swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 27


Hiiii guys I am veryyyyyyy happy today as my reault had came and I got 91 per cent …. omg … I can’t believe …. plus I am overwhelmed to see ur comments …

Lets start
Swara wears the dress n comes . {Yes guys u all are right sanky had gifted her a school dress. } she was wearing a knee length red skirt with a white top and tie with bleac n red strips . Her hair was tied in a side ponytail with a slight smile on her face. Sanky was mermerized to see her .
Swara – chale … ??
Sanky nods yes and swasan comes out of tge room . Swara showed sanky the whole school . Sanky was staring her lovingly .

After an hour .
Sanky – bhook lag rahi hogi … lets go to canteen and eat something . ??
Swara – but today is sunday and whole staff is on off and chef too … how can we go canteen and eat something …. ??
Sanky – baby doll …. don’t worry …. the chef is standing in front of u … ??
Swara sees here and there but she sees know chef .
Swara – I can’t see anyone … ??
Sanky – oh ho … {sanky turns swara’s face towards her } here is the chef ….
Swara – u and chef …. no … no…. it’s like the joke of the year … ??
Sanky {makes a pout }- that’s not fair … don’t worry I will cook this much atleast u can eat …
Swara – I hope so …. I don’t want to break my teeths … ??
Sanky{fake anger } – baby doll …
Swara laughs a loud . Sanky is mermerized to see her .
Swara {while laughing }- lets see … ??
Swasan leaves for school ‘s canteen .

Swasan enter’s in the kitchen area .
Swara – sanky this is the kitchen area and plz don’t mess it or I have clean it up …. ??
Sanky drags swara out of the kitchen .
Sanky {while draging} – now leave … I have to cook for my baby doll ….. ??
Swara comes out of the kitchen .
Swara sits on one of the chair of canteen and keeps her both hands on table .
Swara in mind – how can he say me baby doll ??? If he would not saved my daughter then I would have never permit him to say me baby doll … ??

After one hour .
Swara – oh no … how much time he is taking …. I am really hungry now .. ??

Just then sanky comes with plate of food . Swara laughs seeing sanky . Her face was covered with flour {atta} and his hair had also became white like an old man . He was not wearing april while cooking that’s why his white shirt had also became colourful . {L hope guys u understood the meaning of “colourful “}
Sanky – why are u laughing ??? ??
Swara – see urself …. then u will also join me in laughing … ??
Sanky – but there is no mirror here … ??

Swara – ok … wait a minute … ??

Swara takes her mobile out of her purse . Click on camera . And puts on selfie mode . She goes to sanky and puts camera before his face . Sanky sees him in mobile .
Sanky {confused look }- who is he ??? He is just looking like me …… any twin brother of mine whom I don’t know…. ??
Swara – he is not ur twin brother but u only ….. ??
Sanky scratches his head while swara laughs .
Sanky {fake anger }- that ‘s not fair … always laughing on me …. no I will not leave u ….
Swara runs while sanky chases her .
Suddenly swara lost balance n was about to fall when sanky holds her .
Tere moh moh ke dhage plays …….
They share a cut eyelock which lasted for five minutes . Swara realizes her position and gets apart .
Sanky – ok .. tell me where is the washroom…. ??
Swara – washroom …. itni jaldi aa gayi … ??

Sanky – oh … ho …. I want to wash my face and hair plus clean my shirt …??
Swara – ok …
Swara tells him the direction for washroom . Sanky leaves for washroom.

After 15 mins .
Sanky returns .
Sanky – lets start our meal …. ??
Swara nods yes and sanky goes to brings the food .
Swara sees the food n says – wow…
My fav noodles n munchoorion.?? {guys I don’t know the spelling of munchoorian and is it right ???}
Sanky serves swara and swara eats it .
Swara – yummmmmy ……… ??

Sanky also eats it .
Soon swara ‘s plate was empty .
Sanky – aur dooo …. ??
Swara – no thanks …. ??
Sanky – ok …. pet pooja to ho gayi lets play something . ..??
Swara – ok …. what ???? ??
Sanky – lets play in school’s playground….. ??
Swara – ok ……. ??

Swasan goes to playground .
Swara – jhula jhulte hai … ok….. ??
Sanky smiles n nods yes . Swara sits in jhula {swing }.
Swara – sanky jhulao na …. ??

Sanky nods yes and started pushing the swing slightly .
Swara – plz thora tez…. ??
Sanky started pushing the pushing more fastly .
Swasan enjoyed a lot .
Now its evening .
Sanky – ho gaya …. kitne chakkar lagaogi playground ke …. ??
Swara – one more …. ??
Sanky – no…. chalo .. ??
Swara – oh… ho I know I will never return here that’s why ….. ??
Sanky – ok …. ??

Swara finished her round and now the time to leave .
Sanky – change ur clothes ….. ??
Swara nods yes n goes to change clothes . She comes back .
Sanky – chale …. ??
Swara nods yes n sarted crying like a small baby .
Sanky – don’t cry baby doll …. shhhh … ??
Sanky hugs her . Swara felt comfort in sanky’s embrance . Swasan and breaks and moved for mm .

At night
Mm .
Sanky ‘s room
Ruhi – how was the day dadooo ???????
Sanky – v.nice princess ….. so let start with the story .??

Flashback .
Same night
Swaraginitika were sitting n talking about sanky .
swara – I am very sad for sanskaar sir …??
swas- u should be glad … as now ur love sanskaar sir is free from the grasp of that so called tara …. ??
Rags – yes …. swastika is saying right … ??
Swara – but …… sanskaar sir will never able to love me ….. only not me but he now can’t love anyone …. ??

Swas – oh … ho di …. I think so u shuld tell him about ur feelings ….??
Rags – no that is not a good idea … I think so u should first create space in sanskaar sir ‘s heart …. ??
Swa – ragu is right ….. I hope he will accept me …. ??

Next morning.
Ap dp lucky n shourya are eating bf .
Ap – lakshya …. I think so today u shpuld go office …. sanky is not in the mood of go office … ??
Dp – ur mom is right beta u should go office …. ??
Lakshya – ok …. ??

Shourya in mind – this is a good chance to get closer to swara ….. ??
Shourya – ma … papa …. can I also go to office with lucky bhai ????
Ap – ok beta ….
Lucky n shourya leaves for office.

Here in office .
Swara reaches office . She sees shourya .
Swara in mind – I think so I should talk to shourya about sanskaar sir . …. ??
Swara goes to shourya .
Swara – where is sanskaar sir ?????
Shourya – swara …. tum aa gai …. ??

The end .

Guys I will not able to update tomorrow bcoz of friendship day celebration plus I am surrounded by lots of projects . So sorry . And HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY IN ADVANCE .

Will sanskaar be able to forget his love for tara ???

Will swara be able to create her space in sanky’s heart ???

Keep guessing keep commenting …

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