swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 31


Past …

Everyone having bf
Sanskaar comes down wearing white shirt and grey pant and a brown coat in his hand.
Ap in mind – one week had passed I should talk to swara about her decision.
Sanskaar comes and sits on table and start having his bf .
Ap was about to call swara when she sees her phone ringing . It is from swara only .
Ap – hello ….
Everyone looks towards ap with curiosity .
Swara – auntie I have taken my decision … I will marry sanky sir …..
Ap – wow…. beta that’s good .
All are sitting confused while ap smiles .
Shourya – mom why are u smiling …
Ap – I have fixed sanky ‘s marriage …
Sanskaar is shocked while lucky n shourya becomes happy .
Lucky – wow maaa … marriage … but with whom ….
Sanky – no maan I don’t want to marry now …. abhi kya main kabhi shaadi nahi karoonga ….
Ap – beta …. plz …. first liaten to me whom I have choosen …
Sanky – mom plz …
Shourya – tell ma …. who is our hone wali bhabhi ?????
Sanky {giving a death glare }- just shut up …. u idiot ….
Ap – plz … listen to me…
Sanky – ok …. but u will not force me to marry .
Ap – ok … her name is swara…
There is 3 different expression on 3 brothers .
Shourya is shocked , lucky is happy and sanky uknowingly gives a big smile .
Ap – so what ‘s ur decision beta ….
Shourya – of course ma …. he will say no.. am I right bhai …..
Sanky – ok …. I am ready to marry … but we will live only as frnds nothing more than that ….
Ap nods yes .
Shourya goes angrily out of the house and bangs his hand on the car .
Shourya in mind angrily – how can he … how can he say yes swara was mine and will be mine ….. chache iake liye mujhe kuch hi kyo na karna phadhe ….
Shourya sits in car and leaves for office . After a while lucky n sanky also leaves for office .

Here in gm
Swastika – wow di u had said yes for marriage …. wow love u di ….
Ragini – yes … congo di …
Swara smiles
Swara – I have said yes bcoz now had became frnd of sanskaar sir …. atleast now we can live atleast as frnds … I hope sanky sir had said yes . .
Just then her phone rings .
Its from her hone wali saasu ma … ??
Ap – hello ..
Swara – hello … what he had said ????
Ap – he had said yes .
Swara – really …
Ap – yes beta …. now we are coming with shagun …. is ur mumma and papa had returned ..
Swara – they will return till afternoon . …
Ap – ok will come at evening ..

N cuts the call .
Swaraginitika gossips for a while and swara leaves for office .

Here in office .
Swara enters .
A peon comes to her .
Peon – shourya sir had called u ..
Swara – what ….. ?????
Peon nods yes .

Here in shourya ‘s cabin
Shourya in mind – today I will tell u about my feelings …. swara …
Swara enters woth fear in her eyes .
Swara- may I come in….
Shourya nods yes .
Shourya – I want to talk to u something important ….
Swara nods yes .
Shourya – actually ……..

The end .

Will shourya will be able to tell swara about his feelings ??????

Will he create problems in swasan marriage ?????

Keep guessing n keep commenting

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