swasan – love in the space ss promo

Hello friends sinin here. I want to start a short story on our favourite swasan. This ss is based on my favourite novel. I am going to bring some changes.

In 3011
All people are preparing for the launch of a space ship nik 214 .It is not first time that people are going in the space but this time is very special.
A young woman of mid twenty is bidding bye to her mother.
Mother: take care swara
Swara : don’t worry ma I’ll be back soon.

The head of science depertment announced ” people of naina today is a glorious day for us. Today we’re transferring a big “cargo” in world research centre which is located at Mars. I officially hand over the responsibility to our general nud.
All selected person along with swara boards on space ship.
Suddenly a person came running to the head and says something.
The head : oh my god what a disaster! Stop the space ship.
But it was too late. The ship was gone with 300 passengers.

That was the promo. If I get good number of comments I will continue. Let’s see if swasan rocks on space too.

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  1. Deeksha

    Nice intro….

  2. Awesome , very different from others , plz continue 🙂 , waiting eagerly for next part.

  3. Soujanya


  4. Interesting

  5. It’s very diffferent story…..interesting

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