swasan – love in the space ss (episode 1)


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Swara looks everything carefully. It’s the first time she is on a space ship. She is a little bit nervous. She is assisting general nud. Swara thought he will be very strict but he is very jolly. She gathers courage and ask General why are we taking blumen aren’t they humans and when did we find them?
General smiles seeing her curiosity.
” actually no they aren’t human. Human being brings change gradually but they made changes in them forcefully. They have made their lungs bigger to store oxygen, they made their eyes infraed and altraviolated. So they can even see in dark. They have big amount of copper in their blood. So their body color is blue. We have captured them in the war of moon satellite.
They are total 19 in number.”
Swara : are they dangerous ?

General : actually yes..they are very adamant I’m sure they will do something to take control of spaceship. But don’t worry we have done good security arrangements.
At prison
Jim we have to do something. We can’t sit quietly. Said rira a bluwomen
Jim : what do you say sanskar ? Is everything ready ?
Sanskar a blumen who is as wlid as lion,lost his parents in the war of naina planet. And can do anything to kill human.

Who have never got any mercy from anyone and is very merciless.
Sanskar : all set guys by tomorrow we will be in charge of this space ship. Get ready humans!

Swara goes to sleep peacefully without knowing tomorrow her life will change for ever!

Credit to: sinin

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