SWASAN: If this is your love, my Prince… Then please trust me [34]

Ho again, as promised 3 chapters for today, be sure you’ve already read the 33 part and enjoy 🙂

At hospital, Sanskar, Laksh and Ragini were in doctor Sharma’s office, Swara’s state has been exposed and all options studied carefully. The medical staff following her case was also present and the meeting move on visiting the room and surgery place Swara should be placed in hopefully very soon… the prenatal service and the special unity of premature babies were already prepared for receiving Mrs Maheshwari and her baby… even if doctors stayed very pessimist toward the chances of surviving for the little one regarding the last results…
To have a chance, the premature should weigh at least five hundred grams and achieve the respiratory system development along with the neurologic one. But Swara’s weight indicates clearly that the required five hundred grams aren’t so sure… the development of her cancer, even related by the blocking therapy, acts directly on her appetite and gastric system… the perfusion giving her needed aliments in the hardest times when she was unable to even open her mouth, can’t give her enough to make her baby grow bigger however she tried…
Moreover, the more the baby was growing up, the less she was able to nourish herself, the more she was losing a so precious weight she’s in need to maintain her forces… her combat isn’t just with the illness, the delivery surgery is itself a huge risk to take in her so weak state… anemic, skinny and hardly keeping her blood pressure stable at a 90/04 Swara’s case is a challenge doctors seem to have lost in advance at Sanskar’s eyes.
Ragini was barely able to contain her despair face to all those informations she would prefer to never know about but she wanted to act brave and not breaking down in front of Sanskar who was keeping so quite, so calm too much calm.
Worried about his brother, Laksh’ tries to speak to him, he presses his shoulder in front of the premature service gates saying:
– Don’t worry Sanskar, I’m sure that…
– No Lucky, you’re not… no one is sure about anything at this stage… only Swara is sure to turn the impossible to reality!
Laksh’ smiles sadly at his brother’s sarcastic tone and replies lightly:
– If someone is able of miracles… it’s her, hai na, bhai?
Sanskar didn’t reply, he wasn’t able to project himself in the future like he used to do… future has always been for him Swara’s presence, care and love, her smile illuminating the world around and nothing else exists… but today, when he sees the future, all he finds in darkness, the darkness of the unknown.
In the doctor’s office, his phone, Ragini’s and Laksh’ were ringing Swara’s name appearing on their screens but due the silent mode no one noticed.
Sitting on Uttra’s bed, Swara closes her eyes griping her forehead in an attempt of stopping the spinning décor from it way around her. She’s waiting for a call and a look to her the phone’s watch indicates her that she already lost the half of the precious time she has to find out about the young woman’s disappearance.
After trying to contact her dear husband vainly, her sister and Laksh who decided to all go missing today, she finished by ask someone’s help to find Uttra… she’s waiting for his call for the past fifteen minutes and it’s already too much for her… her phone rings:
– Hallo inspector Roy… so?
– Mrs Maheshwari we finally traced the number you gave us’ phone and this person is actually in a small temple, it’s on the national road’s way…
– It’s near the airport, hai na?
– Exactly madam, can i help you more?
– Nahi, inspector… thank you so much, you already did so much!
– It’s my pleasure madam.
She hears him smile when she precise to keep this secret before hanging off… after all what they lived like drama, this man became like a family member.
He sighs deeply, Uttra’s affairs are missing, she’s at a temple and need an airport… that Shirag was studying out of the country…
– Pick up the phone Sanskar! Pick up the phone!
Not finding any response, Swara resigns herself to handle the situation alone, because there was no more time and if she doesn’t stop Uttra right now, they’ll lose her forever…
Half an hour later Sanskar reaches home alone, Laksh and Ragini went to Bade to visit Gadodias.
He found Swara’s calls passing the mansion’s gates, Swara should be sleeping at this time! He climbs the stairs quickly calling for the nurse who meets him at the bedroom’s door:
– Sir?
– What’s going on with Swara? Did you call me from her phone?
– No Mr. Maheshwari… madam is surely sleeping for the past hours, she should be awaken in few time.
– Really!? So how can she be calling me since the last hour?
He opens the door replying to find her bed empty, the young woman hurries to the washroom and returns looking down while she whispers:
– Madam is not here, sir!
– REALLY!?!? Like if I couldn’t see it by myself… what the hell are you doing here but keeping your eyes focused on her… SWARA!!!
His growl makes the Maheshwari Mansion’s walls tremble under his overwhelming anger…
– Sir you know that she doesn’t like me to be here when she’s just sleeping… she prefers calling me at her wakening up…
He’s not listening to her defense dialing her phone’s number his nostrils inflating with ire… first ring… second… third is heard in the alley and a moment later a domestic comes in the phone in his hands:
– Sir… Swara bhabi’s phone was ringing in Uttra didi’s room…
Sanskar closes his eyes taking a deep breath to contain his anger and think calmly… Swara called him and her phone was in Uttra’s room, so she didn’t take her medicines and she’s God knows where doing the hell of her careless saving the world job!!! No nothing is cooling his nerves down, not even hitting her phone against the wall making the two persons around him jump in their places startled!
He orders them to leave him alone and starts pacing in the small place like a lion in cage… where could she be? She’s unable to even go to the washroom alone, how the hell would she go out of the house!
Uttra’s room… it hits him suddenly, why was she there?
He calls his sister but it’s unavailable… swearing, he punches the wall next to him and closes his eyes trying to calm down again, in his mind images of Swara’s behavior comes back telling him that he shouldn’t ignore the alert he felt about her silence in the morning…
Assembling her phone’s pieces, the time it takes to turn on seems like eternity, he scrawls over the list of her calls in and out… lots to him, Laksh, Ragini and Uttra but two calls where alien… why did she called the inspector Roy and why did he called her back sometimes after?

