swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 35


Let’s start
Raglak were disturbed by swasan and swas’ s laughing voice . They immediately stood up .
Sanky – chale….
Raglak nods yes and they leave for their respective houses .

Next day
Haldi function
Someone was continously keeping a eye on window through binoculars .
Ap dp uttra and lakshya were handling all the work .
Ap {to a worker } – go and keep this haldi in kitchen .
Worker nods yes and goes .
Lak – maa…. I have called other workers and they will work here till the marriage .
Ap – v.good beta ….
Lak – and ma they all are ladies except one or two ….. an they will be in a long veil bcoz of their customs as they had came from a small town .
Ap nods yes.

Gadodiay mansion
Mishti {to a decorator}- bhaiya …. jaldi jaldi karo ….. haldi aaj hi hai …..
Decorater nods yes .
Mishti goes to swara’s room where raginitiaka were gossiping about sanky and swara was blushing .
Mishti comes in and keeps her one hand on his head and sys – ohhh meri deviyoooo can u plz go and get ready its ur di’ haldi …….
Raginitika nods yes and leaves .
Mishti goes and hugs swara and cries . Swa breaks hug and says – why r u crying
Mish- beta soon u will be swara sanky maheshwari ….
Swa- I know ma ….. but don’t worry main aapka peecha nahi chodugi ….
Mish smiles .
Mish – everybody say this only …. but once girls leaves their father’s house an dgoes to their husband’s house they forget their parents …..
Swa – ma …. don’t cry ….
Swa and mish share a mother daughter hug .
Mish cups swa face – go n get ready …
Swa nods yes n mishti leaves .
Swa goes to get ready .
Sanky’s room
He was sitting in front of his dressing table wearing a yello kurta and white dhoti . He was having tears in his eyes .
————–Sanky’s pov —————
{guys I m first time writting a pov so plz forgive me for any mistake }
Today I am having mixed feelings . I am both happy and sad . Happy bcoz I am marrying right girl . She is so sweet n caring but i m sad bcoz I am spoiling her life . I can’t love her bcoz now I can’t belive in love again . I always thought that I will marry my dream girl{tia}. But life played a game with me . Now I am marrying a girl whom I hated . Whom I thought just as a employee . Hope this yellow colour will bring again happiness in my life .
—————- pov ends —————
Swara ‘s room
Swara comes out of washroom wearing a yellow sari and yellow blouse with dori {guys it is the same blouse of which shourya tied the dori .} She blushes as she thought sanky tied the dori.
—————- swara ‘s pov ————
Today I am having mixed feelings . Both happy and sad. Happy bcoz I am marring my sanskaar and sad bcoz I know sanky sir is not ready fir fhis marriage …. he just said yes in pressure of her mum . I am very happy that I am marrying my dream boy . I hope one day I will get my love back …. hope yhsi yellow colour bring happiness in our{swasan } lives .
—————- pov ends —————
Mishti comes .
Mishti – meri beti bilkul pari lag rahi hai.
She puts a black tika on back of her ears . She takes her down .
Sanky comes down with lak . .
Ap also pits a black tika at the back of his ear .
Ap makes sanky sit .
Everyone one by one puts haldi on his face and legs and hands .
Ap – uttu give this haldi to ur bhahi’s house as bride puts first the haldi of his husband’s house ……..
Uttu nods yes n leaves for swara ‘s house .
Uttu arrives .
Mishti – plz come inside beta ……
Uttu comes inside .
Uttu – auntie mumma had sent haldi for swara bhabhi ….
Mishti – thnx beta … ..
Uttu – ab main chalti hoon …..
Mishti nods yes n uttu leaves .
M8shti start applying haldi on swara ‘s cheecks and then hands and legs .
Here I a dark place
Person – omg …. my idea failed ….. maa had sent that haldi to swara also ….. now my swara will get rashes if she will bath ….. and SHOURYA MAHESHWARI WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN .
————— flashback—————-
Some one was keeping eye on mm . He is none other than shourya . He sees ap ordering a worker to keep haldi in kitchen . And he also listens that some lady workers are coming with a long veil . He immediately goes and dressesup in a saree and takes witha long veil . He comes inside mm with the group of workers . He secretly goes in the kitchen and mixes something in the haldi and comes out of mm .
——————fb ends —————
Shourya – I have to do something …. I ask my man to keep a eye on mm .
Ap – u go and bath beta ….
Sanky goes to bath .
After half n hour . He comes down . But suprisingly he was not having rashes on his body .
Ap – have u had taken bath ???
Sanky nods yes .
Suddenly a servant comes draging a maid with him .
Ap – what happened ????
Servant – mam …. today morning he done a mistake …
Sanky – what mistake ????
Ser – bcoz of her haldi fell into the dustbin . And then she immediately prepared new haldi . I have just seen the haldi’s bowl in dustbin .
Ap – its ok ….
This all converstion is heard by shourya ‘s man . He informs him .
—————shourya ‘s pov ———–
Thank god nothing will happen to my swara ………… she is all fine ……..
————– episode ends. ————

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