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Recap – swasan moments …. laksh shourya and sanky ‘s bond . Swara goes for interview ..

Lets start
Sanskaar – ok … if u want the job … so u have complete a task ..

Swara opens her eyes firmly and sees sanskaar . Her eyes got stuck on sanskaar .

Sanskaar – helllloooo miss…

Jyoti – gadodiya ….

Jyoti shakes swara . Swara comes into senses .

Swara – sry …. sir …. yes I am ready to do the task …

Sanskaar – ok ….. u had prepare a very well presentation within 2 days … we have to present it in front of kingfisher company …. after 2 days we have to go to for a meeting to delhi …

Swara – but sir only 2 days …

Sanskaar – thats only ur task …{to jyoti} tell her about the meeting and presentation …

Jyoti nods yes .

Sanky was about to go when he thinks something and stops .

Sanky – jyoti … invite her for my birthday party …

Sanky goes .
Swara was still thinking about sanskaar how he hugged her how talks how he walks . She had just fell fer him .

Jyoti – miss gadodiya today is sanskaar sir ‘s birthday she had invited all of their staff members with their family . So u also come … ok …

Swara happily nods yes .

Jyoti tells swara the address .

Jyoti – now I will tell u about the job and presentation .
Fb ends .

Ruhi – wow tomorrow u will tell about papa’s birthday party … but can I ask u one thing .

Uttra nods yes .

Ruhi – where is shourya chachu and swastika masi had gone now .

Uttra sadly – u will get to know soon .

Next morning .

Everyone was sitting on dinning table . Sanskaar comes down . Swara was cutting about apple but thinking about what happened last morning how sanskaar hold her in his arms and took her to her room …. suddenly her finger got cut from knife. Swara stands in pain .

Swara – aaahhhhhhh

Sanskaar – swara …

Sanskaar goes to swara and sees her finger . Although it was a very short cut but sanky is geeting worried as if she had met with an accident .

Sanskaar – are u ok …. DHAYAN KAHAN REHTA HAI TUMHARA … come on now sit …

Sanskaar make her sit and brings first aid box . Sanskaar comes and puts bandage on swara ‘s finger . Swara was seeing him with a slight smile. Suddenly she remembers something .

Sanskaar – BAS BOHOT HO GAYA …

Ruhi – why are u shouting on pa…. I mean sanskaar uncle ?????

Swara – nothing ru ….

Sansksar – ruhi beta she is litte angry with me …. don’t worry …. everything will be fine ….{to swara }- tomorrow I organized a party …. in an hotel …its just of office and staff members and some business rivals … will u come with me ….

Swara – NO … NEVER ….

Sanskaar – its for the opening of sargam music acadmey …. if u want then I can cancel the party .

Swara – no…. no need I will come with u ….
Sanskaar smiles .

Swara – don’t smile this is not for u but for music …. I love muaic thats why. ….

At night

Ruhi – auntie … sorry …. sorry …. sorry I mean bua ….. ab batao ange kya hua…..

Uttra – wait …. wait bata rahi huuuu..

A fb is shown .

Swara reached home with dull face. Raginitika were sitting in sofa and gossiping {guys I also like to gossip with my frnds ??}

They notices swara.

Ragini- what happened di …

Swara comes and sits on sofa .

Swara – wo ragu ….. actuallly. …

Swara tells everyting to raginitika what hapoened in office .

Swastika – so u fell for him …. hmmm… hmmm….. batao batao ….

Swara unknowingly blushes.

Swara – no … no …. nothing like this…. how can I fell for him just seeing him once …

Raginitika – jhoot bole … kaua kaate …

Swara – just shut up ….

Raginitika – ok…..ok…. sorry ….

Ragini – waise. … di it is called love in first sight. ..

Swara – just shut up aisa kuch nahi hai. …….

Swastika – aachaa… deekh hai …. but when he hugged u how do u felt ….

Swara recalls that moment . She was unknowingly smiling at that time….

Swara {lost in another world I mean not in her senses } – I felt that he should not leave me ever ….. just hold me forever …

The end .

Precap – {Past }- sisters talk . Swara comes to sanskaar ‘s party .
{Present } – swara goes to party and someone try to molest her .

Credit to: sanjana (daddy's little princess)

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