swasan -a love story of betrayal episode 18

Hiii ??guys thanks for ur love and support and I am excuting all my plans and I will write for those who are commenting….. ??

Guys I want to tell u that tara is an orphan and lives in an small baadi alone.
Lets start
Mallick ‘s mansion
Swara slapped aditya ….
Aditya – what the hell are u dooing ??
Raj also comes .
Swara – u also know that what can I do …
Raj – why u slapped my son ??????
Swara – ask her only uncle ….. what had he done last night ??
Sanskaar tells everything to raj .
Raj – I can’t believe u can stoop so low … how can u do this with a girl … now I am calling police …. ??
Swara – no need uncle I am giving him last warning as I don’t want to spoil ur reputation …. (to adi) I am giving u last warning after that I will directly hand u to police understood …. aur ek baat yaad rakhna ek aurat wakt aane par sherni ka roop dharan kar sakti hai(guys do u agree with swara ??) … so never underestimate a women … ??
Swara goes leaving shocked sanskaar behind as he had never seen such bold roop of swara …
Sanskaar also goes .
Aadi in mind – I will spoil ur whole life swara just wait and watch ….

Everyone is eating lunch . Someone is keeping eye on them through a window near dinning table .
Swara – where is maa and papa ????
Sanskaar -swara …. he had gone to meet his frnd and will write 4 to 5 days . ??
Swara nods yes.
Suddenly ragini’s phones rings. Its from lakshya . She smiles seeing the caller id .(guys remember lakshya is out of station . )
Ragini in mind – should I pick up or not ??? If di will feel bad …
Her thought was disturbed by swara ‘s voice …
Swara – ragini … I know its from lakshya … pick up the phone I don’t want come between u and lakshaya ??
Ragini smiles and picks up the phone and goes upstairs to talk .
Ruhi – I couldn’t understand what u said mumma …. how are u coming btw chachu and masi …. u r sitting here beside me and chachu is out of station …. so how are u coming btw them.??
Everyone laughs by listening her childish talk .
Swara – uttra …. sanskaar ….u both only make her understand … ??
Uttra – actually ruhi ur chachu and masi love each other …. ??
ruhi – what ???? This is soo good …. means masi is my hone wali chachi …. ??
Swara laughs on this while sanskaar was mermerized to see her .
Sanskaar in mind – I sjould not tell swara about past now I shoukd not proove my innocence now after so many days she had laughed … I should wait for some days … ??
Swara- yes beta u r right …. ??
The person who was keeping eye on them calls a man .
Person – hello aditya sir … (yes guys he called adi the vamp .)??
Adi – yes aakarsh tell me u got any info about taht girl .(yes guys who was keeping eye on them was aakarsh aaditya ‘s pa ) ??
Aakarsh – yes sir the girl anme is swara . In her family is ragini sanskaar uttra lakshya their maa and papa …??
Adi – are buddhu I know all that …. tell me other info . ??
Aakarsh – yes sir …. one more info …. one family member ruhi is there …
Adi – what who is she ?????
Aakarsh – I don’t know she was calling swara as mumma and sge was looking just of 6 to 7 years ..??
Adi in mind – so she is the daughter of swasan but dad never told me about it …. ??
Adi – ok aakarsh u come back from there … I want to tell u a plan …. ??
And cuts the call . Aadarsh leaves from there .(guys I will reveal the paln later .)

At night
Uttra ‘s room
Uttra – so aange badhe … ??
Ruhi nods yes .
A fb is shown
Swara tells raginitika that shourya are also coming .
Swastika – wow I can spend time with shourya …??
Swara – hey kahan kho gaye tum …. ??
Swastika – kahin nahi …
Swara – ok now I am leaving for office ..??
Swara leaves for office

At mm
Shourya was sitting in his room thinknig about swara.
Shourya – swara …. swara …. swara … ?? u r so beutiful … ur smile just make me mad. …. (guys me too feel same gor our swara . She is so cute if I started describing her now then whole day will be wasted in this only . ??) I love u …. hey she work in bhai ‘s office .. I should also go to office … I should talk to bhai … ??

Shourya goes to sanky ‘ s room .
Shourya knocks on the door .
Sanky – come in .??
Shourya comes in .
Sanky – aaj tumhe apne bhai ki yaad kaise aa gai …. ??
Shourya – wo aise hi … nothing??
Sanky – bye. …. ??
Shourya – bye ??????
Sanky – so u only said na that u don’t have any work … ?? so bye ….
Shourya – no …. no …. actually papa had said taht I should go to dehli with u …??
Sanky – so …??
Shourya – so I should also come office with u …. then I only get to know what is the presentation ??
Sanky – but suddenly so much change in u …. ??
Shourya – this means yes or no …??
Sanky – of course yes …. ??
Shourya hugs sanky and says – thanks bhai …. ??
Shourya leaves .
Sanky – daal main kuch kaala hai.. ??
Sanky and shourya also leaves for office .

Maheshwari ‘s office
Swara reaches office . Sanskaar and shourya had already reached office .
Jyoti – miss swara … sanskaar sir is calling in his cabin .
Swara in mind – kya baat karni hogi … ??
Swara goes to sanky ‘s cabin .
Shourya was also there .
Swara comes in .
Swara – may I come in …. ??
Sanky nods yes.
Sanky – miss swara …. I want to tell u that shourya will also helo u in this presentation.
Swara – ok ….
Shourya smiles.
Shourya – chale …
Swara – yes ….
Swara and shourya leaves.
The end .

Sorry guys for less present scenes today an next part will be whole past .

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  2. Awesome dear…. Loved it….. ?????update soon….

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  4. Awesome
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  6. Hey sanju. I m comnting in ur ff frist tym. When start to read saing truth i didnt like it(chill)but now its going full intresting n yr always dont get tym to comnt.sory
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  7. N love it. Keep continue. Nw trust me i rely love it.

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      Hello samaira … when I read first two lines of ur cmt I was shocked plus sad but when I read ur whole comment I became very happy ….. but can u tell me why u don’t like my ff firstly bcoz I can improve that fault …. and u can call me sanju ….
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  8. Hi sanju your ff is awesome + superb as always. Yesterday I had sent you a comment did you read it ??:-[ sorry if I hurt you . please reply this . And yaar please update soon .

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    Feeling like like this adi……
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  10. Aww really helly is super cute,pretty,bold she is jus perfect..i love her..nd give links of last parts in nxt one bcz its hard to find last one in TU…

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    awsome epi…… ?
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    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      So this is the reason …. ok I am happy that u are enjoying my ff …. and I am also glad that u loved my previous ff …. and I will try to give its season 2 … and can u plz give me the name of meher ‘s ff …

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        Kuch ish Farah,yeh hai dooriya
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    Awesome loved it update next part soon plz

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    omg, wish aditya doesn’t do a bad thing to swara… luv it sanju
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  16. Awesome..wish aditya shuldnt harm swara nd ruhi..nd wat dis shaurya is upto??update nxt part soon

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      Thanks let see what adi will do and don’t worry about shourya he is not like adi … I will update next today only …

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