swasan -a love story of betrayal episode 17

Hii guys? I am back … I had replied to ur comeents…
I had planned many things for my ff but I will not excute all … I will tell u the whole truth soon and end my ff bcoz of less coments …. ?? if u want me to excute all my plans so plz comt all else I will end it in 10 to 11 episodes….

Lets start
Uttra ‘s room
Uttra sits on sofa and recalls something .
A fb is shown
Everyone is enjoying the party but adi was cookibg something in his mind . He calls a waiter . Two pairs of eyes is watching all this .
Adi – waiter…. do one favour for me …??
Waiter – yes sir …??
Adi mixes something in a glass of juice.
Adi – give this juice to that mam? (pointing towards swara ) who is wearing pink dress .
Waiter – but .. ??… but what have u mixed in it ….
Adi keeps a bundle of money on the waiter ‘s tray .
Adi -now u can do it …??
Waiter – thanks sir …??
Waiter goes . The two pairs of eyes who was watching all this is of uttra . Uttra understood that adi is going to give this drink tto swara . Suddenly an idea struck in her mind .
Uttra says to some children – beta … u all have play a game …??
Children – what ?????
Uttra – u all have to run very fast pushing the tray which that waiter?? (pointing towards the same waiter . ) is having . And don’t worry no one scold u I am here na …
Children – ok… ??
Waiter was going to give drink to swara when children comes and pushes the plates . All the drinks fall on the floor . Aditya plan failed . He was about another plan when raj calls him.
Raj – come her beta ??
Aditya – coming dad …. ??
Fb end.
Uttra opens her eyes .
Uttra in mind – thank god….that day I have saved babhi from that ba**stard .??
Ruhi notices her .
Ruhi goes to her and says – bua … plz mujhe batao aange kya hua. ….??
Uttra nods yes .
A fb is shown .
Everyone is enjoying the party . Anchor comes on the stage and the anchor none other than our lucky .
Lucky – ladies. …..and gentleman …. may I have ur attention plz …. ??
Everyone looks at him .
Lucky – everyone knows that today is our bhai’s birthday so I want bhai and our hone wali bhabhi to come on stage and dance …??
Sanskaar gives him a death glare while tara smiles.
Both comes on stage and they dances on hua hai aaj pheli bar …. they are so close to each otger that swara is burning in jealousy ??. She also don’t know why but she can’t see tara and sanky ‘s closeness. She closes her eyes tightly and tears started to fall from her eyes . ?? but she hides it .

Soon the party gets over .

Next morning
At gm
Swaraginitika was eating bf .
Swara – u know na I am going delhi tomorrow so take care of urself … I do don’t know when I will return . ??
Raginitika – can we also coem with u …
Swara – but what will u do there ?????
Ragini – plz … plz…. plz ….??
Swara – ok baba … theek hai … ?? but first I have to tell sir … if he will say yes than only u all can come .
Raginitika – ok ….?

At mm
Everyone is silently eating breakfast when sanky brokes the silence .
Sanky – maa I am going to delhi tomorrow for an important presentation . Swara is also coming with me …. ??
Dp – but wiill he will be able to make presentation bcoz this meeting is very imp for our conpany. ??
Sanky – don’t worry I will handle everything … ??
Dp nods yes .
Shourya in mind – swara is also coming…. I can spend time with her … I should go … ??
Shourya – sanky bhai … can I also come with u …??
Dp – yes u should go by this u can learn how to manage company this is good for ur future. ….
Sanky – ok. ….. ??
Suddenly sanky phone rings .its from swara .
Sanky – yes miss swara ??
Swara – sir … my sister ragini and swastika is also coming … can they come. …
Sanky after thinking – ok …?? and shourya is also coming ….
Swara – ok thanks sir …. ??

And cuts the call .

Lucky – what happened bhai ??
Sanky – nothing … swastika and ragini is also coming …
Lakshya in mind – what ragini is also coming I should also go…. ??
Lakshya – can I also come bhai …
Dp – yes u should also go … ??
Sanky – ok but suddenly what happened to both of u …. ??
Lucky and shourya – nothing …. ??

Fb ends .

