swasan -a love story of betrayal episode 11

Hey guys I am having time so I am giving u a short update …..

Libk to episode 10
Episode 10

Lets start
Uttra goes to her room . She sits on bed and starts crying .
Uttra in mind – no…. I can’t bear sanskaar bhai’s sadness … I will unite swara bhabhi and sanskaar bhai … but how swara bhabhi is not ready to listen anything …. she still thinks bhai had done that … no I can’t let this happen .. but how can I tell her …

Suudenly she sees ruhi’s photo kept on the table and something struck in her mind .

Uttra in mind – I can take the help of ruhi …. first I will tell everything to ruhi and then she can tell to swara bhabhi that bhai is innocent … yes .. .

Mm’s hall
Swaragini was sitting in sofa . Swara was doing her office work and ragini was reading a novel. Ap and dp and uttra were in their respective rooms .
Sanskaar had gone out for somework .ruhi was in her room . And as usual lakshya was in office .

Just then 2 people come

Swaragini sees them .

Swaragini (with teary eyes ) – ma… baba ..

Yes they are none other than shekhar and sarmiahta .

Swaragini goes and hug them .

Sarmishta – lado … shona … how are u ??? And where is our granddaughter or grandson???

Swara – maaa…. she is in her room .

Shekhar – she means we had a granddaughter .

Swara nods yes .

Ap and dp comes .

Sarmishta – wo toh aachha hua ki durga parasad ji ne hame bata diya (pointing towards ap) nahi to koi hane batana hi nahi chahta tha….

Shekhar – mishti ….

Just then sanskaar comes with her bags and suitcases .

Ap – beta… now u will live here only .

Sanskaar – yes where will my wife will live I will there only .

Swara – ragini maa… baba … take maa nad baba inside and make them meete ruhi .

Ap – ragini after 20 mins I want out them out of my house .

Ap goes off angrily . Dp goes after her .

Sarmishta shekhar and ragini goes to meet ruhi.

Swara – sanskaar due u want this to happen….. my mumma and ur mumma hates each other… they are enemies …. I am here just because maa (ap) want to live with her granddaughter … and plz tum yahan se chale jao .

Sanskaar – I have also the right to live with my daughter .

First she don’t want sanskaar to live in the house but then she agrees.
Swara – ok ….

Swara goes .

Sanskaar – swara … love will again blossom between us and I will prove me innocent in these 10 days …

The end .
Next update on thursday.

Precap – uttra tells ruhi that sanskaar is hia father and start telling hum about the past.
(Past )- swara is searching for a job in newspaper and decides to work in maheshwari ‘s company . Swara ragini and swastika ‘s bond .

Credit to: sanjana (daddy's little princess)


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