swasan -a love story of betrayal episode 13


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Plz guys sujest me someone for swastika’s and shouraya ‘s role .

Recap – uttra tells ruhi that sanky is his father .{ Past } swara ragini and swastika ‘s bond . Swasatika is swaragini ‘s cousin sister and after her parents death she live with swaragini .

Lets start

Swara breaks the hug .
Shekhar – my princesses had forgoten me …
Swaraginitika { swaragini and swastika} goes and hugs shekhar .

Swaraginitika – thanks baba …. love u..

Mishti – mujhe bhool gaye tum log …

Mishti also goes and hugs them .

Here on the other side .
A big mansion is shown . A boy was shown searching for her moblie .

Boy – maaa… where is my mobile phone.

Mom- beta search for it na …

Suddenly he realized something .

Boy – where is lakshya and shourya ??

Mom – why u r searching for them… sanskaar beta …

Yes the boy is none other than our sanky and mom is ap .

Sanky – bcoz I know they had taken my mobile phone …

Ap – they are in the garden .

Sanskaar goes in the garden .

Two boys are giggling ….

Boy 1 – now bhai will not able to go to office today … as he can’t lives without mobile

Boy 2 – plus our hone wali bhabhi

Both gives hifi …

Suddenly they feel that someone is pulling their ears .

Sanskaar – lucky … shouraya …

Yes the boy1 is shourya and boy 2 is lucky .

Luckarya{ lucky and shourya }- sorryyy..

Sanskaar snatches mobile phone from her .

Sanskaar – its ok but don’t do this again …

Luckarya – ok ….

Sanskaar – but why have done this …

Lucky – today is ur birthday and today also u will go to office …

Sansakar – yes …. why not …

Lucky – but what about our tara bhabhi…. I mean to be bhabhi …
{Guys sanky loves tara …. and was going to maary him when something happened that he married swara .}
Sanskaar – u don’t worry I will return from office early …

Luckarya – thanks bhai …

Shourya – call ur staff members also …

Sanskaar nods yess ..

Fb ends .

Uttra – for today this much only … ok …

Ruhi.-ok …. mumma and papa’s love story is very interesting … but who is this tara aunty … does she really loves my papa

Uttra – n…. no I will not tell u the answer all this is suspense … ok now sleep …

Ruhi sleep .

Next morning .

Everyone is eating bf .

Sanskaar was standing in the hall . {Dining room and hall are attached . Everything will be visible from dining room .}

Swara comes down . She slips bcoz of fallen water and closes her eyes when someone holds her . She opens hsr eyes and sees sanky . A little smile appear on her lips . Sanskaar also smiles back . The share a cute eyelock .
Every family member sees this all are happy especially uttra and ruhi except ap .
Ap in mind – all this is my fault I only selected her as my bahu …… my son don’t want to her but I forced him .

Sanskaar – are u ok .

Swara nods yes .

He makes swara stand . She can’t able to walk properly .

Swara – aaaahhhhh

Sanskaar – are u ok …

Swara – I can’t move …

Sanky – I think so moch aa gai hai …

Sanskaar picks swara in bridal style and take her to her room . Swara was seeing him with cute smile . Suddenly she remembers something and her smile vanished .

Sanskaar makes her lay on bed . Sanskaar was about to go when swara’s locket get entangled in sanskaar’s shirt button .

Swara trys to distangle it when sanky says – swara tum kitni bhi koshish kar lo hum kabhi bhi alag nahi ho sakte …

Swara burns in anger and cuts it with a scissor kept nearby .

Swara – this will never happen .

Sanskaar goes .

At night

Ruhi comes to uttra’s room with a teddy in her hand .

Uttra – aagai tum …

Ruhi goes and sits beside uttra – so now tell me ….. what happened next …

A fb is shown

At sanskaar’s office

Sanskaar goes to his cabin when he sees some girl standing . Her back was facing him . Sanskaar thinks that she is tara so he hugs him from behind and closes his mouth so she can’t interrupts .

Sanskaar – tara….. now no onw will come between u and me . …

Just then his pa jyoti comes .

Jyoti in mind – why sanskaar sir is hugging this girl who came for interview from behind .

Jyoti- sir … why are u hugging this girl ???
Sanskaar breaks the girl but girl is in the same position.

Sanskaar – so why can’t I hug my tara ???

Jyoti – but sir she is not tara … she is the girl came fir interview …

Sanskaar makes girl face him …..

Swara eyes was closed in fear .

Sanskaar – why had u not told me that u r not tara ???

Swara – becoz u had not given me any chance …. and u closed my mouth ….

Sanskaar – ok now no need to give me the interview ….

Swara {her eyes is still closed .}- sir ….plz don’t do this to me….
She bends on her knees .
Seeing her in this condition sanskaar thinks something .

The end .
Precap – Sanskaar tells swara some task to get this job . Swara is attracted towards sanky . Sanskaar invites swara in sanskaar ‘s birthday party .

Credit to: sanjana (daddy's little princess)

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