swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 26

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Lets start
Sanky – don’t worry … I have already taken permission from school’s principal. 😏😏

flashback ..
{Remember guys sanky called someone last night .}

Sanky – hello … is this principal of CRISHTIAN HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL … 😊😊
Princy – yes …. 😊😊
Sanky – I am sanskaar maheshwari speaking … 😊😊
Princy.- sanskaar maheshwari … kolkata ‘s most reputed business man ……😁😁
Sanky – yes ..
Princy – why have u called me ???? 😊😊
Sanky – actually want ur school … πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Princy – my school … but why sir … 😯😯
Sanky – don’t worry just for one day … tomorrow is sunday na … 😊😊
Princy – but why ??? 😯😯
Sanky – u know swara gadodiaya …. 😊😊
Princy – yes …. she was one of the topper of school … 😊😊
Sanky – she is my wife … I want to gift her one day of umher school … ahe misses her school a lot … 😊😊
Princy thinks for sometime and then agrees.
Princy – ok ….
Sanky – thanks … u. Sooooooooooo much …..

Abd cuts the call .

Fb ends .

Swara – oh …… 😊😊
Sanky – so miss swara gadodiya … be ready to enter in ur school … and u can think me as ur frnd …. 😊😊
Swara in mind – mr . Sanskaar maheshwari it is just for u saved me n my daughter from adi …… 😏😏
Swasan enters. Sanskaar tells watchman that he is taken permission from principal . Watchman sees his id card n allows him to go in .

Swasan comes in . Swara was shocked to see her school as it was totally changed .

It was a white building standing on pillars with ground full of green grasses . The whole school was surrounded by trees . There were small plants of different types of floweres .

Swara goes and stands in middle of ground. She turns her face and sees the whole building at a glance . There was a gate for entrance to the main area for the school . Swasan goes inside the gate . The floor was covered with white marbles . the walls were decorated with charts and posters made by students . There was a display board full of photographs of previous students . Swara goes to the board . She sees her photo . She calls sanky who was standing at tge distance and staring swara .

Swara – sanskaar …. come here … I want to show u something … 😊😊

Sanky goes to her .

Sanky – what happend ??? πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Swara shows him the pic. In the pic swara was wearing a white shirt with a grey skirt and a tie with red and black strips . She had made two braids .

Swara – this is pic of when I was in 8th or 9th standard . ….. how is it ???? 😊😊

Sanky – wow … so beautiful … 😊😊

Swara blushes .

Sanky – ok .. this is ur school so u should show me the classrooms …. 😊😊

Swara nods yes .

Sanky remembers something and stops her .

Sanky – stop … 😊😊

Swara – what happened ???? πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

Sanky takes swara to a room . It was a empty room .

Swara – why u brought me here … 😟😟

Sanky – I am coming …. 😊😊
Swara – but where …. 😞😞
Sanky – ohho … u ladies na …. kitne questions phoochti hai … just wait n watch … 😊😊

Sanky goes to his car and brings a box .
Sanky – open this box …. 😊😊
Swara – but … 😞😞
Sanky – I said open …. 😊😊
Swara opens the box .
Sanky – wear this … 😊😊
Swara – u want me to wear this are u sure ???? 😞😞
Sanky – yes … my baby doll …😊😊 {actually guys I forgot to tell u that sanky calls swara baby doll when they are alone . So cute na … 😍😍}
Swara nods yes .
Swara goes and wears the dress.

The end .

Guys sorry if u r feeling this is short and bore … but sorry I was busy coping the links of previous episodes as someone asked me . And I have described u my whole school . Yes guys this is my school only the name is different .

1 . What is the dress which sanky asked swara to wear ???

2. What sanky planned for swara ???

Keep guessing n keep commenting …


  1. Anjali

    Di superb 😍😍 and sorry it’s my last comments as I have my national exams 😒😞 . But I will try to read your ff if I am freeπŸ˜”. I hope you understand meπŸ˜”πŸ˜”. Sorry once again if I hurt you. 😒

  2. Deeksha


    |Registered Member

    Nice dear… Sorry dear I couldn’t comment on the previous ones….. I was busy with my family wedding….. And also be busy for another week….. Don’t worry I will be reading urs but can’t comment….. Sorry…. And lots of love 😘😘😘😘😘

  3. Abirsha


    |Registered Member

    Awesome i think sanskar gave school dress to swara…… Very nice dr…. Pls show flashback want to know how swasan got married….

    • Sanjanaagrawal



      Thnx shan and sorry u will not get past till 1 or two episodes …. but after that once I will start writing then u will definitely know how swasan got married ….

  4. |Registered Member

    Sanju u are an amazing writer….. But give some past stories in next epi…. Awsm….. .

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