Swasan – Love of soldiers (Part 1)


A truck inside it many big box where placed and at a corner a girl is sitting in simple white suit with no make up her hair is tied and teary eyes …..

At gadodiya mansion
Gd mansion is decorated like palace there are many guest who where mainly from military after all today is the marriage of brigadier Shekhar gadodiya’s daughters and brigadier dp’s sons….all of their focus is on entrance
Shekhar -where the hell is she …shermistha look all guests came grooms came
Ragini -papa don’t be angry ….swara will come. ..papa their was an emergency that’s why she has to leave
Dadi-what so emergency she is a police officer not milliatry officer like us Ragini
Dp -be cool she may be on the way don’t stress yrr just Chillax today is Raglak and swasan grand wedding yrr
Sanskar -and moreover swara …my bride she always said her entry in her marriage will be a blast

In truck
The boxes where dispatched in various locations only one box and that girl was left which was moving towards its location

Hi frnds I back after a long holidays. …so I will post my rest of the ff soon
Recap -all where impatiently waiting for swara

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