SWASAN: If this is your love, my prince… then please trust me [39]

The next day… early morning…

In separated wards, Swara and Sanskar are both prepared for the operation’s bloc. When she’s discarded from her mangalsutra, “SS” necklace and bangels and passed in a specific surgery’s cloth, he’s helped to wear special sterilized outfits over his clothes so he could join the doctors inside. He hasn’t even to plead for that favor, despite her rudeness toward him, Doctor Sharma had to admit that Swara needs his presence more than any other specialized doctor.

The nurse bring out swara’s jewelries she gives to Ragini who is alone in the waiting area, Laksh arrives just then bringing a bottle of water she refuses unable to say a word. She sees his brother’s vest over his arm understanding that by now, the surgery is about starting.

The family members aren’t so far, gathered in the hospital’s temple, they’re praying, pleading, their eyes closed and hearts crying that miracle can finally happen and in sometimes, someone will come announcing them a good news.

– So, princess… how do you find your husband in doctor’s outfits?

She can’t help but smile at his dancing up and down brows his smile disappearing behind the medical mask covering his nose and mouth. She mutters struggling to not close her eyes feeling weird, like a masked soreness increasing her pain, but still it wasn’t really painful.

– Cute!

His eyes widen before faking feeling hurt as he says dramatically:

– CUTE!!! Me!!! I’m becoming a father madam… cuteness doesn’t swite me anymore!

His playful tone makes some of the present medical staff around giggle behind their masks and he simply ignores them trying to not have a glimpse of what is going on behind the curtain hiding their work over the down part of her body.

he feels her clutches his fingers tightly as she adds recalling him the same conversation they had some times after their engagement:

– You’ll be a grandfather, you’ll still be the most cute thing I have ever seen in my life!

He has a disgusted expression at her description, this is not praising, she’s making fun of him and it’s making cinema for their surrounding, she has a tired laugh at his dramebazz acting and adds as he narrows his eyes about approaching her more to say something in her ear:

– Ok ok… you’re not cute, you’re handsome and hot but no shamelessness here!

This time almost the whole staff laugh at her words making the doctor Sharma look at them sternly, she adds coughing a bit feeling that Swara’s demand wasn’t able to stop him from murmuring something in her ear making her cheeks shade with redness despite her pallor:

– You should have been an actor, Mr. Maheshwari… you seem liking drama a lot!

– Oh you’ve seen nothing doctor, you should have seen him as a chacha!

Swara’s whisper makes him smile fondly to her remembering her anger toward him whenever he started playing flute, as if she’s reading in him, she asks closing her eyes:

– Will you play flute for me again, Sanskar?

– Zaroor… but let’s wait… hey, princess! Stay with me!

She opens her eyes back forcing a smile over her lips as she hears him saying:

– Let’s wait you to be stronger to beat me properly!

– Kyu? You play so bad?

One of the doctors couldn’t stop himself from asking smilingly, Swara replies closing her eyes trying to catch her breath, a nurse sponges her forehead from the sweat forming there:

– Nahi nahi… he’s a perfect flutist… but beating my cute hubby is a hobby of mine since our marriage!

This evocation of their conversations long time ago when they were finding a pretext for their future separation makes him laugh heartedly before saying:

– Oh God! Some pity over your poor husband’s ego, we’re not alone princess!

She says clutching his fingers tighter making him approach her more:

– I’m giving birth to the child you put inside me during six months of separation, isn’t this enough for your ego Mr. Maheshwari!

This time, he’s the one blushing until his appearing ears through his mask under her loving gaze which makes everyone smile, he blinks trying to chase his unease sentiment:

– Uhm… Mrs. Maheshwari… when have you turned as shameless as you husband?

– It’s to back off the cute nurses eying you since we’re here, Mr. Maheshwari… tell them, that I don’t share!

He looks up to them shaking his head saying:

– She’s not kidding!

When he looks back to her, her eyes are closes, he frowns putting his gloved hand over her forehead asking:

– Hey… princess… look at me… tell me, na… boy or girl?

She opens her eyes a bit a small smile drawing her lips and asks back:

– You tell me, what do you prefer? Girl or boy?

For all response, he sighs gulping hardly, this is not going as good as it started, he could see doctors’ alarmed face aside and he tries to focus on her face replying sincerely:

– Boy or girl I don’t care, I just want this child to have your beautiful huge eyes, Swara… hey… stay with me, princess!

Tears roll from her eyes’ sides over her cheeks making his eyes moist too, she replies opening her eyes again as a nurse wipes her tears and sweat:

– And I want him to have your adorable eyes and smile…

Her last words are just a whisper and before he could ask her again to open them, a sound reasons around making snatching her from the unconscious menacing her suddenly… the instants to take for registering signification it wasn’t there anymore…

– S… Sanskar…

Alarmed, Swara’s eyes lets go of her tears freely feeling about losing her mind waiting… seconds… minutes… Sanskar keeps just looking to her tears accumulating in his eyes, his hand gripping hers forcefully in comfort for her, for him, he doesn’t know…

Doctor Sharma approaches the incubator toward them presenting a unexpected view of the smallest incarnation of a human being they ever saw in their lives…

– Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Maheshwari… meet your son!

