things from the nearby shop and was heading towards her friends when she suddenly she strikes with a man who was coming on her way talking phone. All her things fall on the floor. Swara becomes angry.
Swara : Cant you walk with open eyes ?
Suddenly she moves her face up to see the man and that man revealed to be sanskar who was watching her with angry scorn on her face.
Sanskar (angrily) : You should learn to walk with I open eyes be before accusing someone. And learn some manners. You really need it.
Swara becomes angry and pick up the juice bottle from the flour and pour it on his head and run away from there.
Sanskar to himself (very angry ) : How dare she ? She have to regret it !
Meanwhile laksh comes there. He was watching him with shock. :O
Laksh : Bhai you have become so juicy (laughs).
Sanskar (angry ) : Shutup laksh. That’s all because of that stupid girl. I will soon teach him a lesson.
Laksh (shocks) : A GIRL ? omg omg from when you started to look at a girl ?
Sanskar : STOP IT LAKSH !! (loudly )
Laksh : 😀 ok bhai lets go home.

Swara and her friends received sahil and are spending some good time.
Sanskar comes to his office with the usual scornful face. He goes towards his cabin and sit on his seat when an employ comes.
Employ : Sir, these are he shortlisted CV’s for new hiring.
Sanskar (seriously ): ok I will check them you go.
Then sanskar started to check all the CV’s . He stops looking at one CV.
Sanskar (smirking ): So your name is swara bose.
He sees her picture on the CV.
Sanskar (smirkingly) : Now you need to learn some manners and gonna regret what you have done to me.

Swara and ragini are talking about their university days when swara’s phone rings.
Swara receives the call.

Swara : Hello.
Caller : Is Miss Bose speaking ?
Swara : Yes.
Caller : I am speaking from SM INDUSTRIES. We want to inform you that you are selected for the job in our company. You could come tomorrow for interview. We have emailed you all information.
Swara (happily ) : Thank you !
Swara becomes very happy . She also told ragini about it. Ragini asked her to give treat. They decided to go to ice cream parlour. They go to the ice cream parlour.

Swara was eating ice in a childish manner while ragini already ate it.
Ragini : Swara I think after one century you will able to complete your ice cream. Now I am going to washroom.
Swara : ok go
She again starts eating it. After some time she finish it. Then she go to find ragini. On her way she collide with someone. She looks up to see the man. It was again sanskar.
Swara (angry) : Are you following me? Where I go you come there and always collide with me. Do you have any collision force in yourself? I should write a new law of collision for you. Actually you need an eye surgery so you can see properly when you will walk.
Sanskar (angry ) : Stop your nonsense ! Always talk useless.
Swara : Huh you stupid. Now get out of my way. I don’t want to talk with you. You are really a blind. Eye surgery will not help you.
Saying this she went away.
Sanskar (to himself) : Now you see how will you regret. From tomorrow your bad days are coming.

PRECAP : Swasan meeting in the office.


So it was another chapter. Please keep commenting to motive me and tell about the today’s episode. Sorry for mistakes. 🙂

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