swasan -a love story of betrayal episode 19

Hiiii guys … I am back … I want to inform helly fans that helly is dancing on the famous song cham cham of movie bhaagi on girst episode of jdj season 9 …. just waiting for her performance ….

Lets start
Shourya and swara comes to meeting room as they want to make the presentation .
Shourya – swara …. 😊😊
Swara – yes sir … 😞😞
Shourya – no… need to say me sir … call me by my name shourya …. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Swara – but sir …. 😞😞
Shourya – again sir I said call me shourya … I think so u r 1- 2 years younger than me and I don’t want to u call me sir. … that’s my order … πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Swara – ok as u say sir …. I mean shourya … 😞😞
Shourya – good … πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ so lets start making the presentation … 😊😊
Swara – ok … 😊😊
Shourya and swara started making presentation . They took nearly 6 hours to complete the presentation without a break . Today the whole work sanskaar was staring swara lovingly while swara ‘s whole concentration is on work .
Swara – shourya all work done … πŸ‘πŸ‘
Shourya – kk …. lets go for a coffee…. 😊😊
Swara – but sir …. my sisters are alone in house and I ahve to leave …. and I have to do packing also….. 😞😞
Shourya – kk …. 😞😞
Swara – I should show presentation to sir … 😊😊
Shourya – ok u go and show him😞😞 presentation. …
Swara nods yes and leaves.

In sanky’s cabin
Swara – may I come in sir.😊😊
Sanky – yes miss swara come in have u made the presentation … 😊😊
Swara – yes sir … 😊😊
Swara comes to table and sits on chair .

Sanky – yes miss swara show … m…e …😧😧
Suddenly he started coughing . He gets up to drink water . Suddenly someone comes and hugs him from behind. Swara became sad seeing her .
Person – hi jaan how are u ???? 😍😍
Sanky breaks hug turn around . He was suprised to see tara there ….
Sanky – tara …. my jaan …😍😍(swasan don’t kill me after reading this statement . )
Swara got teary eyes .
Swara – sir …. I think I should leave … 😒😒
Sanskaar – yes …. ur right swara u should leave … I want to spend some time with my jaan …. 😍😍(I know guys after reading this satement u all want to kill me but sry yaar what to do sanky loves tara. )
Sanskaar – jaan I am going to dehli for a businesss deal … will u also come with me .. 😚😚
Tara – yesss…. why not jaan … 😚😚
Saying this he hugs sanky .(I know swasan just want to kill me but control ur self . )
Swara was about to cry when she handle herself and moves out of his cabin. He goes out of office and sits in her scooty and started to drive it . She reaches home . Raginitika was gossiping when swara enters witg teary eyes and goes to her room and shuts the door .
Ragini -what happened to di ?????😯😯
Swastika – I think so she is upset bcoz of tara …😯😯
Ragini – I think so we should talk to her and make her understand that sanskaar sur is not her ‘s . 😯😯
Swastika – but this is not the right time to talk with her …. we should for the right time . 😯😯

Next morning .
Swasan raglak and swarya (swastika n shourya ) are ready to leave for dehli .

At airport
Ragini is shocked to see lakshya there .
Ragini – u are also coming … 😲😲
Lak – yes I am also coming but why are u asking this ???? πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Ragini in mind – wow he is also coming maza aa gaya …. 😍😍
Lak – what are u thinking ??? πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Ragini – nothing … 😊😊

Swara – bate ho gayi hai toh chale …. 😁😁
ragini in ears of swara – what this tara is doing here …. she is also coming with us ????😯😯
Swara nods yes .
Swastika in mind – oh no this tara … now di will be sad seeing sanky sir and tara ‘s closeness .😯😯
Everyone leaves and sits in plane . Soon they reacb dehli .
They land on airport and took a cab to maheshwari ‘s farm house (actually guys there is a farm house of maheshwari’s in dehli u can say it as a farm house or just as their own house.)
Everyone reaches there . They comes inside. Everyone is having there seprate rooms .

At night
Everyone is sitting on table and having dinner . Suddenly sanky’s phone rings .
Sanky pics up the call .
Caller- hello I an spekaing from kingfisher company. 😊😊
Sanskaar – yes we have landed on dehli 😊😊
Caller – sorry sir but meeting is posponed . 😞😞
Sanskaar gets angry and stands up from his chair . Everyone is tensed to see sanky .
Sanky – why ????? U know we have came from kolkata …. 😠😠
Caller – sorry sir … 😦😦
Sanky – give ur phone to the CEO of the company. 😠😠
Caller gives phone to CEO Mr.raman bhalla .
Raman – hello …. 😎😎
Sanky – how can u do this Mr.bhalla … 😠😠
Raman – sorry mr.maheshwari but my daughter aaliya is not well she is suffering from from severly typhoid …. sge is admitted in hospital …. we want to inform u but ur no. Was switched off ……sry … πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
Listening her daughter condition sanky calms down and say in low tone – it’s ok …. take care of ur daughter ….. we will do meeting after one week … 😊😊
Raman – thank u so much …. 😊😊
And cuts the call .
Everyone together – what happened ??? 😞😞
Sanskaar tells everything .
Tara – what will we do here now for one week ????
Raginitika – masti …. 😊😊
Suddenly raginitika realized that they said this in front of their di’s boss .
Sanky – ok …. 😊😊
Everyone – yipeeeeeee

Fb end .
Ruhi -now u will tell me about their masti in dehli ….
Uttra nods yes.

Next morning
Everyone is eating bf when someone rings the door bell . Swara goes to open it. A lady and a small girl was standing there .

The end.

So guys how was the epi I know it is little small …. but I am busy with my studies ….

so now what will happen in the past ???

And who is lady and the small girl ?????

Keep guessing keep commenting …


  1. Anjali

    Yes di I am eagerly waiting to watch helly performance πŸ˜πŸ’œπŸ’œ. And today ep was amazing . πŸ‘Œ

  2. Samaira

    Yapee. Nw ur regular. Awsome. Be always regular.
    … U want to know about meher di’s ff. name of her ff:
    *kuch iss tarah 2
    *yeh dooriya
    both are amazing. We have many ff comon.

    • Sanjanaagrawal



      Yes I will be regular ….. but I can’t update this sunday I think so but don’t worry I will be regular ….. and thanks for meher di’s ff….

  3. Samaira

    Why this study dont leave us(lol) what do dying in it. N u watch hei mahabatei seril ha. So hifi. But is ruhi played ruhanika dawan.

  4. Vidhi

    Me too waiting for HELLY😊😊😊😊n episode for awesome dear…. Loved it… 😘😍😘😍😘update soon…

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