swasan -a love story of betrayal episode 23

Hiii guys I am back with another part of my boring ff … I know u all are just bearing me … ok leave all that thanks guys for commenting and sry I can’t reply to all the comments bcoz of busy schedule …

Lets start
Uttra goes and pull the ruhi’s ears firmly .
Uttu with fake anger – hmmm so u think that I am a bad narrator …
Ruhi with fake tears – ahhhhh dard ho raha hai bua …
Sanskaar – Vaise ruhi said correct u r a bad narrator 😝😝
Uttu – bhai …
Sanskaar – first leave my princess’ s ears then talk to me …. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Uttra leaves ruhi’s ears .
Ruhi – bua ab jao .. I want to spend some time with my dadooo … πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Sanky – yes I think so u should go … πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Uttu – bhai … ru … u r bad … 😑😑
Uttra goes while sanru (sanky n ruhi) giggles .

Ruhi – dadooo … now plz start the story … πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Sanky – no .. we will start from tomorrow ….. 😊😊
Ruhi – no. … no … no … 😒😒
Sanky – ruhi … πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
A voice came from behind .
Voice – I told u na ur bua is the best … 😚😚
The voice is none other then of uttu .
Ruhi – yes … u r right … 😚😚
Sanky – tum dono bhi na … ok … but I tell u story from today only … but u r not tired … 😯😯
Ruhi – no…. bcoz I am supergirl of my superpapa … 😚😚
Sanky got teary eyes and hugs ruhi .
Sanky in mind – I lived 6 years without u and ur mumma but now I want to spend them all again ..😒😒
Ruhi breaks hug . She wipes sanky’s tears .
Ruhi – don’t cry dadooo … now I am back na … main sab theekh kar doongi .. 😊😊
Uttra – bas bhai ab no rona dhona … me and ruhi will bring swara bhabhi back to u … u don’t worry bhai… I know u tried many times to tell truth to her .. I also tried but she had given me the kasam of ruhi … lucky bhai also tried but she don’t want to listen anything… 😯😯
Sanky – I will bring my swara back … 😌😌
Uttra nods yes n leaves . Sany started telling the past . (Ruhi had told him from where he had to start .)

A fb is shown .
Everyone reached kolkata .
Engagement day .
Everyone had came . Sanky is waiting for his finance to come. Tara comes. (Naam liya or shetan haazir 😝😝.)
Tara comes to sanky . Swara got teary eyes . Raginitika try to make her calm down.
Sanky was about to make tara wear ring when it accidentally slips from his and falls down near feet of swara .
Swara picks up the ring gives it to sanky and gives a fake smile .
Again sanky was about to make tara wear the ring when lights goes off .
Dp – u all can sit down.. when light will come we can again start with engagement ceremony …
Everyone gets seated down . Suddenly tara’s phone vibrate (as it was on vibration mode .) No one notices this except tara . She sees that caller id first she smiles slightly then she gets frightened .
Tara in mind – if Sanskaar will see get to know that kiska phone hai toh … then …. no… no… no…😟😟
Tara – sanky I am coming … 😟😟
Sanky nods yes and tara goes .
Tara reaches to her room . Suddenly light comes .
Dp – where is tara ????😞😞
Sanskaar – she had gone up …
Dp – swara plz call tara … 😊😊
Swara nods yes and goes upstairs . She was about to enter in her room when she listens something . She is shocked and drags tara to the hall (where everyone is there) and throws him to the floor .
Sanky – what is this swara ????! 😠😠
Swara – ask her only … 😑😑
Sanky – what are u saying … 😠😠
Swara – she is a fraud girl … 😑😑
Sanky -what ???😠😠
Swara shows sanky a video .

The end .

Sorry guys for short update but I am busy writing another article for heltej fans.

1 . what is in tge video ???
2. What will do sanky after seeing the video ???

Keep guessing keep commenting .


  1. Vaikha


    |Registered Member

    Sooo now the twist is gonna happen.. Taras real face will be revealed and this will lead to swasan.. I an super excited to read abt swasan gonna paired.. But whats that surprise?? Hw is shourya gonna react.. Many questions popping out of my mind.. Reaveal it soon dear with a longgg update…

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