SWASAN: If this is your love my prince then please trust me [LAST EPISODE]

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay, this post should have been yesterday but something was wrong in my connexion so here we go, the very last episode of this long journey toward the end, thank you all for your support, love and replies… be sure there will be an epilogue and tell me what you’ve thought about it πŸ™‚

Swara’s love words filling the silent night around him, Sanskar drags his feet in the hospital corridors plunged in darkness of the night, a darkness he feels emanating from inside his soulless moving body, a sentiment of endless night started at the moment her lashes closed over her beautiful eyes and knowing no dusk. All this time they lost away from each other for some or other reason making every breath entering his lungs some hurtful than the precedent… Why has their fate chosen to make them pass by so much…



Paas Aaye… Dooriyaan Phir Bhi Kam Na Hui

You came close to me, still the distances (between us) didn’t eradicate

Ek Adhuri… Si Hamari Kahani Rahi…

Our (love)story remained incomplete

Aasmaan Ko Zameen, Ye Zaroori Nahi, Jaa Mile… Jaa Mile…

It’s not necessary that the Sky always gets to meet the Earth

Ishq Saccha Wahi, Jisko Milti Nahi Manzilein… Manzilein…

True love is that love which doesn’t reach its destination
Rang Thhe, Noor Tha, Jab Kareeb Tu Tha
There were colours, there was a glow, when You were besides me

Ek Jannat Sa Tha, Yeh Jahaan…

This world was like heaven

Waqt Ki Ret Pe, Kuch Mere Naam Sa

On the sands of time, something which seemed like my name

Likh Ke Chhod Gaya, Tu Kahaan…

You wrote it and then disappeared leaving me behind


His drugged senses stop him at some room’s side, a glass showing an empty bed and a memory of a small girl griping his pant filling his numb mind… her smile and words melting away in the doctor’s words reasoning inside him:

– I’m sorry Sanskar… Swara slipped in coma…


Hamari Adhuri Kahani…
Our incomplete story

Hamari Adhuri Kahani…
Our incomplete story

Hamari Adhuri Kahani…
Our incomplete story

Hamari Adhuri Kahani…
Our incomplete story


That same voice had explained him at this same place months ago the state of that unknown woman mourned by her small family… a husband and daughter left beside plunging in a coma she will never come out.

“- Love me in him”

The last words she whispered at his ear in a breathless melodious voice he’s dying to hear again, there sound bringing him back days ago in that operation block recalls him the destination his feet were taking before he stopped there.

He finishes by reaching it somehow guided by his instincts as he was aimless since then and to the welcoming nurse at the neonatal service, he couldn’t utter a word, his eyes suddenly animated by an urge to have the only sight he’s in need of at this moment…


Khushbuon Se Teri, Yunhi Takra Gaye…
I collided with Your scent don’t know how
Chalte Chalte, Dekho Na, Hum Kahaan Aa Gaye…
Look while walking how far I’ve come
Jannatein Agar Yahin, Tu Dikhe Kyon Nahin
If this is heaven, then why can’t I see/find You anyplace
Chaand Suraj Sabhi, Hai Yahaan…
The Moon and the Sun are all here
Intezaar Tera, Sadiyon Se Kar Raha
I’ve been waiting for You since decades
Pyaasi Baithi Hai Kab Se Yahaan…
It (the story) is thirsty (incomplete) since so long


His gaze brushes over his tiny figure bringing those dried tears up again unable to force his lips to smile. He’s given a chair and someone is instructing him to how put his hands inside via the special gloves inside so he could reach him… he executes the himself automatically his fingers trying a first contact in a trembling caress then here there was, those huge pearls looking up to him the small fingers wrapping a febrile grip on his finger sending an electric shock through his veins toward his heart… this small part of his Swara was even smiling to him reassuringly those thin lips shaping the most cute form in the world… he smiles back behind his tears whispering:

– You’re also missing HER, hai na small one?


Hamari Adhuri Kahani…
Our incomplete story

Hamari Adhuri Kahani…
Our incomplete story

Hamari Adhuri Kahani…
Our incomplete story

Hamari Adhuri Kahani…
Our incomplete story


Days and nights pass with the same ritual… from Swara’s room to the baccha room, Sanskar’s shade prints a lifeless mark over the hospital’s walls and floors. Family went and came back, he refused to move on still glued on that moment Swara gave him a life taking hers back…


