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Hiii guys I have some time so I am giving you a update early .

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Episode 9

Lets start

Sanskaar angrily – who had locked the door of washroom from outside ???? Just tell me fast …

Suddenly a maid recalls someting .

The maid was passing by the washroom .

Maid in mind – I think so no one is in the washroom …. I should lock the door from outside .

She locked the door feom outside without checking that somwone is inside .

Fb ends .

The maid became frightened .
Sanskaar can clearly see fear in that maid eyes .
Sanky angrily(pointing to the same maid ) – so u have locked the door . Say it clearly ……

Maid nods in yes .

Sanskaar to manager – hey u manager … isko job se nikalo or else I will close this mall forever. ……

Manager nods in yes. She throws maid out of the mall. Ruhi is still crying .
Sanskaar bends on his knees and hugs ruhi .

Sanky – what is your name ??????

Ruhi (teary eyes)- my name is ru….hi ….
Ruhi singhania …
Sanky in mind – this is the same name which me and swara decided to keep of our daughter ….

Ruhi was about to ask his name when he thinks something …

Ruhi in mind – mumma is taking tension of me …. I had to go ….

Ruhi to sanskaar – uncle can I go now ..

Sanskaar nods in yes .
Sanky in mind .- I should ask the name of her mumma ….

He turned around to ask her but till then she had gone .

Her in swara ‘s side …

Swara with fear in her eyes – till now ruhi had not came ….

Rags – don’t worry di she would be coming …..

Just the ruhi comes .
Swara hugs ruhi . She breaks the hug.
Swara – why are u so late ???
Ruhi tells everthing to swara that how sanskaar helped him to come out from the washroom .
Swara – ruuu …. where is that man ??? What is his name ????

Ruhi – I don’t know mumma ….

Swara – but I wnat to thank him …

Ragini – don’t worry di we will thank him afterwards .

Swara nods yes .

Next morning
Khanna ‘s office
Sanskaar was thinking about ruhi her cutness her voice her eyes ….. when a employee comes .

Employee – we are suffering from 5 lakshs loss sir ..

Sanky angrily – what ???

Employee – yes sir … sir … bcoz our rivals mallick and sons got a project from the famous company …

Sanky – which company ?????

Employee – maheshwari and sons …. we should get that project ….

Sanky – I will get that project …

Just then her pa jyoti comes .
Jyoti – employee you go .
Jyoti – how can u go to that house ….. u had not gone there from 6 years. …
Sanky – I know …. but this project is very important as I need money to build sargam music academy …mm my shona …. my swara loves music and this is for her only ……. I know I have much money but I need 2 lakhs more ..
Jyoti – ok as u wish sir …
Sanky – I am going to maheshwari mansion …. to talk to papa …
Jyoti nods yes .

Sanskaar leaves for mm ….

Everyone is eating breakfast when sanky reaches there . He rings the bell .

Ap -ramu kaka see someone is there on the door .

Ruhi – ramu kaka u serve the breakfast ….. I ‘ ll go and open it .

Ruhi goes to open the door .
Sanskaar is shocked to see ruhi while ruhi smiles .
Sanskaar – beta …. u here ….
Ruhi – uncle u here …..
Ruhi pulls sanskaar inside .
Sanskaar while going in – I am feeling as if I am going close to my swara ….

Ruhi – mumma u want to thank that mall wale uncle …… he is one who saved me that day …….

Swara sees sanskaar and sanskaar sees swara . Both are shocked to see each other ..

Ruhi – he is the one I met in the mall .

Ap uttra and dp have teary eyes . Ap goes and hugs sanskaar …

Ap – I missed u beta …. u r back beta …. after 6 years …. u r back ….

Sanskaar is mum . ….. he was looking swara with teary eyes . He goes and hugs swara . Swara recalls each and every moment she spent with sanskaar but suddenly she realized the day …. and break the hug .
Swara – ruhi beta …. u go in ur room and play …

Ruhi – but mumma …. I want to spent time with … unclde he is too good ….

Sanskaar – mumma …..

Ruhi – yes uncle she is my mumma …

Swara – ruuuuuuu plz go in beta If u will go in I will give u ice – cream …

Ruhi – but choc wala ….

Swara – ok …

Ruhi goes in .

Sanskaar – he is our daughter ….

Swara – not our …… only my daughter….

Ap angrily – he is my son’s daughter also ….

Sanky angrily – maaa…. plz u plz keep quiet …
Sanky with low voice – shonaaaa…. how r u I know u will be back one day …

Swara – I am not back …

Swara tells everything to sanky how ruhi wants to come to kolkata and how they reached mm.
Swara – so …. I am here for just 10 days … u get that …

Swara goes .

Sanky in mind – swara … I have not done anything …. I will not let u go swara ….

Uttra have teary eyes .

The end .

I think so guys u are not liking my ff . If not so plz tell me …. I will stop it …

Ans in yes or no I should continue it or not ..

Next update in 11 july .

Precap – uttra decides to tell everything to ruhi what happened in the past . Sarmiahta and shekhar comes to meet swara .
(Past )- swara is searching for a job and she decides to work in maheshwari ‘ company .

Credit to: sanjana (daddy's little princess)

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