swasan – a love story of betrayal episode 25

Hiiii guys I am back … I am very happy today bcoz today I will complete my 25 episodes of the ff at the same time sad bcoz in previouse episodes I got only 9 comments … why ??? U r not liking it ..
In every episodes I used to get atleast 17 to 18 comments but in previous episode I got only 9 …
But don’t worry I will not blackmail u that if u will not comment I will stop writing in .. bcoz I will write for those 9 people who will comment …

Lets start …
At night
Sanky’s room
Sanky was making ruhi eat food .
Ruhi – papa .. thank u … 😊😊
Sanky – why ??? πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Ruhi – ohho … u had saved me from the goons that is why … 😊😊
Sanky – no need to say thank u my princess …. bcoz its my duty more ever I love u … 😚😚
Ruhi – ok … dadoooo … 😚😚
Saying this she hugs sanky . She remembers something n breaks hug .
Ruhi – dadoo… I have an problem … actually that is not mine problem but yours … 😟😟
Sanky – what my princess 😟😟
Ruhi – ohhho … u forgot one thing that what u will ask from mumma in return of saving me ???😟😟
Sanky -what ??? Why will i ask anything from ur mumma ??? 😞😞
Ruhi – ohho … u know na how much mumma loves me and this a goot chance u can ask him anyhting … u ask him to forgive u … 😞😞
Sanky – no my child she will never do this … 😟😟
Suddenly he gets this idea .
Sanky – I have decided what will I ask from her tomorrow . 😏😏
Ruhi – what?? 😊😊
Sanky – no … no… no… I will not tell u .. u will get fo know when I will ask from ur mum . 😏😏
Ruhi – but … 😟😟
Sanky – no .. princess u sleep … u will get to know tomorrow .
Ruhi sleeps .

After that he calls someone . {I will tell u afterwards that whom did he called and what he talked . }

Next morning .
Swaragini sanky uttu and ruhi are eating bf . dp went out of station for some imp work . And ap also accompanied him .

Swara – sanskaar … wo thanks for saving my daughter …. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
Sanky – oh its ok … 😊😊
Swara – u can ask me anything … πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
Sanky – ok …. I want ur ONE DAY … 😊😊
Swara – what ??? One day …. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Sanky – yes 😊😊
Swara – what did u mean … πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Sanky – don’t worry … think me as ur best frnd not as ur ….{he sees ruhi n stops as swara thinks that ruhi doesn’t know anything.} I hope u understood …
Swara first denied but ruhi forced her to yes .
Swara {fake smile }- ok … ok .. I am going ruuu …
Ruhi.- yipeeee …. 😊😊
Swara – but why r u so happy ???πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Ruhi – aavai …. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Swara – ok …. 😞😞
Sanky – {to swara }ok get ready …. 😊😊
Swara goes to get ready .
Its now 10:00 am .
Swara gets ready n comes down.{guys there is no special dress for swara gifted by sanky . }
Sanky – chale …. 😊😊
Swara nods yes and leaves .Swasan sits in car .
Sanskaar blind fold swara . Swasan reaches a place . Sanky opens swara ‘s blindfold . Swasan comes out of the car.
Swara sees the place n was shocked .
Swara – my school … 😞😞
Sanky – yes ur school … 😊😊
Swara – but why u brought me here … 😞😞
Sanky – u once said na { when swasan wgere together means 6 years } that u again want to replenish ur old memories of school bcoz u loved ur school days . 😊😊
Swara – yes … but today school must be closed … bcoz today is sunday ….. ….. 😞😞
Sanky – don’t worry ….

The end .

1. What will sanky do now as school is closed ????

2 . Whom do sanky called n why ???

Keep guessing n keep commenting ….


  1. Anniya

    |Registered Member

    Awsm yr….
    I am so happy, Sanskar ask something….
    I wanna say more thing but don’t getting any words….
    A big wala hug to u for this part…..
    Excited for next part……..

    • Sanjanaagrawal


      Thnx … and no need to write so much .. u can comment in just one word but always comment n thnx for comment … and ur hug is accepted … and next part will be soon …..

  2. SHAN

    |Registered Member

    awesome dr….yesterday i had a pblm in a commenting dr….so i cant comment in many ffs….so that only didnt comment….post soon….

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