Uttra – now today this much only …

Ruhi – ok …

Screen shifts to another mansion where a man (man1 ) was giving talking to another man.(man 2)
Man 1 – hello aakarsh(his pa means man 2 ) …
Aakarsh – yes aaditya sir …
(Yes guys than the man 1 is none other than the vamp aditya .)
Adi – I am giving u a picture of a girl and her address and want each and every information of that girl .
Aakarsh – ok sir ….
Adi sends the pic of swara .
Adi cuts the call .

Adi laughs evily . ??
Adi – swara n sanky …. I will not harm u but I will ur the most loved one …. ??

Ragini ‘s room
Swara is lying unconcious on bed . Doc is checking her .
Doc – don’t worry mr. Khanna she is fine …. she will gain conciousness till morning … ??
Sanskaar – are u sure doc ?????
Doc nods yes and leaves .
Sanskaar – ragini I will taje care my shona …. u go and sleep in my room … ??
Ragini nods yes and goes.
Sanskaar comes holds the hand of swara and cares her hairs. He kisses on her forehead .
Sanskaar – swara … I have hold ur hand to never leave it …. and I’ll promise I will never leave it …. ??

Next morning.
Swara gained conciousness . she sees sanky sleeping beside her keeping his head on the bed . She unknowingly smiles. Suddenly she remembers that what happened last night how she had vomit and the fall unconcious but after that she doesn’t remembered anything. She tries to get up when sanskaar hold her .
Sanky – aaram se ….. ??
He keeps a pillow beside her and make her rest on it.
Swara – what happened last night I couldn’t remember anything … ??
Sanskaar keeps her eyes down in shy .
Sanskaar – actually. …..
He tells everything to swara . Both got teary eyes .
Swara – I want to go to adi ‘s house …??
Sanskaar – but …. ??
Swara – plz …. ??
Sanskaar – ok …??

Swasan leaves for adi ‘s house .
Adi’s house .
Swara comes in . Sanky follows her .
Swara – aditya ….. aditya …. ??
Aditya – what happened ???? ??
Aditya feels slap on his face .

Screen freezes .

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  1. Heltej

    Sajna dont end it of the sudden… Chappter was awesome

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Thanks … and I am not ending it … thanks for supporting me …. ??

  2. Anniya

    Don’t end it, go as u plan before……
    I can’t comment so big ,because I can’t understand what to write….
    In few words, it’s beyond suberb…

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Thanks anniya and I will go as I had planned …. u don’t need to comment big …. u can just cmt in 1 word …. ??

  3. Dharani

    very nice

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Thanks Dharani ….. ??

  4. Hi Sanjanaagrawal I must say it’s awesome and I am a swasan and raglak fan :-* 🙂

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Hi I am sanjana u can call me sanju if u want ….. and I am swasan fan …. but I like raglak too….. ??

      1. Can I call you do:-) I will be very happy

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Thanks anu ……

  5. Aahna


  6. Hi…. I want to say that plz don’t end this… Plz…. N ur profile photo n status is good I am also a die heart fan of HELLY….. She is soo cute….just love her…. N coming to episode it was Awsome dear…. Loved it ??????update soon….

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Thanks vidhi …. so u are also a die heart fan of helly …. u can also update ur profile pic and write status if u get registered on telly updates …. I am not forcing u just telly updates and once again thanks ….

  7. I mean di yaar

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Ok u can call me anything

  8. Tamanna

    Hey it’s awesome.. Please don’t end it….I am waiting for next one

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Thanks tamanna and I will not end it … and I will update next today only ….

  9. Khushiii

    Awesome episode and plzzzz execute all your plans plzzz (bada wala please)

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Thanks khushii and I will excute all my plans thanks for Love n support ….

  10. nice..dont end it so soon..

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Thanks and I will not end it soon ….

  11. Abirsha

    Hey its awesome dr…. U told me not to end but u r planning to end??? Dont do it dr….

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Sorry shan and I will not end it soon …… and thabks for ur support ….

  12. Soujanya


    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Thanks soujanya …..

  13. SNY

    I’m yaz!!Superb epi dr.!!..

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Thanks yaz….

  14. Vyshu10


    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      Tahnks vyshu …

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