swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 29


NOTE – anniya u have given in the teaser that someone had said ur story crap then I checked ur previous episode …. she is a ragsan fan and the same person had said my story worst I don’t felt bad …. but there is request to her or everyone that if u r not liking the story then don’t comment ….. ur intension should not to hurt anyone … . And if u are not liking that particular story then tell the writer the story’s fault …. the writer will improve it … sry if anyone felt bad ….
And if anyone is not liking my story so plz tell me I will try to improove it … I know guys I am a worst writer …. but I love writing for u that’s why I write it ..

Lets start
Swara in mind – I can’t take sir in my scooty …. {just then she sees sanky’s car } I should take sanskaar sir in this car . And I think so thus car is of sanskaar sir .
Sanskaar faints.
Swara – sanskaar sir … sanskaar sir ….
She calls swastika .
Swastika – hello di …
Swara – hello … plz come here in gandhi road and pick my scooty and take ot to mm ….
Swastika -but why ???
Swara – u will get to know come fast …

And cuts the call .

Swara keeps sanky in car with help of a man.

After 15 mins .
Swastika comes.
Swastika – di ….
Swara – thank god tu aa gai …. take my scooty ….
Swara gives swastika the key of scooty. Swastika leaves for mm .
Here swara drives the car n leave for mm .

Swasan n swastika arrives . Both were holding sanky .
Ap {worried}- sanskaar …. mera bachha….
Dp also comes and dp swara and swastika take sanky to his room . Ap follows them .

Dp calls doctor and doctor comes .

Sanky ‘s room .
Swara – doctor …. sir theekh toh ho jayenge na …..
Ap can sees concern in swara ‘s eyes . Ap smiles .
Doctor – don’t worry mrs maheshwari …
Swara -mrs maheshwari ????
Doctor – yes you are patient’s wife na ???
Swara nods in no….
Doctor – oh I thought you r his wife bcoz I can see concern in ur eyes for him .
Ap in mind – I had choosed the right girl for sanskaar {yes guys ap had choosed swara for sanky . } I will talk to dp ji about swara tomorrow ….
Doctor – don’t worry he will be fine … this is just bcoz he had drunk many glasses of wine that’s why nothing else….. {to dp } durgaprasad ji …. I want to talk to u something important …..
Dp nods yes . Dp and doctor goes out to talk .
Swara sits beside sanskaar holds his hand and cares his hairs . She forgot taht ap is also in the room . Ap smiles seeing swara ‘s care for sanskaar . Ap comes out.

Here in dp’s side .
Doctor – durgaparasad ji …. no one drink this much of wine ……. I think so he very tensed bcoz of something … we have do something to make him happy or else he will go in dipression … and it will be very difficult to take him out of dipression …. can u tell me the reason???
Dp tells him about tara how she betrayed sanky .
Dp – what to do ???? He loves tara very much ….. can u give me some suggestion .
Dp got teary eyes.
Doctor – there is only one solution … marry him to a girl …. he will start forgetting tara and will start giving love to that particular girl ….
Dp – but how he will believe in love again …..
Doctor – arrange marriage …. there many couples in country who falled in love after their marriage …. and remember marry him to a girl whom he knows before marriage only so that he will not take time to adjust …… and slowly and slowly seeing care of that girl he will fall in love with her …. And I know a girl for sanky …..
Dp – who…. ?????????
Doctor – that girl whom I misunderstood as sanskaar ‘s wife ….
Dp – oh …. swara ….
Doctor – yes … that girl only …. I can feel care for sanskaar in her voice … and then the choice is upto u ….
Doctor leaves ….
Ap listen all the talk of dp n doctor .

Ap comes to dp .
Ap – dp ji …. doc is right …. I can also see her care for sanskaar ….
Dp – will swara accept this relation ???
Ap – yes … she will ….
Dp – if she will not then .
Ap – we can give a try .
Dp nods yes .
Ap- but I am worried about sanskaar ..m will he will say yes ?
Dp – don’t worry I will talk to him …. but is swara is right choice for sanky ???
Ap{smiles .} – yes …. I am mother and I know what is right n wrong for my son … n I trust her ….. she had only told us tara’s truth … she had only brought sanky to home …..
Dp – ok . Tomorrow we will go to her house and talk to her .
Ap nods yes .

Here in swastika’s side .
Swasatika comes down . Lakshya and shourya returns from office .
Lucky {worried}- where is bhai ???? Ma had told me everything …..
Swastika – he is on his room …
Lucky goes . Shourya was about to go when swastika stops him.
Swastika – hiii sir …
Shourya – just shut up … I want to go to meet my bhai….
Just then swastika sees wound on shourya ‘s hand {remember guys shourya had banged his hand on table and his hand started bleeding . }
Swastika {worried}- sir aapke haath main chot lagi hai ….
Shourya – just shut up n leave …..
Swastika forcefully holds shourya’s hand make him sit on sofa and started doing her first aid ..

After finishing aid .
Swastika – ho gaya ….
Shourya – kk….
Shourya leaves n swastika smiles .
Swastika in mind – I love u shourya …..

Next morning .
Raginitika were talking about sanky when ap n dp arrives there .
Ap – hello beta ???
Raginitika turns back and sees ap and dp standong there .
Swara goes to them .
Swara – uncle …. anuntie … u here … plz come n sit …

The end .

Will swara accept ap ‘s proposal of marriage ???

Will sanky say yes to marry swara ???

Keep guessing n keep commenting .

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    Awesome dear

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    Awsm dr..!!!
    I thnk sanky say s ..

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  5. Sumeeta

    superb.so i was true she/he try to defame swasan.are rag…….san ki to existance hi nahi hai.phirbhi uchalte rahte hai.reel me to nahi milega.ff khush raho na dusro ki story me ghatiya comment kiu dete ho??????

    choro uske bare me baat kark kya hoga.story me ate hai .to swasan ko ek hone ki tayari destiny kar rahi hai.swara to accept kar legi proposal.par sanskar aur shourya ka reaction kya honge?????

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Yes she is commenting on every swasan ff and os …. but I can’t see her comment in her favourite ragsan ff ….

      And thanks for supporting me …. and keep guessing dear ….

  6. Tamanna

    Hey your ff is awesome…. Don’t be sad just because of some bashers…. Take their negative comments positively and move on….
    I have seen some ragsan fans are bashing in swasan ff…..ignore these comments….
    Keep smiling and keep updating

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      Thnx … and thnx supporting me … and …. next part will be soon …. and
      Keep smiling dear …..

  7. Plz don’t get did hearten…. N u knw what that ragsan fan is the same who comments everywhere n creates problem I don’t knw what’s the problem of that girl…. U just ignore her????n the episode was awesome dear loved it????????

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      Thnks vidhi …. and glad u like the epi …d

  8. Are its really a nyc story.

  9. Awesome

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    awesome sanju.. loved it..

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    btw, i luv helly ‘laughing voice, hehehehe

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    You know what Sanjana you’re right I don’t LIKE your story. Infact I LOVE it and you’re NOT a worst writer you are very good writer. And the episode was awesome

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  16. Hi sanju di .. I’m a silent reader but today I couldn’t stop myself from commenting so ..
    I really am attracted to this ff .. its an awsum concept . And this epi is just so epic and awsum
    lovely epi 🙂

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    Superb….YAY! Swasan will now get married…..

    Plz don’t underestimate yourself…u r a gud writer dear. And pray for Helly that she gets good score this time.

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      Thmx vyshu and let see whether swasan will get married or not I mean they will get married but not so easily …..

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