The doctor’s words makes both Swara and Sanskar break down crying not even knowing why, Swara asks in her sobs:

– Is he…

– Ha Swara…he’s alive and breathing through the tube passing by his nose… 520 grams and some lot of medical exams to pass yet but… he’s alive!

Sanskar couldn’t stop himself from hugging Swara’s head printing a deep kiss over her forehead lovingly, the doctor looks away saying reassuringly:

– We’ll have to transfer him now, Swara… Ok?

Swara’s eyes could get enough of his sigh, she just nods in agreement damning herself for not being able to stay with this so vulnerable creature… the sentiment of void he left her with disappearing away stabs her heart when Sanskar tries to make her look to him back, his mask drenched with his tears:

– It’s okey, princess… they’ll take care of him now

She looks back to him finally, taking a deep loud breath through her choking tears and says:

– You’ll love him, hai na?

He shakes his head in disbelieve smiling at her question, does he look like a baby hater?

– He’s a part of you, Swara… how can’t I love him?

A smile draws her lips at his still eloping reply as she closes her eyes swallowing hardly, she presses his hands asking him silently to approaches her, he does putting his ear at her lips knowing that doctors are about ending the operation and she has no more forces by now:

– So love me in him, Sanskar…

The regular rhythm of beeping filling the ward races suddenly irregularly making him look up to the alarmed doctors gathering around him checking her:

– S… SWARA!?

– Mr. Maheshwari… come with me… please!

Some nurse starts making him stand up from the chair he has been given to sit beside her, he does as he’s asked yelling:

– What’s going on, doctor?

The speedy beeping turns suddenly to a one deafening sound crashing the world around as he feels being pushed out, doctors who are adding substances in her perfusion starts panicking as he shouts madly:

– SWARA!!!

The doors close at his face on Swara’s lifeless body rising abruptly before crashing down on the bed under the shocks she’s given…

He’s unaware of Ragini’s hands griping his arm asking what’s going on, his widen eyes not seeing anything else but the printed shocking last image he has from her and his deafened ears only hearing the endless sound of the flat line expression her lack of cardiac activity!

The family gathers around him asking repeatedly, shaking him, taking his face in their hands trying to bring him out from the trance he just plunged in his orbs still frozen on the door

– Sanskar beta… tell me what happened? Shona is fine hai na?

– Speak out chore… your silent is killing us…

Sharmistha and Sujatta are kept back by Shekar and Laksh who takes his brother’s shoulders in his hands shaking him again and asking:

– Bhai… say something Sanskar…

– Please Sanskar… please tell me she’s fine… please…

Ragini broken with tears voice couldn’t make a difference, he’s still waiting his heart beats racing like if he’s crossing mountains heights running… drowned in tears and sweat his vision starts blurring with darkness menacing to engulf him away when the door’s pans parts over doctor Sharma’s expressionless face. He snatches himself from Laksh’s hands and runs toward her panting unable to even expression his obvious question:

– I’m sorry Sanskar…

To be continued!


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  1. Raina

    i am just frozen didi..
    SWARA.. this chapter has given me goosebumps.. you know? for which chapter i cried the most till now.. it was when swara told the old chacha that she is pregnant and then after his disappear, she said that she knows that he is sanskar..
    that was much much more touchy according to me in all the chapters.. but today i cried more than that.. very emotional one and the way you have ended it.. i just can’t wait to read the next one and i am very scared to read it..
    please don’t you dare to make it a sad ending..
    i myself don’t understand whether i am requesting you or threatening you.. *palming my face*
    because i am extremely sad now..

    1. MAHIRA

      Yes the scene you talked about made my cry like anything and most of all those 3 chapters were so painful to write
      Thank so so much chote *bear hug

  2. Pramudi

    Noo… ????

    1. MAHIRA

      Hold on next one is here…

  3. Don’t kill swara plzzz . I hate sad endings and I don’t want to dislike this ff

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you dear
      And him… Final chapter online :p

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you dear 🙂

  4. Independent

    Really scared to read the me part

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you so much dear 😉

  5. Amazing..tc..

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      Thank you so much dear 🙂

  6. Swarna01

    Mahira we never know wat will happen n when. Bt in dis story both r know dere upcmng future bt still fight 4 dat. So so vulnerable situation. Each n every epi was so sad n twist. Amaazing bt dnt end it so sn. Pls

    1. MAHIRA

      Waiting the worst is the most terrible ordeal after living it in the world… Swasan’s situation is unbearable but their love is here to heal each other 🙂
      Everything has to come to an end but don’t worry
      do you remember that I have that other story in store… The story begins again which will be different but long and twisty

  7. awesome please dont kill swara

    1. MAHIRA

      Next chapter is here
      Thank you so much dear 🙂

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you so much dear 🙂

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank you so much dear

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