swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 36


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Let’s start
Next day mehandi function
Swara was sitting in front of mirror wearing a green salwar suit with her hairs open .

Swara’s pov
Today is my mehandi . I will write sanskaar ‘s name in my hands . I know he had till now not written my name in his heart . But I promise one day he will surely write my name in his heart forever. Hope this green colour will bring happiness in our lives .
Pov ends .
Mishti comes .
Mishti – chalo beta…. guests had arrived and they all are waiting for u …
Swara nods yes and goes with her .
Here a woman with a long veil secretly comes in gm .

Sanskaar was sitting on a sofa thinking about his marriage .
Sanky’s pov
Today is swara’s mehnadi . She will write my name on her hand . I know I will never able to write her name in my heart but I will try to be hwr best frnd . Hope this green colour will bring hapiness in my life .
Pov ends .

Gm .
Swara was sitting and a girl was applying mehandi on her hand . Just then the veil women comes to her .
Women – {to mehandi girl} – go sarmishta ji is calling u … .
Girl nods yes n leaves .
Women sits beside swara and says – till then can I apply mehandi .
Swara – only groom’s name is left to be written .
Women – ok I will write it …
Women picks up the cone and asks – name ????
Swara – sanskaar …

Women ‘s pov
only sanskaar sanskaar sanskaar …… but don’t worry swara I will write my name’s S ….. shourya …
Pov ends .
Shourya winks ….
Shourya writes S on swara ‘s hand .

Soon mehandi function ends in gm .

Next day
Engagement function
Sanky’s room
Sanky was ready in pink kurta and pajama and wearing a dark pink dupatta around his neck . Lucky comes .
Lucky – u r looking awesome bhai….
Sanky – thanks …
Lucky – bhabhi aapko dekhke phida ho gayegi …. ??
Sanky – just shut up bhabhi ke devar … when ur chance will come na I will also tease u ……
Lucky thinks about ragini and started blushing . Sanky finds ‘daal main kuch kaala hai ‘.
Sanky – hmmmm have u proposed anyone ????
Lucky – no no …. aise koi baat nahi hai …
Sanky – hmmmm better ….

Swastika – ur are looking sooooo preeeetttyyyyyy …..
Ragini – yes now jiju can’t wait till tomorrow till ur marriage ……
Swara blushes .
Mishti calls swaraginitika from downstairs and they leaves for mm as engagement is in mm .

Guests arrives . Swaraginitika also . Sanskaar is in his room . Lakshya is waiting for his hone wali bahi . Lakshya welcomes swaraginitika and is mermerized to see ragini.
Lakshya – wow ……
Ragini blushes as she thought lakshya is prasing her . Lucky understood this .
Lakshya continues – wow bhabhi …. u r looking awesome ….
Ragini gives him a death glare and goes. Swastika and lakshya takes ragini and makes him sit on a chair . {Bride and groom’s chair on stage }. Lakshya goes to take sanky .Swara eyes for searching searching someone .
Ragini.- hmmmm di … u r searching for jiju …haaan ….

Ragini laughs while swara gives her a death glare ..
Lakshya comes down with sanky . Swasan eyes met and they share a eyelock from distance whixh was disturbed by ragini . Sanky was mermerized to see swara .
Ragini{in a teasing tone }- jiju aa gae di ….
Sanky comes and sits beside swara . {On stage }
Lakshya comes on stage .
Lucky – so hello ladies n gentle men we are here to get our bhai and bhabhi engaged . So lets start .
Lakshya brings rings for sanky and ragini brings ring for swara. Swasan get engaged
Swara ‘s pov
Today we got engaged but what if sanskaar sir really will not able to love me after marriage . But its ok I will manage . Atleast we can live as frnds . As we exchanged our rings hope one day we will exchange our hearts .
Pov ends .

Sanky’s pov
Today we got engaged but what if she will not be satisfied with my friendship and wants my love bcoz each and every girl dreams for a boy whocan love her then what will indo . Hope these rings becomes the sign of our true friendship .
Pov ends.

The end.

Guys I know my pov was worst . Hope u liked the pov . I am trying my best give good povs. Waiting for ur comments.

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  1. SNY

    Vry niz di…
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  2. Sanju pov. Is right dont wory. Ur at 36 no epi didnt tei swasan in past nor present. But nice. Nd about ur os not wellcome. U know y we read stories for ur enertainment. So we should say thaks u guys for writing.

  3. Sanju pov. Is right dont wory. Ur at 36 no epi didnt tei swasan in past nor present. But nice. Sanjana about ur os not wellcome. U know y we read stories for ur enertainment. So we should say thaks u guys for writing.

  4. Mica

    awesome part, wish their marriage successful …
    which part was worst sanju ?

  5. Awesome

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    Nice dear

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    Awsm part….
    Who said ur POV was worst. In reality it’s awsm…

  8. Abirsha

    Awesome and ur pov is nice dr

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    Awesome ?

  10. It was superb Di and Your pov was awesome….Who said that it was worse…It was amazing…

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    superb and thanks for giving povs

  12. This crap souriya . Get out frn my class . Hehe.

  13. Update asap

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