swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 40

Hii guys how are u all …. I ma back and sorry for late update …. I was busy writing few shots on swasan …. thnx those who read it an dthise who not here is the link to read n comment .. I have written 2 parts and I will continue it tommorow …

Link to Few shorts
Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 2

So lets start
Swasan informed lakshya about their reunion and who in turn told to whole mm . All are happy except ap . All family members suprised to know that ruhi already knows about her papa except uttra . That night swasan slept in each other embrance . {Guys no honeymoon galat nahi sochte 😝😝}

Next morning
Swara was preparing bf in kitchen . Sanskaar comes and hugs her from behind .
Swara{fake anger} – sanskaar …. yeh kya kar rahe ho tum …
Sanskaar – main koi gunha nahi kar raha I am hugging my wife not padosi {neighbour} ki ….
Swara – toh kya hua ….
Sanskaar – don’t say now ki koi dekh lega …. no one is here in this farmhouse except me and u …
Swara – I know but ….
Sanskaar – if u don’t want my hug so I will hug our neighbour’s wife .
Swara turns and slap sanskaar playfully on his shoulder .
Swara – just shut up ok …

Sanskaar – ok …. u don’t want me to hug neighbour’s wife … so I can I kiss u … .
Saying this without listening to swara he leans towards his lips and was about to kiss on her lips when they hear someone’s coughing sound .
Ruhi – papa…. mumma….. no kissing in public area ….
Swasan immediately departs .
Ruhi{in a dramatic way }- papa …. that’s not fair u only love mumma not me ….
Sanskaar goes and kisses ruhi on his cheecks .
Sanskaar – ab kush …
Ruhi hugs sanskaar . Swara is confused .
Swara {with confusion } – ruhi … do u know sanskaar is ur father ???? I think so raglak had told u …
Sanskaar – actually …

Sanskaar tolds everything to swara how uttra told her past then he told her about past .
Swara – ok …. but ruhi how do u came here ????
Ruhi keeps his one hand on his head and says in a dramatic way – offo mumma kitne questions karte ho app … {how many questions do u ask .} First serve me bf then I will tell u .
Swara nods yes . Sanky n ruhi goes and sits on dinning table . While swara prepares bf .
Sanru {sanskaar n ruhi } – mummma khaana jaldi lao na …. we are starving …
Ruhi{again in a drmatic way offo kitna drama karti hai 😝😝} – mumma agar aap jaldi khanna nahi lai toh ham bhook se mar mite ge {if u will not will vring the food we will die bcoz of hunger .}
Sanskaar – beta its not ”mar mite ge” but but ”mar jayenge ” ..
Ruhi – oh …
Snaru started singing a song.
Sanru – hum mar jayenge …. ohhhoooo .. hum mar jayenge …. yaara agar hame khana nahi mila toh hame teri hai kasam hum mar jayenge …

The end.

Sry if u felt this update short but I was really busy with formatives . Pl comment . Bye .


  1. Kakali

    Awesome dr… plz some more SWASANHI moments with all the family mambers.. n clear every problem amid Swara n Ap.. thnx😊😊

  2. Vyshu10

    |Registered Member

    nice….the end???? There still a lot left….. flashback,swasan love story,ap liking swara again….how can it be d end?

  3. Mica

    |Registered Member

    waaa,, sweet part.. don’t said it was the last part Sanjuu.. please
    btw, all the best for your life

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