Pyaas Ka, Ye Safar, Khatam Ho Jayega…
This journey of quenching the thirst shall end soon
Kuch Adhura, Sa Jo Tha, Poora Ho Jayega…
Something which was incomplete will get completed soon
Jhuk Gaya Aasmaan, Mill Gaye Do Jahaan
The Skies have bowed down, both the worlds have met
Har Taraf Hai Milan Ka Samaa…
Everywhere You see, there’s an atmosphere of meeting/gathering
Doliyan Hain Saji, Khushbuein Har Kahin
Palanquins are decorated, fragrances are spread everywhere
Padhne Aaya Khuda, Khud Yahaan…
Even God himself has come to read this


How many has tried to talk to him, how much they prayed for his solace, he kept silent… absent… just waiting…


Hamari Adhuri Kahani…
Our incomplete story

Hamari Adhuri Kahani…
Our incomplete story

Hamari Adhuri Kahani…
Our incomplete story

Hamari Adhuri Kahani…
Our incomplete story


Until that instant dusk comes finally, the sun rising up slowly following her lashes and discovering her shining beautiful eyes… a sigh of relief bring his breath back as he waits for consciousness to spreads its wings over her, gulping hardly he feels hearing a first sound of his deaf life:

– Hi…

He laughs madly crying more at her first word unable to reply making her frown closing her eyes briefly alarming him before adding:

– I told you na? I’m not good in expressing myself Mr. Maheshwari!

For all response, he just plunges in her embrace crying like a lost child finally finding his mother, her aching arms wrap around his shoulders caressing his back soothingly as he finally manage to find his voice:

– God… How I missed you, princess…

Overwhelmed by her tears too, she replies in his neck:

– I’m here, Sanskar… I’m going nowhere…

Taking her face in his palms possessively snatching himself from her embrace abruptly so he could fill his soul and heart with the sight of her awakened state, he kisses her forehead like to never drawing off again letting this simple contact show off the endless days, weeks and months she’s here and away at the same time.

Wiping her tears then his, he hugs her again at the moment the family hurries inside the room at the doctor’s good news announcement.

Unwillingly, he withdraws letting his place to her inconsolable mother who takes her in her arms scolding her for all these pain she’s giving her during so long… one by one, they all want to feel her really with them against the doctor’s instruction about not tiring her so much, but Swara was happy to see them around her, happily smiling wiping their eyes and telling her their happiness seeing her back. She couldn’t stop her tears as her Bade Papa blesses her a hand over her head before kissing its top surprisingly. She hugs her baba tightly wiping his tears and breaths in joy in her Mom’s and Bade Ma warm embrace.

She sees Sanskar avoiding his sister’s pleading gaze and frowns at the idea of his still blaming gaze over her before getting tensed her eyes searching around:

– Ma? Ragini Kaha hai?

Sanskar makes his way toward her sitting at her side and hugging her shoulder tenderly, his hand caressing her arm reassuringly as he says:

– She’s alright, Swara… she’ll come now…

Just the door opens on a rolling wheel chair where Ragini is sitting, Laksh driving her closer and a small wrapped in fair blue sheet thing in her arms. Swara’s eyes moist immediately seeing her arrive next to her stretching her arms out as she puts her burden in Sanskars arms wrapping his wife’s stature so he could bring it in her lap:

– Ye hai tumhara son, princess… he’s discharged from the neonatal unit only today so he could welcome you properly…

Sanskar’s warm voice makes tears drowns over her like a blessing prayer as she sees the small boy’s beautiful face for the first time, her hands reaches him instinctively, her mother’s touch making him open his beautiful wide eyes which makes her cry and laugh at the same time. After so long struggle for survey, the smallest member of Maheshwari Family proved that he’s just like his mother, a real fighter for life.

Sanskar caresses his chubby cheek with the back of his finger and the baby grips it immediately in a natural habit becoming only theirs since weeks and it makes her pour her happiness more in her endless tears, she could finally speak seeing his lips curled up making her heart skip a beat:

– He’s bilkul your cute smile, Sanskar…

Sanskar smiles proudly saying:

– And your beautiful eyes, Mrs. Maheshwari…

Not able to brake his feelings, he pecks her temple tenderly making all the presents smile and cough in blushing in embarrassment. She glares to his malicious smile enjoying her overwhelming shyness then turns away finally noting the weird situation of her sister wearing the blue colored blouses of hospital’s patients:

– Kya hua, Ragini? Why are you on a wheelchair? What happened?…

Ragini smiles to her letting Laksh try to calm her down reassuringly:

– Arey inspector Swara Sanskar Maheshwari… how will she explain you if you don’t let her speak?

All the present laughs but her, she turns to Sanskar questioningly and he replies before she even asks again:

– Ragini is your stem cells donor, Swara… you both had the second surgery three days back…

Swara’s eyes lands over her sister again, her vision blurred with tears as she register what her husband’s words have just told her… Ragini presses her hand saying on a soft tone:

– Don’t look at me like that, Swara… I’m bilkul fine! Weren’t those your words, nothing can break Swaragini… not even cancer?

