swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 33

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Past ….
Swara realized what she just said ….
Swara – I am soory sanky sir …
Sanky turns his head to other side showing his dissapointmeant and sadness .
Swara – sir … I mean sanskaar plz listen to me … see I have called u sanskaar now turn to me plz ….
Sanky nods in no .
Swara in mind – I have to do something to divert sanky sir ‘s mind or he will again get tensed thinking about tara …
Suddenly swara gets an idea . First she thought not to do this then she decided to excute her idea.
She kisses sanky ‘s cheecks slightly . Before sanky could turn his face and understand what has happened swara ran to her cabin.
Sanky sees swara running to her cabin . He touches his cheecks where swara had kissed him . But surprisingly he doesn’t protest instead he smiles .
Here shourya sees swara running to her cabin having a slight smile on her face . He followed her . Swara goes inside her cabin . Her cabin’s door was open .
Swara – wow …. I kissed sanskaar sir …. I mean sanskaar …… I love u sanskaar …

Shourya listened all this standing on door became furious .

Shourya in mind – so swara loves bhai ….. thank god I have not told her about my feelings ….. but don’t worry I will make u mine by hook or crook …..
He smiles evily .
At evening
Gadodiaya m.
Ap and dp enters with shagun . Swara had already returned from office . Shekhar and sarmishta had also returned . Shemish welcoems ap and dp and asks her to sit . Raginitika called swara and ap and dp gives shagun of shaadi to swara .
Ap – I accept u as my DIL .
Everyone smiles .
Ragini in mind – after di ‘s marriage I and lakshya talk our family about our marriage .
Swastika in mind – after di’marriage I will propose shourya .
Ap – in one week I will make u my DIL .
At night
Dining room
Everyone is eating dinner .
Sanskaar – dad u remember we had sighned a deal with raman bhalla CEO of kingfisher company .
Dp – yes ….
Sanskaar – so he had called one of us to for an important work related to deal .
Dp – but how can u go ????? What about ur marriage ?????
Ap – dp ji shourya can go …. waise bhi he doesn’t have any interest in marriages and all …. am I right shourya?????
Shourya in mind – no I can’t go … I have to spoil swasan’s marriage …….
Shourya – ma …. but its bhai ‘s marriage …
Sanskaar – plz its very important …
Dp – but beta for how many days ….
Sanky – he had to leave tomorrow for 1 week ….
Ap – but ur marrriage rituals and preparation will start from tommorrow or day after tomorrow .
Sanky – ok so I am only going ……
Ap – no beta shourya u only go …..
Shourya – lucky can also go ….
Dp – who will take care of here’s work …
Lucky – u know na I don’t like to travel much ……. so u go ….

After so many difficulties shurya said yes .
Shourya’s room
Shourya – I think so maa is right I should go …. bhai and swara will get married then I will excute my plan ….. I will make diffrences between swasan … and then swara will always be of shourya…. swara will always forget so called sanky bhai ….. It will be more easy to create diffrences between them after marriage then before….. wow …..
He laughs evily like a ravan … ??
Next morning
Shourya packs his bag amd leaves for delhi .
After noon
Ap calls sharmishta
Ap – namaste mishti ji ….
Sarmishta – namaste ….
Ap – I was thinking gor shopping for marriage today only ……
Mishti – ok I will send swaraginitika for shopping ….
Ap – and I will tell sanlak also ….
Mishti – and what about shourya ?????
Ap – he had gone out of station and he was not able to attendarriage also ….
Mishti – ok …..
————– Ends call —————–

Mishti and ap informs swaraginitiaka and sanlak about shopping respectively .

@ shopping mall
Swarahinitika and swasan reaches mall . Swasan have firgotten about swasan’s kiss .
They made 3 groups .
Swasa raglak and swastiaka alone .
Swasan goes to fo shopping of their clothes .
Raglak goes for shopping of all the other accessories like cosmetics their clothes and other pooja material .
Swastika goes to shop for hee clothes she is missing shourya .
Here in swasan ‘s side
Swara goes in trial room to try clothes for her haldi ceremony . She had selected a yellow saree . She goes in trial room amd trys the dress. Sanskaar was standung outside trial room to gaurd his to be wife . Swara was not able to tie her dori of blouse .
Sanky – swara do fast …… what are u doing …
Swara – actually I am not able to tie my dori of blouse ….
Sanky – but ….
Guys I hope this is a long update . And I will give u all rituals and I will try to give swasan’s pov in every ritual .

1 . Who will tie the dori of swara ‘s blouse anyone guesses ?????
2 . Next haldi function …. will something happen wrong in haldi function ????

Bye . Bye .

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