swasan – love in the space ss (promo-2)


Hello friends . Hope you all are fine. But I am not . I have got very less comments in previous promo.I think there are two reasons one you guys are not interested in science fiction or you don’t like my ff.
Guys I will continue this ss if I get at least 20 comments. If you guys don’t feel it good please tell.

Swara is in engine room. She looking curiously. She is the most junior astronaut here . She is only 19.

She is assisting general nud.
Swara : General can I ask something ?
General : sure lil astronaut.
Swara : what cargo we are taking ?
General : we are taking ” Blumens”
Swara says why aren’t they are humans ?
General : no because….
Captain John came and said General there is a emergency
General hurriedly goes from there.

Swara looks her surroundings. Everywhere in red and BLUE blood. Astronauts dead bodies are are everywhere.
Swara : processor?
Processor : yes
Swara : how many humans are now in you?
Processor : 1

Swara says we have to land the spaceship here. We have no option.
Processor : it’s dangerous
Swara we have to do it.
Suddenly the space moves 180 degree and swara falls. A heavy equipment falls on swara.
Swara : help me someone
She sees a human shape coming towards her .
She says who are you ?
I’m Sanskar , a bluman

That’s it guys please comment. I’ll post her savior tomorrow

Credit to: sinin

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