swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 34

Past ….
Sanky – I have an idea u open the door slightly and I will tie the dori …. and don’t worry I will tie it with closed eyes …..
Swara was opening the door when sanky gets a call unheard by swara . Sanky goes to attend the call .
Swara opens the door .
Swara – sanskaar …… plz do fast ….
Someone comes and ties dori of the blouse . He toches her back sensuously. Swara feeled awkward but brushed of his thoughts . The person leaves . Sanky comes . Swara comes out of the trial room. Sanky sees swara dori tied .
Sanky in mind – I think she tied her dori herself …..
Swara – chale ….
Sanky nods yes . They selected dresses for their engagement mehandi and marriage and leaves to search swastika .
Here the person who tied dori comes out of the mall and goes to his car . His face os shown . He is none other than shourya .
Shourya – swara ….. shourya maheshwari is back ….
————– flashback —————–
Shourya reaches airport . He was about to get out of his car when he gets a call.
————- call conversation ———-
Caller – hello I am raman bhalla ‘s manager …..
Shourya – yes …. .
Caller – work is done sir …. no need to come now …. sorry for the inconvinience ….
Shourya – its ok …
————— Fb ends —————

Shourya – so my sooo called bhai …. don’t worry I will not stop ur marriage … I will just spoil it. …. and after the marriage I will create misunderstanding between u both … then swara will be mine ….. wow …. what a plan …. jo maaza shadi ke baad hai wo shaadi ke phele kaha …… I am following u since moring and gaurds of mm told me that u all had gone out ….. now see the game of shourya maheshwari ….
He smiles evily .
Raglak side
Ragini was in women’s section . Lucky was in the men’s section of the same shop . Both the section’s were seprated witha glass door .
Ragini’s side
Ragini- plz pack these dresses ….
Shopkeeper – yes mam…. and the bill counter is in men’s section….
Ragini – ok …
Shopkeeper give the dresses in packet and ragini goes to men section.

Lucky’s side
Lucky in mind – I think so I should should show these dresses to my ragu … she will choose one ….

Now Ragini and lucky are moving in opposite direction .
Both dashes and falls on floor . Lakshya on top of ragini . Both share a cute eyelock .
Swasan and swastika comes to shop and laughs seeing raglak .
So guys shocked na …. now shourya maheshwari is back and sorry for short update I was busy watching my fav movie BHAGHI THE REBEL …..
1. What will shourya do in haldi function??????
2 . What will shourya do in mehandi function ??????
Keep guessing keep commenting …

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    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Ooops my sweet ragasan lover ….. u love my ff so much that read it daily ….. wow… its soooooo awesome …… thanks for commenting my swetooooo pie …..

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      And thnx fo increasing no.of my comments ….

  3. Tamanna

    Nice…. But shourya shouldn’t come back till marriage…..
    Anyways update next one soon

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Thnx di and sorry shourya will be there in swasan marriage …. but no one will know about his presence ….

  4. Very nice di . And happy independence day. ???

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      Thnx anjali and same to u ….

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    nice…i want to kill shourya

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      Thanx and u can join hands with anniya and kill him ….. I think anniya also wants to kill him ……

  7. Anniya

    Awsm part

  8. Nice

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    aaarrgghhhh….i wanna kill the person who called sanskar those time,,,,

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