– Madam, we’re there… madam? Are you fine? Should I call someone to come for you?
The taxi driver worried face inspects Swara’s reflect in the front mirror of his cab, she seemed has fainted for a moment and it’s his voice which made her get conscious again…
– Nahi bhaiya… it’s ok!
She avoided taking one of Maheshwari’s drivers cars, if Sanskar is not available… alerting Bade Papa and Dad wasn’t an option, Uttra would be really in huge problems after that.
Now that pain killers effects are slowly evaporating, the adrenaline which gave her enough forces to reach down the lounge then the mansion’s outside gates struggle hard with the weakness of her febrile body so she could step out of the taxi… from the chants coming out from the temple she knew that a marriage ceremony is going on.
After paying the driver, she takes her courage and braveness in hands and makes the effort of climbing the stairs toward it to find as she was predicting Uttra in bride’s attire making the seven tours around the sacred fire!
– UTTRA!!!
The young women stops walking behind her would be husband shocked, her eyes fill with tears murmuring:
– Bhabi?
The peak of adrenaline giving her a superhuman force, she walks toward her sister in law and slaps her hard startling the assistance… Shirag’s voice growls behind her:
– How dare you raise your hand on my wife!?
She doesn’t look back to him her blaming gaze straight in Uttra’s eyes who looks down asking:
– Sorry bhabi…
– How could you Uttra? How dare you do this to your family? How can you ruin your life by your own hands?
Uttra tries to mumble something, but a woman’s voice raises high startling her:
– Hey bengaline… who do you think yourself to interfere in my son’s marriage? This is no of…
– Gayathri ji????
Swara was shocked, she was thinking that Uttra had just run away with the man she thinks loving her more than anything else but this turns to be a prepared plan!
– I’m her sister!!!! But you!… you… How can you accept this thing? How dare you play with an innocent girl’s life when you think yourself so traditional and religious…
– What’s my fault if you failed in your daughter’s education?… this is the repercussion of having a bengaline bahu at home… she’ll surely rub over the home’s girls!
– MA!!!
Uttra’s strangled voice try to stop her would be mother in law from insulting her bhabi but Shirag’s hand grips her arm forcefully:
– How dare you reply to Ma?
Swara snatches her from his grip making her step away from him…
– This is not your Ma, Uttra… your Ma is at home waiting for you… those people aren’t good for you…
Uttra looks up to her, her face drenched by tears:
– Bhabi… we love each other…
– If he loves you, he should be…
Swara’s voice trails off darkness replacing her vision suddenly… she’s about fainting if Uttra’s hands don’t sustain her:
– Bhabi!!!
Swara breaths heavily before straightening herself again and continues breathless:
– He should come and ask you from your family…
– They didn’t accept me!
Shirag’s voice replies her in her back, she closes her eyes swallowing, she feels disgusted by this people and hardly keep herself from throwing up in the middle of the temple…
– Uttra your family loves you so much… they would never refuse your happiness… think about Mom and Dad… you’re their small girl, how can you do that to them?
– They know that we’re in couple…
Swara is shocked by her words, this is impossible! Sujatta Ram Prasad Maheshwari would kill her own daughter before letting her run away with a man!
– Ma knows that you’re getting married without her presence and blessings?
Uttra bows her head shamefully nodding in no, she says with a small voice:
– She knows that Shirag loves me a lot and is doing his possible to patch us together…
– But she ignores that your Shirag is using you to reach Maheshwari wealth!
The voice came from the temple’s entry, Uttra gets shockes to see the last person she expected to meet today… Adarsh!

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