She nods at her in agreement crying again, she feels overwhelmed by by all this love listening to Laksh explications that it was Sanskar’s plan since they knew about her illness and Ragini did the necessary analyzes long months ago to be sure for the matching, still she had to keep herself healthy and avoid any kind of germs.

Sujatta and Annapurna recalls Ragini and Laksh’s announcement on the godhbarai celebration that they’re waiting Swara’s state improvement before even thinking about having children.

– Thank you Ragini…

It’s all what she could say through her tears for the moment, the baby’s cry makes her giggle in happiness surprising them, it’s a displeasing sound for anyone but her, at her ears it’s the melody of her son’s life and she just showers his face with soft kisses like butterflies letting his breaths brush against her assuring her that it’s not one of those dreams she kept hoping to have for long months.

Soon, he calms down closing his eyes slowly letting the warmness of his mother’s embrace wrapping him away from this unknown world around. Sharmistha takes him from her arms to make him lay in the nearby small bed Sanskar has ordered to install there. And one by one, the family’s members retires letting with all their wishes and Sanskar’s protective still wrapping embrace.

He frowns as she looks up to him smiling faintly her head resting on his chest:

– No more tears, princess… it’s over… everything is fine now…

She smiles to him bringing her hand up to his face she caresses fondly brushing his tears away saying:

– Stop crying first, my prince!

Submerged by their feelings of longing, happiness and relief… they both plunge in each other’s embrace hiding their tears in their warmness and letting go finally of the unbearable sorrow they’re living until now, they heal their both aching hearts letting the other’s presence brings their souls finally back.


Not so far, their small baby’s eyes covering them with a loving gaze is promising a new starting life!

***THE END***

*NOTE: videos belongs to their creators and all credits go to them in this beautiful memories they’re making us live together.


So… it has been a long journey for me too and I’m wiping my own tears writing these last lines cause I’ll miss them badly, I’ll miss Swaragini I felt living with me with this story

sorry if i disappointed you at any point or time, hope seeing you on my other works too and we’ll meet here in sometimes for an epilogue I’ll promise you without tears, because Swasan has suffered a lot and it’s now their time to live happily ever after.

Sorry for mistakes and spelling errors and THANK YOU ALL


Mahira πŸ™‚

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  2. OH My god! what a journey with you in this story,,here I am weeping while reading this whole end of the story..I can’t describe in words my emotions, but still I must say I classic is what you wrote and what we would be expecting from you in future as well.

    Please keep it up
    More comments on the way once I relax myself and read it again
    A big fan of you Neet

    1. MAHIRA

      Oh sweet sweet neeti, thank you so much, your words make my heart melt in happiness.
      In the last mobths , lot of readers here on TU moved on but still I kept updating for all you others still here, reading and encouraging me
      Thank you so much again, hope my other works will be this much loved too

    2. MAHIRA

      sweet sweet neeti, thank you so much, your words make my heart melt in happiness.
      In the last mobths , lot of readers here on TU moved on but still I kept updating for all you others still here, reading and encouraging me
      Thank you so much again, hope my other works will be this much loved too

  3. Independent

    No words to express what I feel right now

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you so much dear πŸ™‚
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    Amazing. Out of expectation. No words. Really vry sad story.

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you so much dear, it was sad story but happy ending πŸ™‚
      In the beginning, it should have ended at sanskar’s suicide! But couldn’t be so cruel

  5. Beautiful..Loved it..waiting for the epilogue..tc..

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you so much dear πŸ™‚
      I’ll try to post it soon πŸ™‚

  6. omg πŸ˜€ the best ending finally I thought u killed swear and swasan thank u so much it was short fiction but nice just to the point… all then best

    1. MAHIRA

      Couldn’t break my lovely swasanian s hearts and sanskar would have never survived if she died so I decided to be clement enough and reunite them after all πŸ™‚

  7. awesome update next part soon

  8. Raina

    you literally scared me with the beginning.. but then *sigh*
    everything is finally alright!!
    i just fall in love with this swasan (your ff’s swasan) a billionth time today.. again..
    i loved this story to the core and expecting a happy epilogue with lots of innocence.. *you spoiled me*
    love you didi..
    waiting for your other wonderful works..congratulations for ending this!!
    i’ll miss this a lot..

  9. Pramudi

    Amazing mahira.. ?
    I was so scared & very much emotionally drowned in last part. So thanks a lot for the happy ending dear.
    Waiting for the epilogue. Hope swasan have another baby too. ??
    Will miss this a lot. Love u. come back with your other works. ?

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